It has a cough display, slim design. It looks really good, but does it perform as well as it looks? If I tell you more about this smartwatch let’s unbox, it it’s an ip68 water and dust resistant smartwatch. So if it gets wet, nothing is going to happen to it. It doesn’t feel heavy and at 43 grams your wrist will love it. The oraimo smartwatch comes with a welcome guide on how to upgrade the smartwatch and a charging cable. That is one of the easiest. I have ever used move the charging cable close enough to the charging pin behind the smartwatch and it snaps in place. Thanks to the magnets for the battery capacity, this smartwatch has a 200 milliamps battery, which will give you about 15 days standby time. But for my usage, i got two and a half days with screen on maximum brightness and notifications turned on for the build quality. The orimo smartwatch feels well made with a zinc alloy, build it’s, a slim smartwatch at 9.95 mm. The strap has a diamond design and it’s made from rubber, which is a good thing, because sweat won’t be able to damage or change the color it’s also comfortable and easy to wear, and you can easily swipe it out for something more stylish. If you want now, the way of the smartwatch is where the heart rate sensor and the charging port are located and on the right side, you will find the home button.

The display on the oraimo smartwatch is a 1.69 ips lcd panel with a resolution of 240 by 280 pixels. The screen to body ratio is just about 80 percent colors, look good and it’s bright enough to be used under direct sunlight. What rymo says the display has a nano coating on the surface to resist stains, fingerprints and gems, but looking at it, it doesn’t totally eliminate fingerprint smudges. But i guess it helps reduce it to turn on the smartwatch press, the home button for three seconds, and it should come on once the smartwatch is on to turn on the display. You can tap on the display or you can press the home button or you can just lift your hand now. Looking at my display, i have this colorful clock face if you don’t like it, and you want to change it for something more exciting, tap and hold down the home screen for about three seconds, swipe, left or right to explore the other clock faces and when you Find the one you fancy tap on it. You can also use the joyware 2 app to get more exciting and colorful clock faces and i’ll show you how to go about that in a bit from the home screen. Swiping down shows you shortcuts to enable or disable notifications increase or reduce the brightness of the smartwatch there’s. Also, a shortcut to find your phone and a shortcut to change dial of the smartwatch scrolling down.

You’Ll also find the shortcut to turn off the smartwatch and to do a factory reset now from the home screen. Swiping up shows you your messages. It doesn’t show you the entire message. Just about three lines now from the home screen. Swiping left shows you number of sets: you’ve taken, calories, burnt and distance covered for that particular day. Swipe left again and you will see the heart rate monitor, which automatically monitors and shows you your real time highest lowest and days. Heart rate swipe left, and you will see your sleep duration and finally, swiping left – shows you the weather now back to the home screen. Swiping right shows your different menus and the first on the list is workout. Workout shows you different training modes. There are titan training modes, you can select the training mode. You want to record your exercise data, you know what let’s take a walk and see what kind of data its records okay. So i worked for 11 minutes with an average pace of 95 minutes per mile calories bonds was six and the number of steps i took was 960.. The app also shows you the part i took moving to the details. My maximum heart rate was 146 and i did get an alert telling me to slow down heart rate exceeds warning value. Please adjust speed. Moving to the chart, you can see the speed heart rate and altitude graph. So, as you can see, the data recorded is really comprehensive.

You can also share your workout by hitting the share icon at the top right corner. If you want now to really maximize your usage of the oraimo smartwatch, you need to download the joy ware 2 app i’ll, be showing you how to use the app later in this video. Now the next menu is status and it shows you, the steps, you’ve taken, calories burnt and the distance covered in that particular day. Hr shows your heart rate. Sleep shows your sleep, duration weather shows you, the weather, music controls the default music app on your smartphone. You can play skip and go back to a previous track message. Shows you the messages or notifications from your smartphone under more you have a stopwatch, timer flashlight and find phone with the fine phone feature tap on it and your smartphone will ring, and hopefully you can find it on that install you can change the dial increase or Reduce the brightness of the display, like i said earlier, on, to fully utilize the oremo smartwatch. You need to download the joy wear 2 application. The installation process is actually straightforward and all you have to do is give the app permission. That’S, the important part, the home screen of the app shows you the steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve covered in kilometers and the calorie response. It also shows you your heart rate in real time, and your sleep record moving to the spots tab at the top.

It shows you the different training modes moving to device. You can change the dial. The dial center shows you about 42 dials to choose from tap on the dial. You want and tap on synchronize style to have it transferred to your smartwatch. It takes about a minute to transfer and the closer the smartwatch is to your smartphone, the faster the transfer time. My dial shows you, the dials, you’ve downloaded and custom dial allows you to create your own dial. You can also enable or disable heart rate monitoring smart alarm clock allows you to set an alarm. This is important as you can’t use. The smartwatch to do that. Raise hands to display enables the display of your smartwatch to come on. When you raise your hand now under universal settings, you can use this smartwatch as a remote shutter button to take a picture. Onscreen time allows you to set how long the screen should be on. I put mine on 15 seconds now, if you want your smartwatch to vibrate, when you have an incoming call, you can enable it using call reminder. The same goes for sms to make your smartwatch vibrate. When you receive a text message, you can activate that feature app reminder makes your smartwatch vibrates. When you receive an incoming message. If one of your frequently used app isn’t on this list, you can select more applications, and hopefully it should be there sedentary reminder alerts you when you’ve been seated for too long and it’s time to move around or walk out, the firmware update allows you to update The firmware of the smartwatch and if you want to unpair your smartwatch from your smartphone click on unbind, now moving to the last tab, which is under me, you can set the daily target for steps and the physiological cycle tracks menstrual period for females.

The oraimo smartwatch packs a lot of interesting features, especially when you use it with the joyware 2 application. It looks more than with a curved display, this lightweight and comfortable to wear and use it’s an ip68 device, so whatever the condition it’s going to work using the smartwatch, i got two and a half days of battery life, which is okay. I guess at 14 900 naira this is an affordable smartwatch that i would recommend you get if the features appeal to you so guys we’ve come to the end of this review. Thank you for watching. If you found this video to be useful, hit the like button and subscribe for more content like this, thank you for watching once again, and i will see you guys soon.