com dorothy. We are not in kansas anymore. This is actually pandora's box you're. Looking at whoa, i could tell you more and more of things you've already heard, but we want to show you something you haven't seen before: it's the old end or ube end i've heard it pronounced both ways in some of their videos, i'm going to call it Opened because it's easier, this is a device it's a wristband like everything we've seen you know, time and heart rate and blah blah blah, but check this out. It'S got a couple of other plates down here. This is the first to actually inject something into your body. Everything else is sat passively on your wrist right up here. Reading your heart rate, your blood oxygen, your pulse or your your blood pressure, your ecg all kinds of things, but this one. This one sits on your p6. You know where your p6 is let's see one. Two three four five six p6 is right here on the inside of your wrist and that spot is where magic is going to happen with these two plates i'm so excited i can't get into it come back here. I did show you the rest of this i'm. Going to put it up here, so you can freeze frame it if you need to for reference, because we're going to be going through all of this in detail there now let's get into the box.

Oh cute it's got a little pull tab.

Are you ready pandora here we go, i don't even know which way is up there. We go okay, i got an instruction manual. I'Ve got a funky donkey charging deck dock thing here and i've got the unit itself now before. I show it to you. I'D like to share with you, where you can get it right from the company store head on over to this address. Bitly slash obend, and you can pick it up with the coupon discount in the show notes if the price has gone up from the sale price, otherwise it's on sale. Right now. The video we shot's been a couple of months ago, but we had to wait for there to be enough inventory in stock to publish it today so that you definitely could order one and get it in terms of specs for this unit, not too many to report. Most of it's in the operation of the band itself, it's got about a 1.08 inch screen 128 by 220. Big enough to see what you need to see. You got full touch and a button on it and uh overall 72 hour battery life, which is good to know that's uh, the time frame you can be using this before you need to recharge it. You'Re, looking at bluetooth, 5.1 on this and android 6 or ios 10 and above will handle it all right. Let'S continue now, when we pull this thing out, got a tpu band good and solid good and thick wow it's a prototype guys.

Look. You didn't see that we're going to glue it back on now. Honestly, this is a serious prototype. Um wow i can't wait to play with it. Look at this all right underneath we got the optical sensor in your charging port for the dock, which, as you can tell, is going to snap on right like that plug into usb and charge up simple as that, and we are definitely going to do that before We begin because i got a feel that there's a big battery in here to provide a lot of juice for these plates and it's these plates. That will send a tens t e n s, you've heard of that. The tens type system of electrical signal that's going to go into your wrist when you're wearing it because that's, where it's going to be this, will be up and that'll, be there i'll put it on in a moment and magic's supposed to happen. When you get that tin signal into your body, this particular place has to do with your appetite and your food craving and even the gastric juice emitted by your tummy. And if you can control that to an extent – and many of you may be like mr titsu and really enjoys eating and when you start eating, you really can't stop because well you wait till you get so full you, can't move and that's, not healthy, and so What this thing's going to do is reduce the gastric secretions, reduce the appetite increase.

Your exercise, tolerance, improve your post exercise recovery, i mean it just goes on and on energy balance, stim stimulated what bro i don't even know what that is anyway. There'S, a few more things that it does don't want to spend a lot of time i'm going to freeze. You can freeze frame this i'm going to show it to you, here's how you find your p6 two to three centimeters away from the transverse wrist line on the underneath side. Now we usually look for that bump on your wrist right there and make sure your watch is above that for the optical sensor, to sit here to get your best heart rate. Well, probably going to be there but we're going to be looking to be on the bottom thing to be in that particular position right there for the electrical stimulation to work, its magic, okay, um there you go, how you strap it on we'll. Do that in a minute here are the qr codes for downloading uh, the ob end uh app from the app store or from ios. You could scan those with your uh phone and go right there or you can use the link in the show notes to the google play store where i'll have a link for you to download it overall settings and how it sync, with sequences through the pages, how You set it all up to get it going, looks like a basic, simple watch: okay, look at this uh ab in provides seven levels of intensity options and it's, showing you different levels, increasing the stimulation until there's, a tingling felt in the green areas of the palm House, black and white, but i presume it's right in there anyway.

