com. If you're a new viewer head on over there, because we got tons and tons of videos on smartwatches. This is going to be a really special pre review i'm. Not going to review this particular watch for you today in earnest, because this is what you call a proof of concept prototype. It doesn't really exist yet well, it kind of. Does you can order it and it'll be shipped soon and i'm going to have a production unit to show you with the unboxing and everything, but today we're going to lay the foundation of how this watch works and why you might be interested in it two things It does and it really doesn't well communications and location services. This is the kind of watch that is marketed to kids, for parents to be able to track them to talk to them to video chat with them, it's a type of watch that could be targeted to seniors who are in a care home or trying to live Independently at home, but need a little bit of assistance and monitoring and you be able to have them wear this watch and communicate with them basically and, of course, check their location if they tend to wander off somewhere and you want to know where they went. This is also an amazing watch for people who are in a variety of different industries and we'll talk about that as it goes along, but first i want to jump into the technology now.

You all know about watches and phones and sim cards right. You take a sim card and you insert it in a slot. The sim is tied to your carrier, either att or t mobile in the us that uses the gsm network that these watches work on you put the sim card in it has its own phone number, its own texting, its own data plan. You pay your carrier somewhere around twenty five thirty dollars a month for unlimited service. As an add on to your existing account, there's all kinds of ways to do it and that's part of the game, you have to figure out which carrier you want what data plan you want when you do it, you put it in, and you've got a phone. You can make receive calls you can text all that kind of stuff. Well, this one has that that's one half of the watch, the other half, which is the proof of concept, is completely different. It does not use a sim. It uses a software virtual sim now, when you have a sim that's, the the piece of code, really that identifies you and the carrier and the network and the device tied into the imei, which is printed right back there, which is unique for every watch. A complicated thing that lets you make a call or receive a call, and the networks will know how to get it to you. Somebody on verizon can call you on t mobile and the networks will route it because of those sims and imeis right.

Well, with a virtual sim, your carrier independent, and this doesn't really have a phone number. The phone number is, if you put in a real sim, what this does have is a connection to the internet for iot internet of things using voip that's voice over internet protocol. Of course, it could mean video over internet protocol as well a texting over it it's it's. All of that it's. Basically, everything you would do on a phone with the phone number you can do instead over the internet using just data, so the voip um virtual sim in this thing is for data only there's no phone number attached to it, but what you can do is connect To a phone app and that phone app can communicate back and forth with this watch pretty much anywhere over cellular now the fun part comes. When you start talking about the carrier, i mean, is it going to be on t mobile or a t or somebody else? Well, it's on none of those and it's on all of those, because the semo simo is a company that has come together to put together an amazing technology that lets this watch in its virtual sim mode, communicate using any cell tower around that's, giving it the strongest Signal let's look at this there's no need to acquire a physical sim card to connect to a network. It automatically starts and connects to the best network available in the location of your device.

What yeah this means now you can go out wearing this watch and have connectivity whether you're at home, at work or in transit going in and out of att zones or t mobile zones. It doesn't matter it'll pick the strongest tower near you and use that carrier to communicate. How does it do it very, very ingenious? It uses signal, scan it's, a patented technology, and this is the first watch and phone basically that it it's being used in – and this is proof of concept – we're testing out here in the united states – to make sure it's working right. What it does is it scans? The network and it checks the available mobile towers around you. All of them looks for them. It can sense the signals, then, in the background, it runs a speed test to measure the network performance of each of those towers. It picks out the best one and it switched the device to that network now because it's, a virtual sim, it can say i'm an att i'm, a t, mobile or i'm on that network, and so you might end up being able to communicate to uh the phone App from this for a parent, let's say who is at home in their wi fi zone as long as they're on the network from the phone anywhere either in the car on their cell verizon network or at home in their wi fi zone, whatever they are, they'll, Be able to connect back and forth with this watch after signal scan connects the watch to the closest most powerful network, no matter which carrier owns it and is using it brilliant brilliant.

