I am adrianoy you’re watching gadgets360 and this is the full review of the oneplus band and, if you’re new here be sure you are subscribed to the gadget360 youtube channel so that you don’t miss such reviews. Music, the oneplus band, like most fitness bands, has two components: a strap and a capsule. You can easily pop the capsule into and out of the strap, the strap material isn’t harsh on the skin, and i did not face any discomfort during a week of use. The oneplus band is ip68 certified for dust and water resistance and can handle up to 580m of pressure, so you can wear it while swimming on the underside of the capsule are pins for charging and sensors for heart rate and spo2 tracking. You will have to remove the capsule from the oneplus band for charging, which could be inconvenient for some people. This capsule fits snugly in the including proprietary charger with an audible click. Oneplus did not have an app for ios. When i was testing the band, the company has mentioned that it will be launching one soon. The oneplus health app will give you detailed information about your steps, heart rate, spo2 levels and sleep with this app. Certain settings, such as the frequency of heart rate and spo2 measurement, can be configured only through this app Music. The oneplus band works as a notifier to show notifications from your smartphone. You can select, which apps can send notifications via the smartphone app for this product.

You can read incoming messages, but it isn’t convenient to read on the small display. It also buzzes to notify you of incoming calls, but i could only silence the band or reject these incoming calls from the band itself. The oneplus band has a 1.1 inch amoled display with a resolution of 126 by 294 pixels. This band can store up to 5 watch faces at a time which you can then choose by swiping on the home screen. There are more that you can download to the oneplus health. App Music now use the oneplus band regularly for a week to monitor how it performs, and i found that its interface was very easy to use. It offers multiple workout modes, most of which are commonly used, such as outdoor walking, cycling, running cricket, badminton and swimming. I found the spo2 tracking to be accurate and i measured it at least once a day. The reading was usually 99 to 100 percent, which it should be for a healthy, individual, and the readings were in line with what i got from the samsung galaxy s10 plus heart rate sensor. I found heart rate tracking to be in the same range as that was reported on the apple watch, sc that i tested this against continuous heart rate tracking is disabled by default, just like on a lot of other fitness products. So i set this to continuous, hard tracking for two minute intervals. You can also choose to set it to take readings at six minute intervals, or even every second, which is likely to drain the battery very quickly step tracking was a bit off on the oneplus band.

Now it measured 910 steps for every thousand steps that i counted manually. This is a big margin, so if you are looking to keep track of your activity levels, this device isn’t as accurate as the xiaomi mi band 5.. Similarly, distance tracking was inaccurate, but that’s, probably because the oneplus band doesn’t have integrated gps. I took 5 laps of a 700 meter walking track and their band measured. 3.17 kilometers, even though the distance covered was actually 3.5 kilometers. Sleep tracking with the oneplus band was accurate and it could also detect periods of wakefulness accurately during the night using the oneplus health app. I could see the breakup of sleep stages marked as light deep and awake now. Battery life will vary vastly, depending on how you set up your oneplus bank. I had set my screen brightness to 60 and had notifications enabled for whatsapp and slack, which kept the band buzzing throughout the day and after four days of usage, which included tracking my worksheet daily. The battery level was down to 40 percent Music. The oneplus band is among the very few fitness bands in the market to offer spo2 tracking. If you are looking for a variable specifically to track this, the oneplus band. Does it quite well? I also found it to be good at sleep and heart rate tracking, but not so much when it comes to step and distance tracking for those on ios. You might have to wait a little longer for this.

If you are looking for a fitness band primarily to track the number of steps you have taken and the distance you have covered, then the me band 5 will do that better at roughly the same price. So that was my full review of the oneplus band.