Warm up fast, burn, endurance aerobic. These are the fitness intensities of your physical conditioning, so it's a fitness watch as well as a tens unit of sorts feedback. Loop here's how it's all working uh with your body to try to accomplish its goals – and here are the time frames of using this thing with that feedback loop and they got check marks on. I guess the duration that you'd want to use it depending on when, in the day, you're wearing it. Okay overall charging as simple as a usb plug in make sure you got a good and charged precautions, tips disclaimers and frequently asked questions that come up with it and then the overall specs on it it's a 128 by 240 uh screen. I got a 16 bit 65k memory in it. It really is a tiny fitness watch like we're used to seeing, but with a big big difference in what it actually can do. Limited warranty manufactures information and then the fcc statement, which uh glad to see that they've run it through the fcc on this as well that's. It there's your email, official website corporate website and again check the show notes for the links that will have for you to buy this thing. Okay, to put it on this side is brittle. This side is flexible, so we're gon na put our arm in here, get it around there and run it through like so. The button should be at the bottom.

The name should be at the top, and the electrodes should be sitting right there. So i'm going to tighten it up and then i'm going to maybe even one more gon na pop it onto here, so that they know that it's on there tight and then we can put this through the strap taking a little time to show you this, because You definitely want the electrodes to be making good contact. There can slide that up and there we are now i'm going to charge it up and turn it on and we'll run through. All of the things that you can see and talk more about what it can do now before i get into how this thing works and what it feels like. I want to give a big shout out to the company watt medicals the guys who make this thing for winning the red dot. I f design award. It says watt medical's, innovative weight management wristband the old end received top awards in if design award and red dot award, that's product design 2021 for its aesthetically appealing, innovative and smart design uh quality. This award came out mid april of 2021 i'm filming this into may. It just happened. Folks, the iaf design award is one of the oldest independent design institutions in the world. They say identifying and promoting outstanding design since 1953. Among 10 000 submissions from 52 countries, obend has earned the 2021 if design award under design excellence, and you can read the rest down there.

Congratulations guys also, while doing my due diligence i dug in and found here. We go vancouver british columbia access where january 19. 2021 watt medical has announced that ab in received the fcc certification in the united states. Abind is an innovative wearable wellness device that combats the global obesity epidemic. It does so through precise electronic stimulation which results in diet, control and look at this. It received the fcc certification. So we're not talking about a toy we're talking about something that like we could really look at seriously and i'm going to do that right now. In one word, i want to tell you what this thing feels like. Are you ready? Oh no that's, two words. Oh, my geez geez, okay that's, a good word, um Laughter. You can really feel this thing, no, no i'm exaggerating a bit, but you can feel it and you can adjust it. So you get this tingly thing going through your hand and out into these two. Maybe three fingers it's really cool and it really works so far. I'Ve had it a couple of days now. I just want to walk you through it. Your first screen is your time a little bit about how you're doing against the daily goal of a hundred and fifty minutes. That'S, like oh three, thirty minute uh times you got date, bluetooth, power level, step count all that's on your first screen. When you slide down you're getting the the daily step, count and calories, burned and overall settings, you can go into sedentary reminder which i'm actually using and i'll tell you how, in a little while you've got a stopwatch capability.

If you want in a countdown time or two basic stuff heart rate is on this one and you tap it and it'll begin and it'll get you your heart rate. Now you have a couple of ways: you'll be able to use that in general, with this device it's using the optical sensors, which you can see under there, i got it strapped on really tight, because i want to hug this part to my body. There you go i'm at about 68. 69 beats right now, then i've got a fitness section. Fitness is pretty basic, but it's kind of interesting. If i tap it and start it it's going to give me time, heart rate calories burned, and this thing says warm up because that's my zone right now based on the heart rate being low, but that will shift over time as i exercise more. So you can actually use this as a fitness band, not sophisticated 43 different exercises from ping pong to yoga. You know, but for a simple heart rate versus time versus where you are in your fat burning versus aerobic type of thing. When we get here, we can exit and we're finished. I didn't really run it long enough to get any data, but that's in here too, but we're not done yet. We cycled all the way through to missing one last critical thing, which is this one stimulation man stimulation. You can also get to this simply by going that way because it loops the other way i saved the best for last, because this is where the magic happens.

