com it's, not every day that we get a north edge watch in here. In fact, i think it's. Only the second one i've been able to review they're hard to come by yeah and they're hard to come by inexpensive as well. Well, we are looking at a really really nice watch. This is going to be the watch for some of you guys, i'm sure and it's at a decent price. Getting a north edge under a hundred bucks from banggood we've got a link in the show notes, get you over here and i'm hopeful to get you even less than 87 it's a nice watch. It'S got bluetooth, calling it's got gps. Now these guys are known for their outdoor watches, with altimeters barometers compass, all that trekky no techie techie, trekking kind of stuff is in it and of course, you got heart rate monitoring and uh. Definitely waterproof! Well, let's! Look at the specs here we go so many of them. I had to reduce the size uh overall it's called the x trek three that's. The model number it's full touch screen uses smart time as the tethering app all these different languages supported. Looking at ipv67, waterproof it's got full on gps with the ceramic antenna and that puppy's hot i used it. It locks up pretty good pretty quickly and it stays on compass altimeter. We talked about all that blood pressures in it, sleep monitors in it, we'll take a look at those goodies.

All these other functions are in it as well got the sensors it's a 1.3 inch. 240 by 240 ips screen 325, 20 320 milliamp hour battery standby time about four days and two days use time. You got that gps module in it as well for all of your uh activity, tracking, really interesting, let's. Take a look inside the box is the watch and the watch itself with a little cover on. It, looks like this it's got a a black bezel it's, a deep black color. The whole watches the bands removable they're, the tpu, smooth but kind of leather. Looking really high end bands on this one, a couple of buttons right here: there's the speaker, that's, going to be used for bluetooth, calling and music microphone over there, the charging pins. Now this puppy comes with a dock i'm, not a big dock fan but it's. What it's got the raised heart sensor? Uh presses against your skin, so it's going to make a nice seal. Won'T have a lot of leaking of light, and it does look like the body is pretty well put together. Inside the box itself, we've got looks like a manual over here on the side. The charging um alligator clip design yeah with non removable wires, so be careful, you don't fatigue it and break it. Usb connect there no magnets on this one it clips on, and now you see how they're curved this way you got to take that line it up with this and do it that way.

So you can see it's got a nice uh cover, so it's not going to scratch the glass get the pins in line and drop it on get that thing nice in there charge it up and you're good to go so it's not going to fall off, but It'S, not something you just slap your phone in at night, but if you're out in the tent trying to charge this from your car charger yeah, this is going to be nice and stable. Once you get it on there, it's not going to go flying or falling off like the magnetic ones. Do one more thing: a north edge one year, international warranty on this one and there's the back information qr code to scan um the retailer model number and date of purchase is pretty much. What you need for well for your warranty and last thing is to take a look at the manual it's got a nice color uh layout. I think it's going to go this way, there's the the top, oh no it's up to three and four all right. Sorry we go horizontal okay, introduction and the first page there's the qr code. You can scan for the app. Of course, we've got the link in the show notes for the play store version of it. You can download it from there. Some pictures of how the watch looks the charging instructions and overall functions. Now we come down to this page there's how you pull the band apart.

Few more screen shots for you, specifications, troubleshooting, yeah and uh exemption clause, yay, interesting, okay and, of course chinese, is on the back side and we're just about ready, clear everything out and charge it up and turn it on for you, as with most of these watches, This top button that's got a little red paint on the underneath side of it. That'S cool, real subtle, top button. You press and hold to turn it on. You wait a second wait. A second there you go got vibration, smart watch, a startup screen, followed by the opening watch. Face, has a few of them in it. We'Ll go through those uh let's. Take a look at what you got i'm charged to 74 right now. I love it. When you have a watch face with percentage of uh of battery level that's so nice i swiped down, i got all kinds of things here when you're tethered to bluetooth it's over here. This turns on and off your overall vibration. You can feel it uh settings are here. This is your volume control. Of course you got the speaker in here for calling and music play. This is world where you can change the different languages and yeah. We can show them to you. Oh my goodness, that's it. Okay, you have four languages. We are on uh english that's, the international aspect of it. Here we go with a uh layout for the app so come back to that and then settings which is pretty quick.