How does that come about through skyroam now i'm going to leave this up here? For you to freeze frame and read, but it gives you the back story, basically of how skyroam saw this problem and addressed it by putting together this seamless saas. That means software as a service data connectivity. Experience now think for a minute when you used to own cds. I know some of you don't even know what they are, but back for a lot of us. We had lps cds, cassette tapes, some even had eight tracks. They were a physical, tangible thing, and then we got to software as a service in terms of streaming now you just have a apple music account or a google music account or spotify or well. Well, anyway, you know what i mean, all of them, that you can uh tie into and have access to millions of songs that are a software as a service. You want to play one you ask for it, you play it and you pay a flat fee. No matter how many songs you listen to in a crazy kind of way, that's what we're getting to here, we're, getting away from you having to buy a sim with a data plan on it and pay monthly for 250 megabytes or half a gigabyte or three gigabytes, And you don't know how much you're going to use and you throw the rest away every month right, no, no need for that.

Now. We'Ve got unlimited data connectivity because you use it when you need it as a software as a service making sense to you good. So what is this thing? Well, this is the first product to hit the market, because a logical, i mean absolute perfect hand and glove fit is for a parent to keep track of a child. This is being put together and launched as a watch for kids. I'M. Not reviewing it for that and i'm i'm i'm going to tell you it is way beyond that. This is the next generation uh. This is not just the disney channel. This is everything uh that anybody could want in terms of streaming video in another crazy kind of analogy with this watch and it comes in a nice black like that, one that you know it doesn't look like a kid's watch. Of course, you can get it fancy purple with little chiclet things all different ways of ordering it, but the key thing here, you're seeing it down here, it's got this software sim and the software service, the virtual data service on any carrier from the strongest tower that's Around when it connects it's going to give you that plan, bundled with the watch for three years for three years, you're going to get video chat, capability, uh, audio uh, walkie, talkie kind of thing phone calling you know back and forth now, not to any phone number. Remember it doesn't have its own phone number with a virtual sim, but it does have a connection from the watch to a phone app and in that app you can make a phone call, just like you would, with hangouts or or one of the other um type Of things a duo, you know google's duo, video chat thing from phone to phone, similar kind of concept, but uniquely identified in a way that the device that's making the call that roams is going to jump automatically from tower to tower that's.

The big innovation here in the proof of concept, so the omate 06l pro is the device that's going to do this, and this is what it basically looks like it's. A watch it's got a camera on the front to do video calling in to take pictures that you can share in the text messaging. The small yeah it's, not it's, not here for fashion folks it's here for capabilities, it's got a small screen, but big enough that you can read it and use it for video uh chatting really loud. Speaker they've done a great great job on improving uh the speaker. It sounds like a phones of speaker in speakerphone mode uh. No longer like you have to stick it to your ear. Good and loud kids. Seniors will hear it. Everybody will removable bands if you want to take them off and change them uses the 4g network. We talked about both with the sim and with the virtual connectivity. It also has a unique way of tying into wi fi. So when the kid the parent, the the worker, is at his desk, whatever, when they're in a wi fi zone, you can set it up to push the wi fi connectivity to the watch, it'll automatically connect to wi fi and be way way faster and less battery Usage and not tie up the cell towers to do all the things that you can do when you're out and about but it'll do it over wi fi yep it's got gps in it too.

Full location services that's. The second half of all of this. Not only do you have the communication, but from the app you can trigger or set it to automatically every five minutes trigger a ping to say: where are you and the watch and using that same kind of technology is going to wake up, look at cell towers And go oh i'm in nebraska i'm in this particular town i'm on this particular street from the tower. If you're in a wi fi zone it'll go even closer it'll figure out, of course, all of the wi fi information is tracked. So it'll nail it down to what house you're in which wi fi actual router. Are you connected to and show you on the google maps where you are or it'll go pure gps, it'll turn it on it'll wake it up, it'll locate! You know your coordinates from gps and show on the map exactly where it is now it's not going to be tracking it in motion. If it's in the car driving somewhere you're not going to see the dot moving down the road it's a one time, ping kind of thing like finding your phone, if it's lost and you go through and you know ping it and say: oh yeah it's. I left it at work that kind of thing, but it will give you the location data and, in a moment, i'm going to show you something where you're really going to want that location data.

