Going to tell you everything It does everything it does not do. I will answer all the questions that have occurred to me about the one plus watch and if the one you were looking for is not in the video put it in the comments.. If not me, I am sure that another user will answer. It. Let’s start hello. How are you I’m Vctor Endrino? If you are a subscriber thank you for coming back and if not, what are you waiting for and click on the bell? So you are not going to miss any of the videos. Well, let’s start with the first question attention with this one: Does it work with iphone NO.? It does not work with iphone.. It is not compatible with iOS. It is not compatible with apple operating systems. So if you have an iphone, do not consider buying this watch unless you say well, look how I really like this watch I’m going to switch from phone I’m going to sell the iPhone and I’m going to definitely switch to Android then do it.. But if you have an iPhone, you will not be able to use this watch., Mainly because you will not even be able to download the application that manages it Next question. Is it well designed? Well, I have to say that it IS very well designed.. It has very elegant lines. The version I have is this midnight black version that has a strap. It is a strap that makes some water lines some grooves.

It is a fluorine silicone, strap or elastomer, as they say. note that the crystal is a hardened crystal, but we do not know what type of crystal it is.. The case is made of stainless steel, but attention because there is a special version of this watch. That is the cobalt edition that the case is made of a cobalt alloy without any nickel content, so that it does not cause allergies and also the crystal is sapphire, but that is only in the cobalt edition.. The normal edition is not., and I also tell you that you will probably need a protector for the glass because it is very exposed, and since we do not know what this glass is be careful with that. on the back. It also has something very special, and that is that the pulse and oxygen sensor is very curious. It is like metallized or frosted.. Well, the led that emits the light is in the center. That reminds me a bit of the SIMON game that one of the colored lights, because it looks more or less the same., The screen is 1.’ inches and the size is 46 millimeters or It is that it is not a small watch. But I think that it is just enough so that a heliport is not seen here. next question., how about the notificationswell? In this case, I think the notifications are quite improvable. by the way it vibrates too soft and you can’t regulate the intensity of the vibration.

But hey you receive notifications from all the applications, it’s. Okay, for all the applications that you want. You will receive them on the watch., But what happens is that you can’t do anything with them. You can’t even read the emails that come to you. They come to you. You only see the subject. The whatsapp that come to you do not show you anything other than text. They only show you texts. So when you get an audio, you will not hear anything. Obviously, if you get an emoji, you won’t able to see the emoticons. when a whatsapp arrives. You can answer it, but you can only answer it with some predefined phrases as if the clock already knew what you are going to say to the other person, and they cannot be edited. That is to say you are going to have to answer what the clock tells you. I think that in an update, this should be fixed so that I I can say what I want when answering, because otherwise it’s useless. also something else.. When a notification arrives on the screen, It does not light up. The only thing you can do is turn your wrist to see the notification, the message or whatever or press the button, but there are times when the turn of the wrist does not work as I would like to, and there are times when I received a notification. I turn my wrist and the screen does not turn on that depends on the orientation of the arm, but hey it’s complicated.

In this regard. I think there is a lot of work to do next question. Can I make and receive calls In this case? Everything is fine, It is one of the few watches that do not have Wear OS. That allows me to dial the phone number. I want to be able to call from the watch that allows me to have a series of stored contacts up to 30 favorites to be able to call them immediately. It allows you to receive calls that allows you to control. The volume is very good. It is fantastic, so you can make and receive calls fantastically no complaints. Here. Next question can transfer music to the watch. The answer is YES here you can also play music stored in the watch.. You will have about 2 gigabytes of capacity to play. Music, hey it’s, not bad it’s, about 500 songs. Of the 4 GB of memory that this watch has 2 are already used by the operating system. Therefore, you have 2 GB left to transfer music from the app OnePlus Health. There you will be able to put the songs in mp3 that you feel like.. At the same time, if you don’t want to play music on the watch, you can control the music that is playing on your phone from the watch itself.. By the way, if you play music on the watch and want to listen to music on the watch, you will have to connect a pair of bluetooth earphones, because you will not be able to listen to the music through the watch.

