This watch has an amoled display, spo2 tracking, but it does not run virus, something that we were expecting it to run now, since its launch. It has got multiple software updates as well, which has led to significant changes in the usage experience. So is this better than the competition in the market and at fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine rupees? Is this the watch to buy hello? Everyone i’m addition you’re watching gadgets 360, and this is the full review of the oneplus watch. Let’S begin Music. First let’s talk about what catches the eye the oneplus watch. Dial is made of stainless steel. The case looks and feels premium and is available in two color finishes: midnight black and moonlight silver. The oneplus watch sports a 1.’ inch amoled display and has thin bezels that were hard to spot. On my midnight black unit, you get 2.5 d, curved glass and the overall design looks clean. There are two buttons on the right side to help you navigate through the interface. The watch has a bunch of sensors on the underside, which is made of plastic. The charging contact pins are also here. There is the speaker port on the left side and a microphone hole to the right. The case lugs extend outward and are compatible with all standard 22 mm straps. I wore the watch for over two weeks and never experienced skin irritation. These straps have a pin and tuck design, just like the apple watch, which i found to be convenient and reassuring.

The oneplus watch only comes in a single 46mm dial size which might look big on some risk. If you have small hands, the boundless watch is ip68 rated for dust and water resistance, and the company says it can also handle up to 5 atm of pressure. I inadvertently knocked the watch on a couple of door frames while using it, but thankfully there are no scratches on the device. If you want a better build quality, then the oneplus watch, cobalt, limited edition is something that you can look for. More details on the oneplus watch runs a custom, real time operating system rtos and not wear os. Interestingly, it has three discrete processors: each assigned a different function. These are in charge of driving the display, low power usage and communications respectively. The oneplus watch has an accelerometer ambient light sensor, gyroscope geomagnetic sensor barometer, blood, oxygen sensor and heart rate sensor. There is support for bluetooth, 5 nfc and 4 satellite navigation systems as well. You get 4gb of storage out of which about 2gb is available to use, so you can store a few audio tracks on the oneplus watch for offline listening pairing. The watch with bluetooth headphones is possible, so you can leave your smartphone behind when heading out for a run, you can pair the oneplus watch with an android smartphone running android 6 and above, however, there’s no support for iphones. Yet the oneplus health app is required to set the smartwatch up.

You can use the oneplus health app to change, watch, faces, download new ones and keep track of your fitness data. Sleep tracking data is visible on the app. You can also see a breakdown for deep sleep, light sleep and awake durations, as well as information about the ideal duration for each sleeping phase. The oneplus watch has a very simple ui, which makes navigating easy. You also have the option to create your own custom watch. Face using your photos, this app is needed to transfer songs from your smartwatch to the oneplus watch as well. Swipe up from the watch face shows pending notifications and a swipe down. Lets you access, quick toggles. Reading notifications is easy, but you can only reply using predefined, quick reply templates, which isn’t ideal. The oneplus watch has an ambient light sensor that can adjust screen brightness automatically and there is an always on display option Music. I found the oneplus watch to be aggressive with power. Saving the screen would go off quickly after i was done glancing at it. The auto brightness adjustment was also aggressive and the default brightness is a bit low. You do have the option to increase it, which i did. I tested the watch for close to a month to see how it performs to check the accuracy of the heart rate sensor. I compared its readings against those of an apple watch. Se, i found the heart rate readings to be almost the same on both devices.

Most of the time, however, heart rate tracking accuracy was inconsistent, while working out to test step tracking accuracy. I counted thousand steps as i walked, but the oneplus watch under reported this as 930 steps. I also wore the oneplus watch, along with the apple watch, se to track my activity for the entire day. The apple watch measured 2056 steps, while the oneplus watch measured 1532 steps. On the same day for spo2 monitoring, i tested the oneplus watch against a samsung galaxy s10 plus and got the same readings. I usually got spo to readings between 96 percent to 98, which is within the right range for unhealthy individual battery life on the oneplus watch was good and it lasted me about 12 days on a single charge. Your experience will depend on a few factors such as notifications, fitness tracking and display brightness battery life will also vary if you track spo2 levels and heart rate, quite often with the always on display enabled on the oneplus watch. Battery life was slashed in half for just about the same use. The oneplus watch got to 20 in just five minutes, which should be enough for a full day. Even with my kind of usage, the watch got to 55 in 20 minutes and charging the 402 milliamp hour battery completely to 53 minutes. Thanks to fast charging and good battery life, you won’t really have to worry about running out of juice on the oneplus watch. Despite being a highly anticipated product, the oneplus watch turned out to be anticlimactic.

No wear os and limited functionality means that it’s more of a smart notifier than a smart watch, step tracking and heart rate tracking during workouts were also inconsistent. Now, what works in favor of the oneplus watch is good battery life, accurate sleep tracking and sbo2 tracking, well, that’s about it. So if you are looking for a smartwatch with fitness features, then the amaze fit gtr 2e can be a good alternative, it’s also priced lower than the oneplus watch. But if you are looking for a smartwatch that runs google’s wear os, then the oppo watch 46mm is something that is better than the oneplus watch. So that was my full review of the oneplus watch. What do you think about it? Do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things, tech stay tuned together, 360.