Okay, that proximity sensor is a thing under development now, so that if this is with a child or a senior or someone that you need to know that they've got it with them. If they take it off – and i believe that is either the the the sensor back here or that's going to be for future heart rate monitoring, it could be either, like i said, it's proof of concept now it's a version 1.0, not even 0.99 or something but Lots of possibilities to come on this, so that proximity sensor would notify automatically if you set it up that way in the app. If the watch has been taken off great for the concept of resort bubbles or people that are confined because of covet and need to quarantine at a location, uh gosh all kinds of great great uses for this, and then it's got a noise cancellation microphone that works Really well so that you don't, have you know, background or feedback or any of that stuff, and that covers it. All the app is available from the apple store or google play it's, of course, called oh mate kid uh, because it's going to be marketed for kids, but it's, not it's old mate configuration app and it does a great great job for it. Let'S play with it a little bit. I know you've been wanting to see it in action again. This is not a review, but just a proof of concept, so i'm going to jump all around i'll.

Do the full review later when we get the final product in, but for now let's play now you can download this already from the google play store or from apple and just kind of start. Checking it out. It'S called oh make kid and uh. This is the google play store right now i got the link in the show notes. You can click to go right over there or just uh. You know, go and search on it when you go through here. It gives you a look now. I'M, not gon na. Be able to show you all of these pages um, primarily because it it really it nails your location and that i'm keeping my place private, so you're gon na see uh this thing with a card over it here. So you'll know that there's a big map behind here this is in chinese still. They haven't even fully converted it over yet you're going to have buttons and we will go through those buttons you'll be able to have a chat screen back and forth. That includes audio snippets, so it can walk work like a walkie talkie. When you both are in uh the text mode. You can do sound clips back and forth. 10 4. Big buddy. You can go in here and set up all the things like wi fi. I was talking about we'll go through all of this in detail in the future right now, just showing you what you've got and you can deactivate all these different things in the watch.

If you want to, if you don't, want it to be doing, video calling if you don't, want it to do voice calling if you only want messaging and so forth, you can even restrict it. So it cannot be turned off proximity sensor and the inability to turn the watch off means it's going to constantly be on and nobody can mess with it. If it's, not there, you know it's great it's great, you can do a remote restart if you need to straight from the app and everything now this type stuff is for the administrator, and only the first person to connect to the watch sees this as an administrator To take control but it's that administrator, that can also set up other users, and you can have up to 50 other people working with this app i'm going to put my little cover on here with this app in there i called the kid turtle you put a Little picture with it, you have to do that, give it a picture and a name before you could even get into it when you're setting it up, you'll see the setup in a future video and then you're there and uh, like i said you can have up To 50 other people, aunties uncles, if you're a dispatcher, you can have your distribution crew each by name. You can be the central uh know, coordinator of all of that, all kinds of things. What we've got are video calls and voice calls and voice messages, an activity tracking which, when you come in here, shows you how many steps you walk today, that's for my month and the last seven days are shown there, so it does have a pedometer in it.

But it as far as we know it, doesn't have the heart rate sensor in it, yet um family members. This is where you can set up different users who will have the app that can talk to the watch encrypted? Then you control it or you can add, watches. So, if it's going to be you and your spouse with three kids, you can add the watch for the three kids separately on here too. So lots of flexibility both ways: multiple users, one watch, multiple watches, one user. Multiple and multiple all combinations let's do a video call i am going to initiate from here a call there. I am here's the watch now this watch is not on wi fi. This is pure uh cellular coming in here. You see me in there i'm going to press the button, and here we go and we might get some audio feedback and that's. Okay, uh move this away: uh, oh it's, looking at the ceiling i'll, let it look at my backside, all right, it's having trouble go acquiring right here. Let me bring it back over here if i'm quiet, it's, okay, this is me here, Music once it settles down and isn't moving it's. Okay, and this look look on the watch because the phone is on wi fi. Look at how responsive the watch is on the video call. It is a little bit of a delay here, but if i had oh by the way you see the countdown here, you can do a call for up to three minutes.

