, in today’s video we are going to unbox and review pebble face smartwatch. This smartwatch is a full touch, dynamic, color display one with multiple sports mode and with built in oxymeter and heart rate, monitor. You can also detect the sleep monitoring and also bp, monitor is also available, which has a lot of features available in it. So let’s start with the quick features of this smart watches. You can change 100 plus watch faces using the app provided by the pebble space as a fitness band. It has a lot of sports mode like multiple workout mode, calorie burns, step, feedometer and lot and lot of options available. It is a lightweight and stylish one with this phone. This is having full touch control and with the dynamic display and the strap is made up of silicone. So inside the box we are having the watch and it also consists of the magnetic charger. As you can see, it is workout proof, but not fully waterproof, and you can weather forecast with this one. So inside the box we are having the user manuals and the qr code, which is useful for scanning the app in your smartphone. Once you install the app in your phone, you can fully control your smartwatch through your phone. You can on all the notifications and everything you can get incoming call alerts and whatsapp facebook and all other social media notifications check description for its buying option and i’m really very happy after this purchase, because the readings are quite happy from it because it is accurate.

As compared to the other measurement, which is happened like bp monitoring and oxygen monitoring, everything, it works, fine, it is user friendly and it is very light and the touch sensitivity is really very good. So, overall, the product is really amazing because of its hrbp and spo2 features which works really well. I also like the gesture based display, which turns on when you just automatically turns your hand, and the battery is really very good because it is maintaining up to eight to ten days. So it is not at all a problem and the app which comes with this one is really good, which is user friendly too, and overall, i felt very good after this purchase for its price range. It really performs very well as compared to other watches. I recommend this smartwatch for fitness tracking, as well as bp, monitoring and heartbeat, as well as oxygen monitoring other than that for notification and call uh whatsapp facebook. Other notifications, i would prefer other smartwatches, like noise, fit pro etc, because i felt a little bit difficulties while i saw all other reviews of the ones who purchased the items but other than that. The values and the results are very accurate. The most important thing about this one is this is very lightweight and very handy and looks very stylish when you hold it. So this one is a perfect choice for fitness tracking, as well as other monitoring.