We got some feedback on this baby right here that one plus watch um. This is going to be our 48 hour review and i honestly think in this small amount of time frame shockingly due to the limitations of this watch. We got a good idea of exactly what all those prior reviewers were talking about, and some real world case data from it. Definitely some pros and cons one is going to outweigh the other let’s go ahead and jump right into it. Music, alright, so let’s just go ahead and jump right into the limitations, and they start as soon as you turn it on. So, as you saw, there was no always on display. The max amount of time you can actually have for this display to stay active is eight minutes. It’S, not bad. The instant wrist gesture movement when you flip your wrist to turn on, does work pretty well. I had a couple of misses, but nothing substantial at all. Beyond that everything you see here, because this is a custom – os is the extent of every option offered here. So there is no third party, apps there’s new google play store on here. What you see is what you get so, unless oneplus pushes out another update with new activities like they’re supposed to or new apps, this is it and it is very minimal. There is a oneplus tv control app. This is that tv connect that unless you have a oneplus tv, you can’t even use and i’m willing to bet that is a very small portion of those using it.

One other massive call out – and i see this is a huge missed opportunity, especially for people in the us and stuff like that – is the lack of a 12 hour clock. So what i mean by that clearly it is 12 23 now here, but if this was to roll over to 1 p.m, it’s going to go off of a 24 hour clock. So any digital watch face that you list is going to be in 24 hour format. So 1 pm is 13, 2 is 1400 hours, etc, not bad if you’re, a military personnel or something that somebody that really likes that time frame. But for this definitely seems like a missed opportunity, because i would think oneplus is really trying to push west and into the united states and all that and to have that lack of a customized feature is mind. Blowing, i don’t understand how they neglected to leave that off of this. It seems like such a basic function, now kind of like what you just saw that notification that popped up there is no way to simply just swipe it off. You actually have to click into it and then swipe it away. It gets very annoying having to double click, to do a simple gesture. Aside from that, i do want to go ahead and give a plus to this, and that is that battery life that’s being praised across every reviewer right now. You can see we have never charged this.

It has been off the charger in use for two days now and still has that 75 percent battery. That is amazing, very, very well done on that behalf oneplus, but that’s where another positive ends, this heart rate sensor and the blood oxygen level reader, i don’t think, is very precise. I have some other fitness trackers and i also have you know: an apple watch, a galaxy fit a galaxy watch active the original and the actual new galaxy watch. Three and this didn’t come close to any of those i’m, not sure if it’s the operating system that just needs tweaks or, if it’s, the hardware based but in its current form. Unless you want the basic basic basic of a basically fitness tracker, it is so hard to recommend this. That display looks phenomenal. The display type being amoled gives it bright and vibrant colors. You have some decent watch faces that come. You know pre established on here, but again, if you’re in the us – and you can see my recent ones that i’ve been using, you cannot use any sort of watch face with a digital display. It’S got to be analog, missed opportunity, but that’s huge for me. Personally. I don’t reflect a lot on military time, just because everything we do personally is based off of the 12 hour time frame and to have to pause for that extra second to figure out what time it is just a little bit of a a nuisance to me.

So i’m not sure, so those are my quick thoughts after a weekend with the oneplus watch. I i definitely think there’s some opportunities here. I think the hardware is phenomenal. I think it – and this is gon na sound crazy to say, but i think this is more of a rush product than it should have been. Oneplus was in talks to have this in development for a long time now, and for the software to have been released. As unfinished as it is, is ridiculous and i don’t understand how that really happened. I think that if they waited a little bit and just stuck to their guns, really critiqued and tweaked their um, their home grown operating system here that they’re using on the watch. I think it would have been a huge improvement. It says a lot that i’m going to go back from this watch to a wear os watch just because of the limitations that that has especially with battery life but the the handoff and the trade offs that you’re getting from a wear os device to this oneplus Watch is just not what i’m willing to do right now as great as that hardware is, software has to come a long way and you buy a product today for what it does not the promise of what it does down the road. So thanks for watching guys, let me know in the comments down below. Is this something you’re going to pick up one plus sold out of them still they blew through their initial inventory in the first like 15 minutes it was offered, but let me know if it comes up available again.