You got the international aspect which takes you right back to languages again your clock, which you can choose analog. It says, or digital and they're choosable through this rotational thing here, there's the thumbnails we'll pick out a different one and let you look at that date and time can all be set here in time format right there or, of course the clock will update automatically when You tether it to your phone. You have sound control for your alert, your ringtones, your notification, tones it's, a full on phone, basically as tethered to your uh, your actual phone, which is kind of cool volume level. Uh six is maximum they're cranked all the way up. There and display lets you change the brightness levels, it's down at one right now, and look at that now notice. The green color it's, actually a darker shade of green than we're, seeing in the camera. The camera is brightened up. But if i brighten this all the way, ah it almost washes out really really super bright. This thing is designed for outdoors it's going to be easy to see outdoor. I have to run it on the lowest level just to show you guys and screen timeout time can be selected from a maximum of 67 seconds down to five and, of course, uncle ticks talks a lot so we're gon na leave it at 60 seconds pop back. Here and we are done with overall settings to the volume display reset and about shows you that it's called an m4 that's what we're looking for when we pair it up and now i can talk to you about this when i go over here – to look at The different apps that are installed in here, if i change it like this to the style which is here now, you see they're all laid out differently around a little clock which goes this way: okay, yeah i'm.

Real proud. I figured that one out, but i don't like it that way so i'm going to switch it back and i'm going to come over here and we'll go through them. You got a relaxation program right off the bat one, two three five minutes. You start that thing and it's going to do the breathing exercises. The only problem i found well, i guess it's for people who are really working out. You know you've just done your big run and you're at the top of the mountain and you're panting. It'S uh rate is way too fast for zen sensei uh, mr ticks here, but i don't know. Maybe it uh it adjusts over time and slows down, but i don't have time to do that. I'M in too much of a hurry sport mode. This is somewhat limited, but boy is it good for what it does? You got indoor um and that's just gon na, be you know, not moving data, but then you've got an outdoor run. You'Ve got riding you've got climbing, oh, come back here. Where are you um climbing and you got a marathon? And then you got your already recorded record, so i've got a couple of records in here. One is pretty darn decent, almost two hours biking, oh man, that was really hard wearing it in the car behind the steering wheel. I know i cheat, but i did get some biking data with gps. I checked it out boy it times out quickly, even though it's set for 60 seconds but that's the shut off the screen thing.

Where am i i'm in here, and we were looking at the records? Okay, let's jump into it, um time, heart rate, the distance traveled in miles or kilometers it's set for miles, calories burn man that would be nice, there's, a big mac and a half. Then you get your altitude currently your increase and your decrease in altitude when you're biking and they're pulled off of the gps, actual 3d triangulation of where you are on earth, plus your height and so forth, here's one that i started. That was wrong and i can't for the life of me figure out how to delete it. It'S a little 22nd one um yeah i've tried everything, and i don't know anyway, it's in here and yeah, but you'll accumulate them and they're kind of color coded that's a run that's a bike uh so forth. Uh gon na be a long time before i hit that marathon one, but some of you guys are ready for it. I know right now now notice how it's almost bloomed out – and i am on the lowest brightness wow. Okay, you got call logs. You got contacts. This is all tied in with your phone. You go to the dialer and you can dial your number. You have to be bluetooth tethered separately to the phone not through to the app remember. The app is where you're going to transfer data and the phone you tether, like you, would earbuds and it'll work like it.

It does with earbuds here's your music controller. When you're connected, you can activate the music on on your phone too there's your find the phone that'll make it ring. Alarms you can set sedentary reminders motion are what is it going to do when you twist your wrist uh? You want it to flip the mute. An alarm wake up, gesture, usually is on all these other kind of things answering a call. You can do all that you've got a pedometer and these are the results and we'll show you those in a moment. You got different themes now. This is the background. I go to theme two and you see that person back there, so that's kind of your wallpaper a couple of different themes: there's another one they're, not too terribly visible or prominent. Personally, i just like the plain black one. There'S got a little bit of a purple flower on it all right, i'll leave it. Some of the ladies are starting to watch the channel, so good idea to kind of put some sweet stuff in here. We already looked at settings and then this of course, is siri or the trigger word for google and when you're tethered to your phone. You can do that and you can hear the results of your uh questions come back here and that's, not it. We still got bluetooth. This is where you set it up to tether. You'Ve got heart rate built into this one and now check it out, it's real time, continuous heart rate going on or you can go and activate it, but i'm going to do that in a minute, because i want to impress you i've got a calculator with this One simple: here's: your blood pressure it's going to get systolic diastolic reading nice, big digits on this one; okay, okay, i'll put it on and try that you also have stop watch built into it.