Speaker Next question: Can you pass photos to the clock Let’s see not as a synchronized album or photo album.? You will not have that, but you do have something that I showed you at the beginning of the video, which is a wallpaper where you can put up to ten different photos and each time you touch it. the photo will change. see. It will tell the time it tells you the date. It does not tell you anything else, but hey you, can change photos and see the photos you like the most or the ones you want. That is very easy and very practical. Next question: Does it have barometer and altimeter? Yes, it has a barometer and altimeter. You can go to the barometer function and then the first thing you will see is the atmospheric pressure that I think works more or less well. I’M, not sure because I have not been able to check it, but when you go to the altimeter, there is no way to calibrate the altimeter. At least I have not seen where it can be calibrated and therefore, now that I am at home that I am a few floors high, it tells me that I am at minus 76 meters. I wanted to reset it. For example, if you go to the beach, you can reset it, and you know that you’re at sea level, but I have not been able to do it, because I do not know how to do it.

. If you know it, please put it on the comments, because I have not got it. and then, of course, you have an altitude value that does not correspond to what it really is. In addition to an altimeter barometer. It also has a compass, so you will also be able to orient yourself to the north or to the cardinal point that you want with The integrated compass. Next question: what sports and activities does it measure at the moment of recording this video? It has 14 activities available, but it will grow to around a hundred.. Maybe, as you are watching this video, the update has already arrived., but for now the available activities are outdoor running indoor running outdoor cycling, indoor hiking, swimming elliptical, rowing machine, badminton, trekking cross country, cricket yoga or free training. This is like a generic as long as the other sports do not come. I want to make a stop along the way because they tell you that it has the activity of SWIMMING, and indeed it has the swimming activity. Hat measures, your activity very well, it even measures the SWOLF index, which is an index of efficiency. In the stroke you can even choose the length of the pool, it does not have open water swimming, but it does have swimming in a pool. 2550 meters. You can choose the distance you want, but I am hallucinating because it has the swimming activity. But then you go to the specifications in the website on the one plus information about the one plus watch and informs you about the .

.. following question: Is it waterproof? They tell you that it does have the IP68 certification it has the 5ATM resistancew so that, theoretically you can go down to 50 meters. You can sink the watch to a meter and a half for 30 minutes, … wonderful, but then you see the small print and it tells you that you cannot dive. You cannot go to the beach with it. You can’t get into salt water and YOU CAN’T GET INTO THE POOL.. You can only wet it with freshwater, which I suppose it will be spring water, the water of a river untreated, fresh water, … okay.. And then you will tell me how I can do it. The swimming activity, if I cannot get into a poolflying over the water, All I ask them is to be consistent.. If, on the one hand, you are saying not to go into the pool, do not put the swimming activity on the watch because it is absurd., Then we are going to move on to the next question. Does it detect activities automatically? Yes, it detects activities automatically. After a few minutes of running or walking, it will detect that you are doing one of these two things, But it does not detect any other activity.. That is to say that if you get on a bike, it will not detect it. If you start doing elliptical trainer, for example, it won’t either. Just running and walking., but hey there, you have it Next question: How about the heart rate monitor Pay attention here, because here we must give them a good grade.

The heart rate monitor works quite well. I have no complaints. either in sports activities or at rest, so I think the measurements are done very well and at rest, it has been amazing because it is that I was giving the same Values that a heart rate oximeter that I have – and I say, hey Well, we can keep the pulse sensor of the one plus watch and it is. We can trust, and it also measures your pulse 24 hours a day automatically and also has alerts of high pulsations, both at rest and in physical activity that are different and also have them in the same place and the same man section at last. Thank you very much because other brands that to find freight alerts abnormal heart rate at rest, fine, but then you try to find them in sports activity, and you have to go to another section of another section of I don’t know what good here you put them Together, thank goodness next question: how does it measure oxygen well, but not It measures it 24 hours a day if it can measure it 24 hours a day, but manually you will have to measure it manually. The automatic measurement is only for when we are sleeping. It is one of the characteristics of the sleep analysis. Then you will say every day what average oxygen saturation you have had during sleep, but not during the day. But it must be recognized that the precision is quite good because measuring it and comparing it with a finger oximeter that I have the values that they gave were practically the same one or two percent below above but well next question.