There we go i've activated it. It is now jolting me. I am feeling a signal coming right up here: yep spreading out into my hand and it's at the lowest level. I can increase it to two three i'm, really feeling it four is about all the further. I want to go because it's happening in my fingers, but i'll show you. I can go five six and seven and that puppy is really. I mean i'm really feeling it all the way through here annoyingly. So so you want to have it now notice. The screen will lock too if it goes out it locks, you want to have it down to where it feels comfortable for you and now that i've used it a while, i can put it at one or two and i'm feeling it, and my awareness is there And yeah yeah, i know it's happening and that's all the more. I need you're getting a time count on here. It'Ll go for 30 minutes and then it'll stop. And if you can do this – and this is what i've been doing – i slap this puppy on about a half hour before i'm, going to eat a meal and just let it do its thing and go about doing my life i'm, also using it when i'm working Out and we're just giving it a random check to see how it's how it's working, let me show you a little bit more of the science behind it and then i'll tell you what my actual experiences have been so far.

Bear with me now we're going to get a little technical. You got this thing and it's got a fitness tracker on the front and it's got this appetite suppression stuff going on here now: there's like three different things that it's doing it's working on appetite reduction through suppressing the appetite and also increasing the gastric juices or something Like that in your tummy, so that you're not going to want to eat too much that's kind of the main thing through precise electrical stimulation of this pc6, several activities involved in energy intake, namely gastric acid, secretion and so forth and so forth, will be significantly reduced. This will lead to uh control over the long term appetite. So while you have it on you're doing this whole stimulation thing, it's doing it right now. There you go sometimes the twist to wrist is a little slow but uh three minutes into it. Right now, it's working on making that brain body connection to suppress the appetite, then it's doing this really complex thing: white, a tissue browning. That sounds like something you do in a microwave with chicken but it's. Not this is actually in your body, you're you're. Basically, changing the w a t, okay, that's involved in energy storage – and you you've shifted that into brown, a t b, a t so you're changing w a t to b a t. Basically, all of going to increase your metabolism is my understanding, it's involved in heat generation and uses the old.

The body would stimulate to metabolize and store body fat, so you're suppressing appetite, you're, basically increasing your metabolism, or at least metabolizing body fat instead of uh other stuff that it would be working with and then finally, this is really wild. It works as an acupuncture acupressure device. This p6 thing pc6 is, is a place of electro, acupuncture and it's, stimulating where you'll have an increase in your overall workout performance and an enhancement to post exercise. Recovery for athletes same point, same stimulation, three different things going on all beneficial, interesting huh. I got a whole bunch more stuff to show you and i will at the end, because i know not all of you want to stick around forever and i can talk forever. What i want to do is really share with you: what i'm experiencing it's in its mode right now, where it's stimulating me, but i want to take it off to talk to you, see i'm a little bit sweaty and that actually helps in getting um the electrical Signal to to work on the body, so if you're working out and stuff like that uh, i guess in this case what's a good thing. So here we are with this man i put it on now. I have personally got an eating. Um challenge. Is that the way you say it? Uh i'm, a social eater with a control problem. I love to eat, i really do and when uh food is put in front of me and i got training to eat everything in on your plate, i i tend to eat what everything is there? What i've noticed with this so far when i put it on and i show up for a meal and usually i take the first bite or two i go.

Oh, i did not have any idea. I was as hungry as i am, and i don't even take time to chew. Well, this is helping that out, i feel hungry, but not starved and i am noticing maybe because i'm wearing it now it's a placebo effect. I honestly don't know i'm being honest with you, but what i do notice is i don't uh i don't eat as much. I eat slower because i'm chewing it because i'm not starving, and i i pace myself and i'm stopping when i feel like i'm hungry. Instead of eating, because it's still on my plate, my end goal is to be a healthy human being and have a healthy weight. And if this is helping me through electro acupressure, acupuncture acu stimulation or p6 stimulation of my gastric juices, whatever's really going on there. So far, i'm impressed and it's been a few days. Truth will be in a few weeks and check the show notes down below i'll. Keep you posted on my progress uh how it's going yep. I can feel it already. It'S still just doing its thing in here. Vibrating yep right through my hand, amazing, really amazing, um that's. Why it's got a beefy battery? I guess, but i'll keep you posted on what my experiences are and how i'm doing on overall weight loss. Now this is not the only thing i'm working with this is the only thing i'm working with that's, actually sending a signal into my body to change my behavior and my approach to how i address food.