We'Ll talk a little bit about that later on too each call can last only three minutes there. I hung up. You get the idea, though. If the watch were on wi, fi you'd see the same level of responsivity and if the parent were on wi fi and the child were on wi fi uh man there's, just like you you're right there. You know it's it's, like the zoom things on steroids. You got good video connectivity. A voice call is going to operate the same way with the microphone and speaker just no picture there's, no, no video on there and then voice message, here's a few tests that i've been doing with it already and actually these partic pertain to the sos emergency system And i've deleted out the location data on here but i'm going to show you some of that here in a moment, let's talk for a second i'm on the uh, the app i'm connected, of course, to the child. I can bring up a keyboard and i can type whatever i want to, and i can send that on the watch when it's in this zone, uh, no matter which tower it's coming from press the black button slide over here to the text and it'll go in Here and i have a choice of looking at the text from the app or from the sms uh text messaging. If you put the sim card in so you got the two different networks, then you got the list of people and you can have multiple different tech text streams going on with the different people i come in here to uh myself, smartwatch ticks and there's the text.

I just sent now i cannot reply with text. I can reply with an emoji or i can reply with a voice feedback there's, the emoji that just came in and there it is appearing here on the the watch or i can uh. I could take a picture. I can grab this thing, i can look at it, i can smile. I can take a picture, i can choose to accept it or not i'm going to accept it, and it shows it here, it's going to pop up over here we're on cellular now. This is not on wi fi. This is on wi fi, but this is on cellular and it's fairly: decent quality um, something like 2 megapixel, but definitely good enough to uh to work with and then, of course, you can go into the walkie talkie mode, which is probably the most powerful feature on This watch, i can press and hold the microphone. Well, i press it to here and then i press and hold it. This is the phone now talking to the watch and i believe you can pretty much do unlimited. It shows it here and it comes in here. You hear how nice and loud that is okay, i got you i'm replying to you now from the watch to the phone, so you have your conversation going and then you can play it back here. Do i have the volume down all right? Sorry had the volume that's why the feedback wasn't so bad earlier let's, try that again, okay, i got you i'm replying to you now from the watch to the phone and of course i got my emojis here, they're a limited set of emojis you don't have a Whole lot uh, you know it's, not robust it's meant for short burst communications, walkie, talkie style, three minute phone call three minute: video call now that three minute limitation, it's uh it's part of how they were able to give you the data plan for three years.

I guess you get three minutes after that. It hangs up. You have to wait 10 minutes before you can make another video call. Now they claim it's the same for voice calls, but i haven't experienced that when i place a three minute voice call it hangs up, but i can call right back and get another three minutes um. What they do say in the literature, though, is, if you run out of your uh voice, calling or phone calling that that's a back button here, um time in the three minutes, and and and you got to wait, 10 minutes – you can always come here into the Chat and continue talking or texting from the phone to the watch. You know if you need to still be in communication beyond the three minutes: okay, that's kind of an overview of how this is working from the watch. Now you could do the same thing. I can go in here i'm back into either sms texting or the app testing that's a back button. I can come here. I can initiate the video call from the watch to the phone same process. This will ring it'll light up. You hit the answer button. You got the conversation, this is the voice phone call and again they'll. Show you the three minute countdown on both devices. This is your uh step count information i haven't used. It got zero steps, but it's made for kids. It shows you that it'll show you your pedometer step, count great for parents who want to encourage kids, who are on devices too much to actually get out and walk, get get some steps in and then you've got your overall system stuff in here.

We'Ll. Go into that when we do the full review, the main thing is coming back here now. Once again, this is a proof of concept watch that does the standard, traditional sim calling and texting with a commercial sim from a carrier that you put a data plan on, and you pay monthly 20 bucks or, more probably, to add the second line, or you can Use this whole new uh virtual sim thing that automatically connects to the strongest cell tower around and lets you come in here and do voice video and texting and sos emergency press and hold oh let's. Do that again, it's going to show my location, information, doggone and i'm going to press and hold give it three seconds it vibrated. It says sos it's giving a countdown that's coming from the phone folks it jumped. You saw that it gives me the location right underneath here, it's still recording a 30 second clip. Whatever sounds it hears from. The watch are being recorded if the child's in trouble. If the grandparent fell, if the line worker fell off of the truck, if anybody can speak, if any sounds are present, they'll be recorded and be recorded right to there. This stops it transmits it on whichever tower it connect to you heard that it just put it on here: let's, listen to it. There was an entry right, above here in big red, showed exactly my location. If i touched it, it would have brought up.