How is the gps good well, but with some fringe, or you know, to see it turns out that at least the times I have tried it, it has connected a little late. It took some time to connect, unlike another watch, that I had as a reference that connected me still being in the same place because for the feed vice versa, 3, for example, it connected very well very fast and the one plus watch has It took a long Time to start, and at the beginning it told me to update the gps, but how the gps is updated. I do not know. I have not managed to update the gps. If you tell me to update the gps because it allows updating it, but I cannot. I have not found where the function is to update the gps and therefore what happens that it has taken a long time or takes a long time to connect, but in the end it connects. But when it connects well, when you take maybe a kilometer, a kilometer and a peak of race, I do not want to wait. No, I want to wait as long as I want it to connect like the rest of the normal clocks, and then it goes on to something other than in the summary of the race. When you go out for a run outdoors, the route you have done ho, they draw a map for you, but you cannot enlarge that map.

You can see if a building has really been eaten or if it has rounded the corners too much or what has happened. Not if you are being drunk or if you have not been enough, You can’t see that precisely because you can’t enlarge the map, the drawing doesn’t place you it just makes you a jpg, it makes you one and there you can see where you’ve gone, but of Course you can’t see the names of the streets either you can’t know. That is, if you, you want to keep this record because in a year you will look at it and it will make you funny to know where you went, because you cannot – or at least I repeat, I have not found a way to see it. If you know grapefruit in the comments that you will make me a Please and now the gps, we are going to relate it to the following question: how’s, the battery good. Well very! Well, quite well! The truth is that I cannot complain at all. Speaking of gps. It has 25 hours of continuous gps, that is to say that you can go one day whole to run through the mountains and the battery will last you with the gps activated. It is a 400 milliamp battery that, according to them, lasts up to 14 days, but hey to me, it has lasted between 10 and 12 days, which is not bad and also has a charge.

Fast does not have wireless charging, but if it has fast charging it has wordpress chart that allows you in 20 minutes to have enough energy to last a whole week that well the week that starts a week says five days, but hey you put 20 minutes a Jet for it, and hey you can forget for a few days in terms of battery is fine is very good next question: how is sleep analysis good, because what I was saying is very good. I am very happy because it tells you the phases of sleep that you have gone through and also you. I draw it in a different way from the rest of the brands. That is also appreciated for the originality that says some advice. If it gives you a written report on how you have slept, it gives you a score of whether you have slept enough ins Sufficient. How long have you spent in each phase and if it is enough or not, it also tells you the average oxygen saturation. You have had and also analyzes your breathing during sleep and tells you if you have had any abnormality or not. Next question measures. The stress, because if you measure your stress and it measures it 24 hours a day automatically and also you can do manual measurements. And if you feel very stressed, you can do breathing exercises to calm down a little that you also have so in this aspect. Also, very good next question: can I pay with the watch because not in this case the fact of paying with the watch? Has it the big brands? Have it samsung? Has it? Google, google pay with watches with wear does not have that feedback garmin all these have them, but one plus.

No in this case there is no one plus as it could have garmin page samsung pay in this case it does not have it. You will not be able to pay as if it were a credit card. Next question can I us Use it to shoot photos, because if you can use it because it has the remote shutter function. So if you open the phone’s camera and you open this function, you will do it without any problem. What happens is that it only has the function of pressing count after three seconds and the photo is taken. You cannot make a video. You cannot make the instant press, you cannot put a 10 second countdown, it is very limited, but the function is fulfilled. You give the button three seconds and take the photo and last ask how much it costs. Well. The official price is 159 euros. So if you think it’s worth it, I think it’s very good. I think it’s worth it because for this price you have a good watch. It has some functions that can be greatly improved. What happens is that let’s see there? I have to give them the opportunity, because most of the deficiencies that it has are upgradeable and can be improved through upgrading. Therefore, I think this watch has a good future and it is a recommended purchase.. Yes, it is also that aesthetically, it is a very nice watch. It has a very good screen and for 159 euros it is there in the line of the rest of the watches of more or less the same price.

So it is a good competitor that I hope you liked.