This is normal here and in this video we’re gon na do a review of the new oneplus watch. So oneplus has launched his first smart watch in india as well uh. It was also announced globally, along with the oneplus 9 series. Now this smartwatch is priced 1499 in india, that’s 15, 000 rupees, and this comes with a proprietary uh os it’s, not an android wear watch and this has a lot of features. So how good is the watch and what all features it offers? How is the fitness tracking all those things so we’ll be talking about in this video so before getting into the detailed review uh? If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so let’s go into the watch. So first let’s have a look at the design and build quality. Now, if you look at the design aspect of the oneplus watch, it’s a kind of minimalistic design, it’s a standard design, what you see on the regular watches as well, you get a large 1.4 inches display it’s, a 46 mm watch, dial actually and it’s made of Stainless steel – and you can see that this straps are made – are fluoro elastomer and actually feels quite good. The thickness is quite okay and the build quality again looks pretty premium as such, and you can also change the watch straps available here.

So you can change it. You can easily remove this and change it well. What we felt about the strap the one provided uh with the box is kind of slightly on the uh bigger side, so it might not be a tight fit for people with a smaller hands. Otherwise the quality looks good. You can see a pattern on the uh, the strap which uh feels good and even uh the mechanism and the fit and finish looks quite good, so that’s uh the design and uh design aspect. Now this has a 1.4 inches circular display and it is kind of minimal and classy. You can see the stainless steel. There are two colors available uh, we have the moonlight silver variant. There is also moonlight black variant now. The back panel again has the sensors and the charging port and it feels a classy watch, but it’s not a standout design actually, but it feels quite good and the build quality is good and you can also see there are two buttons available uh. This is the button for uh the app store, or rather the app drawer. It has a one plus branding here, and this is the second button which can be used as a shortcut button which can be configured so those are the two buttons and overall, the design and build quality feels quite good. Now we would have liked the 42 mm watch it’s slightly on the bigger side, the overall dial and the watch strap it’s, not for very small hands uh.

We would i really liked a 42 mm also on this watch now that’s the design and build quality. So next let’s talk about the display, so it has a 1.4 inches amoled display it’s one of the really good aspects about the device. You can see. It’S a curved display towards the edges, it’s a slightly curved display and the touch response feels very, very smooth. It’S, a really smooth and responsive touch, touch display and you get an amoled display, as i said before, and the quality of the display. The viewing angles are excellent and the touch response and the overall colors are really good and it’s a bright and vivid display, and even the brightness levels. Outdoor is good because you do get automatic brightness sensor so again, display quality, looks really good on the oneplus watch. Now next let’s talk about the features offered the software features, so this uh uh. This is the main dial you can change. The watch faces we’ll talk about that in a while. Now, if you swipe from the top, you get the do not disturb mode auto brightness, then the settings uh alarms and you can see that the flashlight is also included. Then, if you go to settings uh, we have some options here so function key. You can set the function key, you can set the password the where options and all those things can be said here now. If you swipe from the left, no options.

Are there sorry from the bottom, the notifications, and so i from the right you can see that you can. You can have the music control heart rate and stress sleep data, so these are the options available. Now, if you press the app drawer, you can see that this is the app drawer, so you get the activity. So this summarizes the activities uh all the data for your activity daily activities, the energy used, the workout, the steps everything is measured here then you get the workout modes, outdoor running indoor, running fat burn, so few options are there. Oneplus has mentioned that they will be adding more uh workout modes uh in the coming days. With an ota update, then quick, fitness stress, heart rate, monitoring, blood oxygen levels, sleep stress, breathing, then you have the phone option. This is quite good because you can add contacts via the app and you can actually make a call here. So if you see here, you can see that there is an option to call contacts. Uh recent calls and dial pad is there you can dial the number. You can add contacts from here uh. In fact, you can add contacts from the app on the android uh phone and you can dial uh phones. I mean dial numbers from here. There is music control, weather alarm, clock, stop watch, timer, flashlight barometer compass. These are functionalities, are pretty useful for mountaineers and tv connect and settings and also find my phone functionalities there.