The google map showed me exactly where i am. This is the 30 second clip Music Applause. Okay, you get the idea that's all in the text stream. Just phenomenal technology really is uh. You can set up wi fi. You can set class mode where the watch won't work, except for the sos button. You can create safe zones future future when this is all hashed out and working again proof of concept. We'Ve got here this isn't working right yet, but you'll be able to do geo. Fencing you can have history of the of the tracking, you can do admin, controls and other options. All this is in the app check this out. I'Ve left it on the screen. Right now, uncle ticks is in an emergency alert situation, yeah and uh. It just got a push to this device. There is no sim card in here folks, none! I am not on a network i'm getting the push because of that virtual sim technology constantly connecting to the most powerful tower near me. If i were out of at t range with my att sim, i would not get that emergency push, but if i'm t mobile i would well it's coming in because of whichever network. It shows probably t mobile right here. So i get that emergency connection. That is cool here's, another emergency alert notice. They just stack up so if you don't get it right away. When you turn the watch on it's it's there, because it's interrogating and that push is coming and the system is looking for an okay response to stop vibrating and getting your attention, that alone is powerful.

To have this thing with you somehow i don't know in a box on your arm in your purse, in your back pocket just for emergency alerts or the any other kind of pushes that could come to it. So there it is the omate 06l pro concept watch with a whole new way of handling communications, so what's it going to take to get you into one of these about 249 dollars. Whoa mr ticks, wait a minute. You 250 bucks for this little watch. Oh wait! Think about this you've got a 36 month data plan right. Unlimited video voice texting all of that stuff built into the watch and you can add a sim card to the side. 250 that's a 249 divided by 36, pretty much seven dollars a month for the data plan, with the watch for free one way of looking at it heck. If you wanted to put the sim card in there 25 to 35 a month for the sim let's say you could get it as little as 20 times 36 that's extra 720 dollars. So the data plan is a bit expensive for the watch, but the technology to switch automatically to the strongest cell tower and switch between carriers is part of the whole thing all right. All right 250 is still too high. Well, guess what they gave me: a discount code ticks 40. Ticks 40 takes your 249 dollar package, which is the uh. Oh six, l pro black with nano blocks and an extra band and all that stuff knocks a hundred bucks off of it.

Forty percent off of that brings it down to 150, basically 149.. So for 149, you can get this watch with the 36 month. Data plan free, no additional charges at all, add a sim. If you want to that's on you, but you don't need to, as you saw, we can do everything between the app and the watch still a little too much. They got a special reduced version of this. If you don't need the video calling and the audio calling, if you can work with that text messaging, where you can put in audio clips and make it work kind of like a walkie talkie, you know and do the rest of the texting part and still have The location services, the light now is only 189 and again forty percent officer. Seventy six thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars under thirteen you've got a communications watch that can do basic texting and location, uh services and talk back and forth to your child or your grandparent or whoever you have with the watch, basically through the texting program. Okay, those are your options right now. Link in the show notes will take you over apply the coupon ticks 40 in either one of those and you'll be able to pick it up at the discount. So, as i mentioned before, we will do the full on review of this. The unboxing everything coming up might be a little while, because they're still ironing out some bugs, but just know, it's going to be able to do the texting.

Video calling regular calling fitness tracking settings and a variety of different watch faces sim card capable lightweight, pretty waterproof, i would say: it's ip68. I believe ip67 uh rated um nice little package and it's on a limited, special right now so i'm, not sure what's going to happen in the future for price or combination uh with it. But it is shipping right now, with the 36 month data plan included. You just simply turn the watch on and wait for a while in your cell zone, for it to settle down after doing all those speed tests and acquiring the strongest tower near you and then, when it's ready it's going to give you the qr code, you scan With the app we'll show you all that in the review and you're on you're on no additional costs and no necessary uh sim to add to it to get the basic uh special communications, you've been watching. Smartwatch ticks and we really appreciate your subscription here. If you like what you're seeing uh just head over to, you can go right in and subscribe there and check out all of our other videos as well. And if you click that little bell you'll get notified.