Ah jimmy pass the first ever smart watch by oneplus. Yes, i have the oneplus smartwatch and without further ado, let’s start the video first of all, we’ll start with the design and display of the oneplus smartwatch let’s have a look let’s start with the design and display one plus watchmaker, technically 1.’ inch hd amoled, 2.5 d. Glass touchscreen circular display it has a stainless steel case and it measures 46 mm in size, joe might be too big. For some people, steel cases watch looks sturdy and premium. All the weight do have 45 grams without the straps unique. Despite pulling it super tight display. Paragraph science it’s bright and has good colors texts are super clear and sharp brightness. Absolutely it just kind of five point: brightness auto bright copy option, long pressing you can switch the watch on or shut down it or reboot. It now let’s look at how to use the smart watch. What are the apps that are given features? Now the oneplus watch won’t run on the vr os platform by google bulky hamper one plus a custom software connect connected. You need one plus health app from google play store. Ios users can’t access this app. So, basically, if android users watch and of course you can also change the watch faces, which was super efficient, here’s, a look, you can also put your photo from gallery as your watch face now. Let’S talk about the functions and features to swipe down, so you get to access, dnd mode, brightness, fine phone, alarm, torch and settings now, but further you get options like bluetooth, headset display, brightness, sound and vibration, dnd function, key password, etc.

Swipe up notifications, they buying a swipe left, say: music, heart rate or sleep data can be seen now. Let’S come to the buttons, the top button, so you get to access the app list. I have workout modes for other workout record and oh, you can take a quick fitness test, be heartbreak measure success. Now next is the blood oxygen level. One is sleep after sleep is, the stress measurement is keyboard, breathing exercise features. Next, one is the phone also. You can pick phones from the watch. Only music phone just features update now let’s talk about the workout mode. You can smartwatch the workout mode. Outdoor running indoor running fat burn, run outdoor cycling, swimming badminton cricket, yoga freestyle. Well, you can take it for a swim and ip68 rated dust and water resistant heavy watch. It has a 5 atm rating. Just like i mean that there’s a phone feature envelope calls pick there so that’s a good thing, but there’s no network capability to your headset. Last but not least, the oneplus watch, like the display and the minimalistic design text was super clear and it did not face any lags. Also battery came out moving. You will be impressed because super quick charge, but no always on display or third party app support or watch faces, just features. So let me know your thoughts so guys this was all about the oneplus smartwatch casella graphisty features. Do you think it’s worth the money? Do let me know all of it in the comment section below or i got a video of a person right then do like it share and subscribe to our channel it’s a very simple drill, and you know it till then.