This osw 16 smartwatch comes in a green and black bus with a pictorial representation of what you have to expect. This smartwatch considered coughed display anonymous claims. It has the slim design, which you are going to check out soon. It consists one year one and two, which is pretty good and right on the back of this package are the main specification listed. There are ips color storage screen, bluetooth, 5.0 for connectivity, music, contour, 1320 mode, 9.5, millimeter, slim body, calorie counter activity and sleep monitor, etc. More of everything later in this video, there are more specifications at the back of this package. The picture of superpower m7 is signature to really enjoy all these features. You need to download the remote driver 2 app. It is available on both android and ios without wasting much time, let’s just open the box and see what this watch has to offer Music upon opening the box. We are greeted with the watch itself. Underneath is a little part that assists the user manual, which no one is by dewey and a unique charging code, and that is pretty much everything we have in the box. The watch is here is a very good looking watching, respectively. The price is details, for it has a very good looking covered screen and tpu straps, which you can pull out to swap by the way, but the ammo doesn’t sell straps. At the moment, the strap has a 3d texture which makes it look so cool.

I really love how this watch looks. The strap has a bunch of bulls, so i’m sure it’s going to serve everybody just right and just like remo claimed it has a slim body. It has only one side button which is used to power it on now to go back to the menu to the back of this watch is somewhere more brand new, its sensor and the charging dock. Each other is not really good at its back and doesn’t fall off. But if you place it, you hungry it repels. So you know you have to change it orientation. The watch looks really good on my wrist and it has an ip68 attack resistant to 18, which means it can be submerged in water to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, although claimed the screen repels oil and fingerprints, which is true to some extent. I go up to my fingers on it regularly and it did a good job and i did the fingerprints it has a 1.69 ips display with cupped edges and machine, which i think is quite big, but it has 80 screen to body ratio. The display is not only so it doesn’t get super bright outdoors, but it’s still usable under direct sunlight and can get super bright indoors. It does different brightness levels, so you can change it to your preference. You can change the watch face by watching the screen for 3 seconds and swiping to choose from the few ones available on the watch or you can choose from the list of the so good looking ones under your remote drywall through up.

This is a very fun thing. I change my wall streets almost every hour. You also have the privilege of using your own picture, as your watch face. On that note, navigating through this watch is quite simple. You swipe right to see an overview of your fitness journey. Steps taken care of is burnt, your heart, getting full sleeping full and the weather swiping down gives access to your control center. Swiping left is real things getting stressed team. You can choose any workout from the 1320 most available. You can also find all four of the previously mentioned features here. You can control your music and see your messages talking about music and messages. You can only use this watch where connected with youtube to pause and play your music skip track. I heard or skip them back. The front of the messages is quite small, which i think is to give space for more test characters. Also, you can apply test, which is another major point for me. You can also access your messages by swiping up and what i have noticed so far. This watch is used to reduce the amount of time you use your phone and not in any way nearly placing your phone just to give you quick preview so that you can decide to pick up your phone or apply your test or just ignore it. The driver told up it was, brings all these pictures together. It is easy to pair with your watch just download it and go to the device.

Tab click add new device and wait for you to find your watch then connect. You can do a lot of stuff on here. Sales workouts set goods for yourself checking to select your congratulatory pop up on your watch when you complete it it’s, also really good to do extra stuff like finding your words track. Your messenger side, query female, put your watch on dng set, alarm, etc. The battery is solid, 3200 milliampere battery research is standby time of 15 days, but if you use it every day to track your sleep with messages, etc, it’s going to get you three days of usage on a single charge with this very unique charging cord. It goes from zero to hundred percent in two hours, though, this watch is for people that are into fitness, because it does that really well among other things, but for you what that cost for ten thousand nine hundred nine, it really did not disappoint me. Thank you for watching subscribe.