On the other hand, i got these guys on yeah. I know only mr ticks would be crazy enough to go around. Looking like this, i got this the fitbit uh since, for all the fancy, fitness stuff actual step count reminds me every hour to walk 250 steps and i'm telling you if i'm 13 steps short when it tells me, i got 10 minutes to do it. I get up and i walk those steps by golly it's, a motivator i'm doing my t, my steps and i'm i'm really working hard to do an exercise program in conjunction with controlling and working on the eating and this puppy you've seen that before this is the Gobi 2 there's a gobi 3 gob. You got reviews on all of these. Of course, this is measuring my actual calorie input and calorie output, and when you look at the review on this one it's an amazing device that, on its own, can tell from um these electrical plates that are measuring this is these are electrical plates that are sending A signal in these well, it kind of sends a signal in and comes back out to test it, but it's it's measuring the amount of water between the cells which tells you the overall glucose absorption level, so doesn't matter what i eat. This is helping me control. What i eat and how much of it this monitors after i've, eaten it when it goes into the bloodstream. How many calories i took in and it's also measuring calorie output.

When i exercise – and this is reminding me to get up and exercise – and mrs ticks is reminding me to be a human being – and not so fixated on these devices so somewhere in all of that quadrat is a is a balance and i haven't met it yet. But i am certainly having fun. Okay, let's show you more that you have any questions: yeah, yeah, uh, the battery and probably about a day. It depends how much you use it day to two days: um yeah! You can change the brightness in here. If you want to it locks the screen, i told you all about that and yeah you can adjust at any time the strength of the signal yeah. You can bail out of it if you want to but it's best. If you let it go, the full 30 minutes, yeah yeah, you can wear it while you're eating that's, no problem um before bed somewhere in here is a chart. Oh yeah there's, a tethering, app i'll, show you that a little bit later there's a chart in that app. Actually, that shows you when you are recommended to run your sessions. We'Ll call it that way to stimulate your your your body, so you're doing the the appetite suppression, of course before and during exercise, because you've got that one piece: that's that's related to the exercise activity and before breakfast, before lunch before dinner and during. If you want to as well at night, not so much, you don't really need to do it when you're in in bed going to sleep it's, not one of those things it's, not monitoring your sleep at all, so don't wear it at night.

You really don't need to it's for the daytime, it's for appetite suppression and the other things and it's uh it's real trick is injecting this uh signal this tense, like signal into your body. So as promised here's a look at the app or the google play store. The app is ob in get in here. You could check out what's new you'll notice that it really is new uh. It was updated back in may 17th, just a few days ago, they're constantly working on it and it barely has any downloads, because the product is really just now coming out. So with that said, i want to mention that uh it's really a lame app too. It has three panels: energy use, nerve stimulation and your overall profile they're important tabs on here, but it's, not a really robust information, rich fitness health experience when you get into it main thing is this: one here shows you your uh daily nerve stimulation uh at whatever Time of the day you activated it for, however long you ran it and remember it times out at 30 minutes on its own, so i've done two sessions so far, which is represented by 41 percent of my total uh 150 minute goal that they set. For me, this is the guide i was talking about. Basically gives you recommendations on when to uh use the device to give you your stimulation and pretty much everything is recommended, except before you go to bed in the energy use category over here.

It'S showing you your steps in terms of your walkings, because it has a pedometer in it and it shows you uh again by the hour when you took those steps. It'Ll show you a weekly summary, but after the first week, which i haven't done yet, and i have not been able to find a way to go to a different day to check your steps for different days. It also has the exercise section. If you run the exercise on the watch, it'll show you calories, burned and minutes exercised and when you did that during the day, but i just basically do the step count and then finally, your profile at the back is where you have your basic information in here And your health data, you can make changes to your personal information password on disconnect or reconnect the device and check for upgrades, as well as overall settings, which include basic time and unit format and that's. The app i'm gon na show you all the literature for those of you gon na bail out right now. Thank you for watching, appreciate you hanging in and seeing some of the amazing new technology in wearables that have been popping up here recently. It'S taken us six years to get to this point from the original beginnings of smart watches that were different than just a digital watch and look at where we are right now incredible technology, okay, let's keep moving so like i said i got a lot of stuff Here, let's go graphic to begin with: we've got left brain right, brain and middle brain, so this this is this chart that they rely a lot on and it's basically telling you with precise electrical stimulation on this pc6 on your wrist.