Tiny little thing, though there you go tenths of a second something interesting for such a sophisticated um, climbing outdoors watch, it's kind of uh a thin Music stopwatch. When i leave it, we always wonder, is it still timing in the background? Yes, it is that's great nice. When that happens, you can start it and go off and do your merry thing. You also have course countdown timer in here that you can set, and you got weather report which is going to be, i believe, centigrade or fahrenheit, not totally sure, but oh no, it definitely is centigrade, it always is, but you also have fahrenheit cool it's, not tethered. So it's not getting the accurate weather in its location, but that's a representative one there and that all came in from here, one more time and we've looped all the way around. So this is a looping thing, depending on either way that you're using the layout and those are the apps that you've got when you're here. This is going to activate and wake it up, but check this out. Let'S put it on. I got ta have this on. For you, okay, really thick nice awesome band. If anything, i'll keep the band well, the watch is great too. Okay. There we go nice snug. Are you ready with the finger on my hand? I have another button. I push that button i'm right into an assessment of my heart rate. If i'm out working out there, you go and now the best part that i really love press it one more time or touch that button and boom.

I go into taking a heart rate. Now, mr tix, why are you so excited about a heart rate? They all do a heart rate yeah, but how many? How many watches have you found? Okay, i won't shake it. You guys give me a whole bunch of grief. I'M. I'M getting nauseous. You keep shaking your hand how many watches have you found that when you put it on heart rate, it stays on heart rate and it stays on, and if you're really working out for an hour and a end of the hour, you can glance down and still See your heart rate yeah this one does it if anything, i really love this when i'm out working in the yard – and i start getting hot and and sweaty and short of breath, i'd love to be able to just lift my arm and glance down, or even Just twist it in a distance and see what my heart rate is this puppy. Does it the north edge x trek three it's a keeper for me, if anything, just for the heart rate, why is it so hard for these guys to design a screen that stays on with the heart rate? Well, these guys did it and i love it and it's accessible with the one button and that's what it does it doesn't go out of there. The only way to get out of it, of course, would be to swipe it or to press the button up here.

Get back out, but this is what it does. It shows you your chart and shows you your heart rate really really fun, but we also wanted to see blood pressure didn't. We that was here so now that i've got it on. I get wow that was fast, that can't be right. That'S just it's grabbing a number right yeah, because this thing is still pulsing. Now we always ask uh what's it doing with the diodes yeah the green ones. There wasn't any blood oxygen that i saw and that's what we look to see if there's red diodes or not it's, it's, assessing it and saying it's normal there. Now it's caught up with me and it's, actually adjusting the reading and i'm trying to hold fairly still because it's important for blood pressure, in particular to keep still but look how nice and big the digits are 116. Over 74 looks pretty good: okay, that's blood pressure. Everything else is what we've seen, but i haven't showed you these when we're here we went that way and we got this right. But when i go this way, i get all of the different workout things that we looked at and when i go all right come back here to the watch face. If i go up this way now i get my uh last workout. Look at that. If i go this way, i get my step count for the day with calories, burned, distance travel and heart rate, all on that screen, one more and i'm in the heart rate that we got to by pushing the button another one.

There we go barometric pressure, yep wow, not sure why it does that jump, but it does it all the time it's like a moving jump, so i guess it's taking an inhale as it figures out what the level is. Oh, too slow. Mr ticks, stop talking. So much yeah, i hear all the applause back there: okay there's, that now not only is barometric pressure in here, but so is altitude and it's assessing off of a baseline. I can calibrate it right here there look at that it's going out and acquiring the satellite getting the gps coordinates apparently and giving me my altitude by gps, interesting as opposed to altitude interpolated from barometric pressure. Usually they take a barometric pressure reading and they get a baseline. It may not hook up because i'm indoors. I did okay and that's about right i'm, a little over 300 feet elevation and of course, then you got a needle. That shows you all of the different zones that you're in and one more and sure enough there we are. We are in a compass, you do that little dance with your arm. Try to do a figure eight as best you can sitting down standing up on your head and then bring it up there, and i sit in the north looking to the south and by golly there. It is right on spot on these guys make great compasses and we're back to time time. You want to talk about time.

