We will talk about the one plus first ever smartwatch and its release date, price news and, of course, its features. The oneplus watch has now been unveiled alongside the oneplus 9 and oneplus 9 pro, and while an exact release date for the smartwatch has not yet been made clear, we have heard of variety of details about the variable. It is a new smartwatch from the company that doesn’t run on vr os and it instead uses a separate operating system. The oneplus watch was announced on stage at the oneplus 9 launch event on march 23rd and it goes on sale in the us on april 14 and in the uk on april 26th. The oneplus watch will retail at 159 at launch, while the oneplus watch is confirmed to be coming to the us and the uk, and there is no news on australia. Australia does not often get one plus products, for example the oneplus 9 and oneplus 9 pro won’t. Be on sale there, so we are not confident that you will be able to buy this variable in the country. It is worth noting that the oneplus watch is cheaper than the recent oppo watch, which is around 300 we’ve mentioned this, because oneplus and oppo have the same parent company and their phones often have things in common. If we talk about the design and display of this watch, the oneplus watch is a circular smartwatch made of stainless steel that avoids the spherical style used by fitbit, apple and oppo.

The bands are made up of breathable and robust substrates called fluoroelastomer. The smartwatch has two crowns, one of which is for the app menu and the other probably brings up another shortcut. The watch case itself is 46.4 into 46.4 into 10.9 mm, making the oneplus watch fairly sizable compared to its competition, including the strap it weights 76 gram. As well as the two main colors available for the oneplus watch, moonlight silver and midnight black, there is also a limited edition version of the watch made of cobalt with wagon leather straps and a supplied glass screen. But it is not clear what the availability on this model is like just yet for both versions. The watch is ip68 protected against dust and water and is also 5 atm waterproof, which means it should survive submersion of up to 50 meters for 10 minutes. Without breaking that should make this the perfect companion for swimming in terms of display. The oneplus watch has a 1.’ inch ammo led screen with 326 pixels per inch that should make for a bright screen where individual pixel should be much less noticeable than one some variables through its broadly in line with most rivals here. The oneplus watch features 50 watch face design to choose from with the possibility that the company could release more down the line. There is also sport for using photos, as your watch face with the colors of on screen numbers and text alerting to best fit for the picture.

The oneplus watch comes with over 110 fitness workouts built in, and the sports on offer here include running swimming dancing, parker and much more, so users will have a huge range of mods to choose from the oneplus watch can also auto detect some workouts. So if you start running or jogging, the watch will automatically start tracking it and if you stop, the watch will pause the tracking. We have seen this feature in other watches and it can often be temperamental. So we will have to see how well it works there. Apparently, this mod only works for running or working based activities, as well as the fitness mods. There is also sleep tracking, as well as some other tracking features like a hard red monitor built in gps, blood oxygen scanning and more. The oneplus 4 can also remind you to take quick breaks if you are working long hours with a feature to remind you to stand up and stretch or take quick breathing exercises, you will also be able to take calls hand free from watch a feature, not all Smartwatches have to enable this. Oneplus watch also has a speaker microphone and bluetooth 5.0. It can be paired with a phone running android, 6.0 or above but doesn’t work with ios. The oneplus watch can last for up to two weeks on a single charge of its 402 mah battery and up to 5 days when using sleep, load, oxygen monitoring or for up to 25 hours of continuous exercise with gps.

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