So this button can be configured so if right now, it’s configured for uh, the spo2 measurement blood oxygen measurement that can be configured by you from the settings. So these are the options. Now talking about the fitness tracking uh, we tried uh the fitness tracking with uh. This uh watch and we found that uh the steps taken is more or less accurate. We can’t say: it’s 100 accuracy, obviously smart watches won’t be 100 accurate, but comparing to android wear and few other watches, we found the accuracy level to be like 90 to 95 percentage, not really accurate but manageable in terms of accuracy levels and then the gps functionality. Again was quite okay: we didn’t see major issue here, but steps tracking at times uh we were. We found that it was kind of over uh, counting the steps, not very accurate that’s, the only issue we had but uh after the first uh ot update. It was again more accurate, so probably one plus is fixing these issues in the coming days, with ota updates, so that’s the fitness tracking. Now talking about the notification, so you get all the notifications here now you also get the vibration alert. Now you can control the notifications from the app now. The notifications are not grouped actually it’s, not segregated uh it actually. Uh is like mixed, so it’s, not a very useful notification functionality, but still manageable. Now next let’s talk about the app we have installed it on our android phone.

Now, one more thing, one important thing actually uh this device does not support, or rather the watch does not support ios as of now. So if you have an iphone better, not to pick this because you don’t have support for iphones here, so this is the app so let’s just talk about the app. So you can see that this is the app provided by oneplus. Now this app has all the steps here you can see steps taken heart rate spo to all the details which are synced from the watch is available here then we have the fitness uh and the manage watch option. So here we have some uh watch faces. So again, watch faces are kind of limited uh, initially those very few, but the reason the auto update actually added a lot of additional options, but still it’s, not a very uh uh. I mean kind of uh really useful watch faces like the amaze fit watches, but these watch faces are not really as good as the one offered by amazekid but still uh. They do offer some decent options. So these are the watch faces available. Then you can see that other options include uh just going back. You can see notifications and then remind this uh device setting. You can add contacts music playback. There is also two gigabytes of storage included, but then again thinking that it’s not a very easy thing. So we didn’t use that functionality, but you can just do music in the watch as well.

Now there is no other app support, only the ones which are available. You can’t have a additional app support but, as i said before, you can add contacts from the uh. The watch i mean rather the app you can see here, add contacts, you can select your contact and it will be automatically synced onto the watch. So if you want to dial a particular contact, you can do that so that’s, the uh functionalities. So now let’s wear the watch and uh show you how it looks so so right now i’m wearing at the topmost option, and you can still see that it’s a bit uh it’s, not that tight for me. So you can see it’s, not a very tight one. So that’s why i said that the strap is a bit too long. There should have been some additional holes here, so that’s the one thing so, while measuring heart rate, it might have an impact so now let’s measure the heart rate uh here. So there you go heart rate measuring, so there you go heart rate is heart rate, is again a pretty good and the measurement is good. We have compared it with other watches uh, especially the android wear watch or the oppo watch. We had and also amazed with watches it’s quite accurate here and the blood oxygen level very important thing in the criteria. So you can see it also measures the blood oxygen level here it does take a bit of time to measure, but still you need to be stationary while measuring it.

So you can see here. Uh blood oxygen level is 98 percentage, which is again pretty good. So these are the options now talking about the battery life, for this watch is claimed to have a battery life of 14 days that’s two weeks in our usage, we got around eight to nine days of battery life and if you are a user with a lot Of workout modes, then probably five to six days, which is again really really good, because most of smart watches have this issue with the battery. Here you get uh almost a week of battery life, even with a higher usage. But if you are a casual user, you can extend it up to like nine to ten days, which is again really good, so that was the one plus watch and this watch is priced 14 triple line so for this pricing. Is it really a worthy watch? That’S? The question many of you might be having so first thing: uh the design and build quality is pretty good. In fact, the design is kind of minimalistic, we wouldn’t say it’s a really standout design, but it’s a traditional design and the build quality is really good and the display again it’s an amoled display very good display, uh excellent colors, good viewing angles, and the touch response Feels very smooth it’s, slightly curved display so overall in terms of display aspect also, it shines. Additional functionalities include option to dial numbers and uh make calls from this that’s, something which is lacking in most of the non android wear smart watches, so that functionality is there and then you get a really good battery life.

But then uh. If you look at the cons uh, the measurement of the steps were not very accurate. We would say uh not bad, though, but still not accurate for a 15 000 watts. Then we would say limited app support and then also it’s a kind of expensive watch. Considering that i miss with what you surprised, almost like 10k or lesser than that, but then again design changes, but if you’re looking for a good battery life with a great build and also decent functionalities, uh the oneplus watch isn’t a bad option at 149. But then, if you want more functionality and more flexibility, we would suggest you to go with android way watch which is available from oppo at 20, 000 rupees. But again you have to compromise on the battery, so you have to make a call on whether you want battery life then go with the oneplus watch or if you want more functionalities, then go with the android way watch. So that is the detailed review of the oneplus watch. Hope you enjoyed watching this video do hit that like button and also hit that subscribe button for more videos, thanks for watching hope to see. Now.