i’ve, been using this for a couple weeks now i believe at least a week and so far it’s been pretty decent. Now in the box, you really don’t get a whole lot. You get the smart watch right here and the charger with a really short cable on it and then it just magnetically snaps on there. Just if you’re curious uh, it also comes with an outdated firmware. So you have to upgrade that and that took a while and it had a few errors, but it works now all right so for the build quality um, the strap is actually all right. It’S, not my favorite type of material, it’s kind of like what you’d find on a usb cable, it’s soft though, and then that’s kind of what it looks like here’s, a uh actually that’s to headphones, it’s, just a regular gray. It also has what i believe is an aluminum little piece on here. I don’t know exactly what it’s called, but you know that’s what you stick the strap through and it locks it in place, and then it also has a little tab inside of this to kind of hold it in place on the excess strap just like so uh. It also the watch is ip67 uh water resistance rated. So i think that’s three feet for 30 minutes under clean water. I’Ve only put this in clean water as i really want to trust it in say, pool water, but i don’t know for certain um, if that’s, okay or not, but uh, i won’t rely on the water resistance, also on the back uh.

Besides the two charging ports, you also have the heart rate monitor on the side there’s the one button which will turn it on and bring you back slash home and then nothing on the other side, the strap releases. I apologize for the bad video here, but the strap releases with that little metal piece in there kind of fold that up and pull it back to you it’s kind of difficult. I don’t know if there’s any there like that, if there’s replacement, straps or not, if that’s, what it’s called a wristband, i guess – maybe i don’t know i guess i don’t really care um. This one’s, alright it’s, not bad i’m, not gon na get this back in, but uh. I suppose it’s time to look at the os, which is infinity time 1.0, which is what’s on here and i’m, going to take a quick look at the os here, um right here on the main page. This is just the uh the time, and it also gives you the date and if you have the heart rate monitor on after a minute, it will tell you actually it’s, probably like 20 seconds and then also the step counter. I don’t know how that resets, but i haven’t worn the watch today so there’s that if you slide down you got some apps, you got the directions here: navigation. I don’t know how that works because i’ve never used it. I just press this button on the side to go back.

There’S music. If i was connected for something this does work for skipping the track and pausing and playing there is the stopwatch. It needs a timer on it. That would be really helpful, but it’s just stopwatch. That’S all right uh, i guess that’s the step counter. I don’t really know how that works, and then the heart rate monitor um, and if i start it, what you’ll see is it’s actually a green light that comes out so it’s kind of interesting. You also have a paint program. Oh, i opened up home, oh well, whatever um there’s this game, i don’t this is really hard to do when i’m, not looking at the screen anyway, i know it’s that game, whatever it’s actually called, and then the drawing program right back on the home screen whoops. If you slide this way, you’ll have the settings there’s the brightness, low, medium high there’s, a flashlight option, it’s, actually, surprisingly useful. I was using it the other day that turns on and off the vibe uh vibration, as there’s no speaker on this that i know of and then there’s the settings under display that’s how long it takes to timeout. I have it set at 15 seconds: oops uh wake up that’s how it wakes up. I have it when i move my wrist. It should turn on time. Format 12 and 24 hour watch face there’s, also the analog, which i will show that no, i guess that didn’t set okay, sometimes things don’t work perfectly on here: okay, that’s selected, there we go um, although you lose the step counter on here, and i think the Month as well, if i’m not mistaken, so it’s kind of interesting, but i don’t like it just my preference come on go back up there.

We go all right down here. The battery information um, i hit validation, the firmware the battery information says 62 percent. This lasts about four days for me: three four days: um, sometimes it’s connected to the phone. Sometimes it isn’t. It has trouble with that and i think it’s the app on the phone uh. You can see it’s build 1.0 uh and i’m just actually going to leave that here that there’s going to be bluetooth, information which i don’t know if i want to show so there’s pretty much all there is with the software. I think you can make your own apps for it, but i don’t know how to as i’m, not a developer um but uh yeah it’s a pretty solid watch, all right so uh. Also i figured i would show how the notifications are handled. I have my pine phone here with uh manjaro kde and then the emma’s fish software. I don’t know what it’s called actually um. So i’ll do a test notification. You can hear the vibration motor and then kind of read it, and then the notifications are just up top. I changed the contrast there uh so right there emma’s fish, ms fish, i don’t, know um and do a test call, although this for me does not seem to work it’s supposed to you’re supposed to be able to hang up an answer, but nothing happens. Um but yeah just vibrates, i don’t know if you can hear that set it back down.

Maybe you can so there’s that but uh connecting it to your phone doesn’t really do a whole lot. Uh, although i guess you’ll see if someone’s calling you and who it is and if someone’s texted you and who it is and what they sent but um, i think that’s pretty much it for the watch. Um it’s, uh, 25 bucks, i guess – 35 after shipping. Maybe i think it’s about 35. If you get a shipped, if you order it with something else like i did. I also got to find power desktop unit thing and a screen replacement for this phone, because the other one got cracked um, then yeah, it’s, it’s, fine, it’s, a cool watch, so yeah not too bad.