It does these two things. It helps with gastric acid secretion and appetite suppression, which affects your energy intake it's, going to lower your energy intake. It also at the same time messes around with this white adipose tissue browning through thermogenesis. It converts it to the brown version of it, then that has to do with energy expenditure amount of stuff going in and how well you burn. It helps to reduce your body mass index, the body fat mass. Now that feeds back up in here to this sports bracket, which feeds back over here, so you can adjust your settings. You want to put your weight in there like every two to three days down or up be honest uh, because it actually adjusts all of the stuff that it's doing based on your weight and all the other stuff you put in about you. Ideally, you have optimized exercise and diet program developed for yourself itself if you're taking this whole thing seriously to go along in parallel with all of this. That will help with your energy expenditure, which will help reduce your bmi, got it okay, that's graphically from this perspective. Another way of looking at it cartoon wise is like this. You have energy imbalance that leads to obesity, even just overweight. This will not just for folks that are obese. Although there's a lot of folks out there that that are in that category, you have too much stuff in and you don't burn it all up, you're, going to end up gaining weight.

Basically, energy intake is greater than energy expenditure. Equals weight, gain it's, simple, math that's. What this um this little thing he does is it's showing you your calories in your calories out, and your basal metabolism calories burned and as long as calor, the the sum of all of that is negative, then you are going to hopefully lose weight over time. If it's positive and for mr ticks, it was daily, uh you'll, actually add weight, it's, simple, math, uh, so that's the whole energy imbalance paradigm, the ob end less in more outputs and into all of that. By going through these different aspects of how the band works. For input for conversion of uh, your your fat to burning and and for exercise, it's an ideal weight loss option with minimal effect, okay, so or would have been minimal effort, it's not really minimal effort, but you know you do have to put in effort it's, not Something you strap on and eat ice cream, it's going to be a cooperative effort between yourself and your activities and your awareness, but it certainly can help suppress appetite and such so that maybe you can get control of some of the emotional aspects of it. That'S talking to myself now i really am uh here's, your uh op in versus a sports band. These are the things that happen with this particular band: the sports wristbands. Basically only you know, do your data collection, but it doesn't do any of this stuff and that's.

Why i have my fitness band right here with an always on screen? I can tell the time i don't have to mess around with all the other things. Everything here and i'm wearing has got its own purpose, and the purpose for this is really in helping with weight loss, here's the weight loss, wristband operation principle, and here our reference i'll show you longer. Okay, there you go yeah yeah and then some references related to all this. All of this is on the website deep into it and i'll have links for you over there, so you can take a look at it. These other pages just to show you. It says. Basically, uh new wave technology innovations more than a typical uh wristband, the wearable treatment, okay, there's, a team of new wave technology and references for that as well, and the world's first closed loop, smart, wristband, designed to be light and portable and user friendly and then a Cute little science section that tells you that it's, the uh groundwork of 30 plus years of scientific research on obesity and weight loss yep, and it really resolves around that p6 stimulation in your inside of your wrist. Now the seriously interested folks that are still with me, i got another graphic for you again. These are on the website, but you're watching youtube right now and you're still standing in line or waiting for gas, whatever you're doing. If you're still with me here, you go energy intake, energy expenditure, the whole concept again with references to this material, and this is where they're getting the background that they're sharing with you in these different graphics, okay and here's, another one.

Now i want you to have this on youtube right now, because i don't know as things shift and people change with websites. Some of this may disappear may be buried or may appear. You know as a reference or something so good for you to have all of this in front of you to think about. Okay, and there we go so once again, you can pick this puppy up over the obi end uh website their direct uh link. There is, slash, obe end all lowercase uh follow that link get the sale price that's going on right now and if you're watching this after the sale is over uh check in the show notes. Next to that link, i should have a coupon i'll. Give you another discount on it as well, thanks for watching gang. This is a very interesting device.