We’Re gon na be giving away 30. three zero of these smart watches, so click the subscribe button down below so you don’t miss that giveaway it’s coming up very soon. Oh all, right so little blood oxygen. 20 minute charge weeks worth of power that’s. Why look what this watch can do to me? I’M gon na be jumping over people. They call that parkour. So that’s called oh, my god. It actually has parkour mode that’s what it just said. Of course you can swim. It’S got the ip rating as well. How about that for a watch face ip68 14 days battery life, that’s ambitious, i’ll, take a week all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right all right! Today we are doing an unboxing of this device and i’m going to showcase kind of what it looks like try it on see what it’s about it is oneplus. First, entry into this particular segment they’ve been doing smartphones for a very long time. Today we have the smartwatch, the oneplus watch. What does it say on the package i have midnight black looks like it comes in a silver and a gold as well based on this commercial over here all right. Look at this no knife necessary, or will it be necessary? No, no knife necessary, very nice, so i’ve unboxed many oneplus devices and this box is reminiscent. It is the one plus red with the soft touch material, very slender, all right.

The band is somewhat familiar. It’S, like this silicone style of band, very soft touch in black and the way the clasp works, as you can see through here and then through the loop. This is like, i said, going to be familiar for a lot of people, but you can see it also has a quick release on it. So you could interchange this band go with a different style. I see that they are going to offer a leather style. If you want the more executive appeal, this controls your app list and main dial, and this is your function, key power key below there. I also notice that this top button has one plus written on it, and you can feel it via the texture because it’s so small. I think that that just serves to tell you the difference between the buttons, even when you can’t see them just based on feel alone. So let me remove this little cover here, fairly big display circular display, which is somewhat unique, surprisingly unique in the smartwatch space you’ve. Seen a lot of adoption of the squarish rectangle look, but how about the traditional circular watch face, which i’ve always been a fan of? Of course we have a variety of sensors on the back. You saw one of the features they were touting was the blood oxygen during sleep. This is a more advanced uh tracking than what all smart watches do so it’s kind of nice to see that in there as well.

All right, let me put that down just for a moment: whoa look how slender the paperwork is. So this is just quick start stuff and it’s got like a billion folds in it. This has to be the charger. Oh wow that’s really light. I thought it was just going to be a cable based on how light it was. I believe that the watch will link up to this magnetically usb type a to magnetic connection over here. So this will just sit on the table like this. Oh, very easy: nice. Nice, nice satisfying cool now one thing i kind of like here they went with a fairly substantial watch face from a scale perspective. I have fat wrists. I’Ve talked about this in the past and some watches. Some smart watches tend to look a little bit dainty on this wrist. This is not the case here. That is a piece of machinery and i’ve been i’ve, been looking for something kind of like that. Then you just push this portion through super easy to get on, plus, with this band it’s going to be a little bit more resistant to things like sweat. This is usually the choice for the fitness types and that’s kind of what the fit looks like on my wrist, like i said, fairly large wrist, so i don’t think guys are going to have to worry about the device looking too small on their wrist. This one definitely makes a statement, so we can’t give you the full rundown of the watching this video.

This is strictly an unboxing. There will be a follow up video, as mentioned at the beginning of this video that goes into more depth, but for now i can break down the specifications for you to give you a better idea of what to expect with the watch. As mentioned earlier, it’s gon na come in a few different colors. What you’re looking at here is the midnight black it’s, also available in moonlight silver and the cobalt is actually a limited edition. You caught a shot of that at the very beginning. It was also in their commercial. The display is amoled 1.’ inches with a resolution of 454 by 454. The actual main area of the watch is constructed in 316l stainless steel, except for the cobalt model which, if you caught the live stream presentation of this device, you started talking about how rare the cobalt material is well. That’S, a cobalt alloy it’s going to be exclusive to the limited edition, the strap, the material they’re, calling it a fluoroelastomer strap. Except again, if you get the cobalt limited edition which is going to have a butterfly buckle on a leather strap, and they will still include the other strap with that one now, the straps are interchangeable, as i mentioned previously, it’s a tiny little switch in order to Pull that out and then you can well, i mean you could put any watch, strap that you want on there that’s kind of the beauty of it.

Now, as far as the body i mentioned, it was beefy the actual specification. There is 46 millimeters, which is a popular watch, size and that’s. What they chose to go with over here as far as the weight goes, you’re looking at 45 grams without the strap and 76 grams with the strap sensors inside include an accelerometer gyroscope geomagnetic sensor. There is, of course, an optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, which is a bit of a bonus in this segment there’s an ambient light sensor, air pressure sensor and a capacitance sensor, of course, there’s gps in there as well bluetooth 5.0. The battery size is 402 milliamp hours and that is supposedly capable of giving you up to 14 days of battery life under typical use. Now, obviously, this is going to vary from user to user, but they’re saying in a typical scenario. You could expect something like that: five days of sleep, blood, oxygen monitoring or 25 hours of continuous exercise with gps activated, the water resistance is 5 atm and ip68. So you’re not going to have to be too concerned about getting water on this thing, all right, so that wraps up this unboxing video and as mentioned at the beginning, i have a 30x oneplus watch giveaway coming up.