Okay, then we looked at a few of these there's that nice fancy analog one well that's colorful, how you like that one, almost like an amoled screen. Is it amoled, i don't think so i think it's ips, but nonetheless it's nice and bright. So how well does the sound perform on this one? After all, the uh speakers right here on the side? Well, let's, uh, head down to music? Here we go bring up the music player and let's pick a station. We got that one going let's hit, the i don't know: let's activate it from here. First Music, there you go that's coming out of the watch. Music ah hear how choppy it is. Bluetooth. 3.. You know what see you can mute it just by covering the speaker, nice and loud. Sadly, it's not really uh see i can lower the volume down. Yeah yeah, yeah it's, not really clean, it's got some choppiness to it. Even if i pick a different station bring the volume up Music anyway, that's my experience just from inches away great idea. I wish it was bluetooth. Five let's switch over and take a look at the app it's called smart time from the google play store, search on that you'll find the app right here or click the link in the show notes to take you over there. When i open it, i get into the home page, it lands here got ta admit it took a little while to get this thing to pair properly to tether, but i did get it connected.

This is a different day than what you just saw and i've got some data on it. My step count the heart rate, currently uh and blood pressure which don't have a measurement on, and it didn't do my um last night's sleep time. Well, unfortunately, i got up in the middle of the night well at about 4 30 in the morning for a couple of minutes, and it apparently tracked that as the beginning of a new sleep cycle, so a little disappointed in that. But it does show you the kind of chart that you would get there's no activity on the chart itself. You get deep light and awake times, no rem sleeping so a little light on the sleep monitoring, but hey it's it's, not a watch for sleeping. Let me tell you it's, definitely for uh adventurers outdoors uh we've got our step. Information here shows you little bar charts by hour of how you accumulated those steps, and it shows you the walking times down here when it actually tracked that you began doing an exercise walking or running or whatever. So it has that automatic, starting ability to it to track things. Heart rate monitors here, it's, showing you every uh. What every hour it's set for right now, the heart rate that it came up with and what it looks like on a chart daily, weekly, monthly and blood pressure. You have to take it manually now notice that both heart rate and blood pressure you cannot automatically uh.

Take a measurement from the app and trigger it to start on, the watch that's a great feature, we've seen on lots of different watches, especially if you have somebody convalescing in isolation in another room, and you want to see how their health status is. But again, this is more of an outdoors watch than a sleeping watch or a health monitoring. It has the basics on here. If i run the blood pressure on the watch, it'll transfer that data over here but that's the only way you get the blood pressure reading. We already ran that and showed you notice this interesting. The step count just shifted. Does it do that when i'm just moving my arm huh? I know no let's see 12 32. Now, okay, it must have just been updating from the last moments when i walked over. Here and started the review: oh no, there i just triggered it and it just went up a little so that's a little. Concerning that i can get step count uh from just wiggling my arm. I prefer the ones where you have to literally walk 10 steps before it will start registering that you were walking and give you credit for those previous 10 steps, but it doesn't just automatically wow yeah yeah. So your step count is going to be off, but the good news is, of course it runs on gps. So your distance calculations, when you're doing the exercises like cycling or running or hiking, will be accurate for the distance it's.

Only the step count part that i'd be a little concerned about whether that's, accurate so that's it in the app you pull it down to sync it and so forth. Last exercise information is in here and uh. It was tracked with gps and outdoor activity and there you go uh that's, my house folks. It zoomed that much in – and this is walking around out in front of the house just to get some data on here and it does look pretty good. Not really is it: it's got an accuracy circle and it's bouncing around in there because i'm, not just like going through the walls of the house, but you get this basic information that you see here. Pace will show up here, uh mile by mile your overall heart rate, and it only took a couple of readings, because this is only a very short little three minute thing and and overall details so just to get a hint of an idea of what a run Would look like in terms of the data that you'd get off of it, that's what you get when you tap that second or no, when you scroll all the way down when you tap the second one, then you get into the setup here: there's the device you Got sedentary reminders, heart rate monitoring, wake up, gestures, camera. You can turn on and off these different things, and then you can set up your picture and your id and your activity goals and there's.

Some more settings here for interface with google fit your units and so forth. Um log out, if you want to you, can delete your entire account if you want to give them feedback and everything, so that is the uh, the app uh for the watch. Here we go with the watch itself and that's about it to cover this one it's available from banggood it's a north edge and that's a you know. Good quality it's been really hard to get these watches in, but thankfully they're lowering the price, making them a little more consumer focused and sending them out. So we can review them for you. This one is called the x trek. Three. It has the bluetooth calling gps altimeter barometer. All of that stuff and uh yeah check the show notes for the buying link to pick this puppy up.