I cannot believe that this one is the first smartwatch that oneplus ever created the quality and the design of this big 46 millimeter smartwatch is top notch and a lot of that has to do with materials. The oneplus watch has a 316l stainless steel frame with two physical buttons. The top one takes you to all of your applications and if you look closely, you even see the oneplus sign on the button and the lower button is customizable and can be connected to any of your apps. So you have a quicker access to your workouts. So the camera control or the weather, for example. Next up we got our straps. These ones are made of flue elastomer and are pretty thick, so durability, shouldnt be a problem. Also, these straps are some of the best ones that you can get on any watch. I mean you have this very sexy, looking light linear texture on it, and that just looks awesome by the way they have a quick release function as well, so you can attach any other 22 millimeter strap onto it and as for less lets talk about the display Overall were talking about a rather big 1.’ inch ammo attached display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixel. So all the colors look very nice and the tacks are sharp and even in bright dialect situations, its very easy to read the screen even from different angles. Now, just one thing that i have to mention is the weight of the watch.

If you compare to other smart watches its very heavy now with the strap it weighs in at 75 grams and without at 45 grams, its no problem during the day. But if you do some workouts its a little awkward having such a heavy watch on your wrist now, overall, this watch is available in three different colors. Now you can even either get this one in this moonlight silver. You can get it in midnight black or the cobot limited edition. As for some more specs, the oneplus watch is water resistant up to 5 atm. It has a speaker and a mic, so you can talk to your buds right on your watch and you have bit in gps by do glonass and all that stuff. So the phone feature really comes in handy every once in a while. Once you receive a call, you can answer or decline it on your watch and then either talk on your watch or switch the car back to your smartphone and talk over there. The bidding gps seems to be working all right. If you open up one of the eu gps workouts, you unfortunately cannot zoom in, but by the look of it from afar. It looks pretty decent now talking about the gps workouts. Overall, you have about 110 different workout modes to choose from and on each. You can set different goals for the distance duration or burn calories. By the way, you also have all of the basic sport mods covered with that watch, so you have running and walking, but you also have some winter water sports golf chest exercise and some freaky stuff like archery now operating on this watch is very easy.

Swiping left right up and down quickly takes you to your other tiles, to your notification center or to your quick panel every time im using this watch. I never had any problems with lagging or such things when im trying to open up apps or swiping, left and right. Just one thing that i have to mention is that it may take a minute or two until the watch finds a gps signal for your workout mode. Now, by long present on either the home screen or your different tiles, you can either change the watch, face or add new tiles to your rotation. You might not have a big variety of different watch faces, but the ones we get are probably enough for most of us. You can even customize a view and change the display data or the features like your phone feature, spo2 level or the stopwatch its pretty much up to you. So more minor things that you get with this watch is a music player and 4 gigabytes of internal storage. Even though half of it is occupied by some system relative stuff, so transferring music from your phone to your watch shouldnt be a problem, even though its a little annoying that you cannot download in music apps such as spotify or deezer, and download music tracks directly from This app, you have a navigation app as well, so you can see the direction right on your watch. You just have to start a route on google maps and thats it.

You also have lots of standard stuff like a stopwatch timer alarm, a rather bright flashlight, a weather, app that shows you, the weather forecast for the next couple of days and a remote camera shutter. So you just have to tap on the screen of your watch and your smartphone takes a picture. The sleep tracking might be a feature that a lot of you are interested in now. First of all, i have to tell you, since that we have a rather big smart watch with 46 millimeters, its a little uncomfortable at first to sleep with it, but you really get used to it very quickly up to the point where you really dont feel it Anymore now, as for the stats that being tracked, it can easily compete with the light of an apple watch. It tracks your light in d, sleep as well as your time awake. If you happen to wake up during the night, you also have a bunch of extra stress that being tracked, like youre breathing and how long youve been in each sleep stage and as well as you can look at your stats from last week, month or year to See if your sleep behavior has changed all right, one of the most important and probably most arcade features on any smartwatch is the battery life. Now i had this watch on my bridge for the last 10 days and i still have 25 left of battery life and i did had all of that have features running 24 7, like my stress and my heart rate, so for all of you out there whos.

Looking for a smartwatch that you basically never have to charge, the oneplus watch might be worth a second look and charging it only for 20 minutes gives you enough battery life for a whole seven days. Of course, it always depends on how you use your watch. So, if youre doing, for example, workouts every day with the gps turned on for hours, you of course have a little bit less battery life. So what do i think about the oneplus watch? So since this one was the very first smartwatch that was created by oneplus? I really have to give it a thumbs up. I never had any problems using it. I mean there was one or two problems over the time. So, for example, i couldnt reconnect the watch to my health app, but that was fixed very quickly now, if youre looking for a smartwatch with nfc payment and stuff like that, the oneplus one definitely is not a watch for you, but if youre looking for a very Nice, looking smartwatch with a lot of fitness features a very good battery life. The oneplus watch might be worth a second look, especially if you look at the price, since this one costs over here in germany, 160 euros and a smartwatch with this many features compared to other smartwatches makes it a very good deal and folks thats already it.