I o their annual developer conference and usually we dont see a ton of hardware at events like this, but this one, for whatever reason we got a ton of hardware or at least hardware announcements, so theres kind of three levels of announcements going on here. So, first of all, theres the right around the corner coming up next stuff, thats, two things and theyre going to be going on sale in the next month or so then theres the later this year section. So we did get a bit of a sneak preview at some more fall hardware, some stuff that were actually going to get fully unveiled later this year and then theres the on the horizon section, which is they went ahead and pre announced a piece of 2023 hardware For some reason, but well get to that, but first of all in the next up section pixel, 6a and pixel buds pro. These are both things that we kind of knew were coming, but now were finally getting all the details of these announcements. So for the pixel 6a, it is essentially a slightly smaller, slightly bumped down pixel six and it will retail for 449.. So, honestly, from what we can tell here, the 6a will be very similar to the pixel 6.. You can see the design same, camera bar same glass, same software with all the material you and live captions and speech, recognition and camera features and its powered by the same exact tensor chip from the flagship, pixel, six and six pro.

But you know those phones are going on past six months old now, so you can imagine the price of manufacturing. Some of those parts is starting to go down, but the real main difference between the pixel 6a and the pixel 6, which is 599, is the display and cameras which is really interesting. So for the display it is smaller a little bit. The more premium pixels are both pretty big. This will have a 6.1 inch, 1080p 60 hertz g o led display, which is still big, but its now, the smallest pixel. So then cameras are the other interesting thing. So now google telling us that cameras are one of the areas where they saved cost from the pixel 6 means that yeah, okay, this a is going to have cheaper cameras than the pixel 6, which worried me at first. So it is still a standard and an ultra wide, and you can kind of see a slightly new visual design in the camera bar which ill touch on more in a second, but on the spec sheet it actually tells us it is the sony imx 363 thats, The sensor for the main camera, which is actually the same 12 megapixel sensor that weve seen in some of those older pixels pixel 4 pixel, 3 pixel 2. This is a tried and true older sensor, so cheaper, yes, but also, probably not bad, but other things like materials and battery appear to be about the same, although do definitely have to test that stuff, i i would suggest getting subscribed to see that review video when It comes out here.

Battery could be an interesting one, because this is the smallest lowest refresh rate display in any pixel, but it still has the same. Tensor chip so well see how that gets handled could be amazing, but the other specs i can confirm, are six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage ip67 water resistance. It does have an in display fingerprint reader theres a 4400 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt charging, but there is no mention of wireless charging and then sub 6, 5g and millimeter wave 5g with specific models and five years of android security updates, so thats the pixel 6A and thats the new budget smartphone, but its launching, alongside a new high end set of earbuds from google pixel buds pro. So if we have pixel buds a series, i looked on. Google store thats, actually the only one theyre selling right now. So the a series for 100 bucks is like regular, airpods, basically and then pixel buds pro for 200. Bucks would be sort of equivalent to airpods pro. So this is a 199 dollar noise canceling pair of wireless earbuds. They do have a transparency mode. Theyll have multi device connectivity compatible with android, ios and computers. Google assistants built in they have ipx4, sweat resistance and overall, the design im going to say it looks pretty tame. You know you can see the mics each earbud has three microphones. You got the silicon tips in front of an 11 millimeter driver, and the case looks basically the same as the original pixel buds, with the black and white design and the magnet and wireless charging the quoted battery life is 11 hours of listening or seven hours with Active noise cancellation turned on.

Basically, i feel like the differentiating factor with these, especially when we get them and listen to how they sound is gon na come from the six core audio chip on board, which also apparently, will have a lot to do with the noise cancellation, the transparency mode and Just overall the way they sound now ive been waiting a long time for a pair of earbuds, with noise cancellation and a transparency mode that rivals airpods airpods still to this day have far and away the best transparency mode, ive ever heard in any pair of headphones. So im looking forward to maybe pixel buds stepping their game up in that dimension, its just one part of headphones um but yeah. The competition has a lot of other things going for them, so well see how the pixel buds stack up, but yeah thats whats up next thats, the stuff thatll be on sale this summer. But then google went ahead and gave us a little bit of a preview of some stuff thats coming up. This fall, including a full design reveal of the pixel 7 and 7 pro and a new pixel watch. Finally, so this is our limited. First, look at the pixel 7 and 7 pro, so the details, of course, are way more confined with this stuff. But you can see the new colors here and you can also see a bit more of that camera design and super bold big camera circles and the camera bar and an extra detail is.

We also know that that glass is soft, touch which i am very excited about, so theyve sort of gone back and forth on soft touch, but if you remember the pixel threes with the soft touch glass, i remember. I really liked that back of a phone finish. If its anything like that im very excited about it and seeing as there is a black 7 pro at the bottom im thinking, thats, probably going to end up being the one i prefer, although matt white typically does a great job. Hiding fingerprints so well see this phone will have the next generation tensor chip and it will launch with android 13 but thats pretty much all. We know at this point so yeah new phone coming out. This fall pixel, 7 and 7. Pro new chip, new colors, new matte finish and then yeah, i guess we can also technically see it still has a port at the bottom, and it definitely has speakers all the classic stuff. Some new colors im not sure how i feel about this gray with the green undertone, but it does contrast well with the gold, but probably the more interesting preview we got is the one of the new pixel watch theyre, finally doing it, this fall were going to Have i mean, theoretically, maybe a competitor to the apple watch but sort of in the android world ive been waiting for this for a long time, its a sort of a result of their collaboration, or, i guess, purchase of fitbit, and this is it.

This is the pixel watch, so, okay, its a circular stainless steel design, and it is a very simple silhouette, as you can see, not a whole lot to set it apart on the outside. But i do like that. It is simple and it has what theyre calling a tactile crown for input, though its also a touch screen, and it has interchangeable bands and it runs wear os. This is the pixel watch that weve been. I mean hearing so much about for so long and waiting for its clearly got some solid bezels. All the way around i mean thats. The first thing i notice when the screen is on – and i guess im judging just by eyeballing these lifestyle photos, but it looks like its about the same size as the smaller apple watch im thinking, maybe around 40 millimeters there isnt any mention of two different sizes. Like a small and a large, i think it would make sense, but they didnt say, but basically thats. All we really know know about the new pixel watch again. This is something that were gon na get way more details on when it actually does get fully unveiled. In october, whenever their event is, but there are a bunch of things that im also hoping for like im, hoping it has a bright, efficient, crispy oled display. You know this ui theyre showing has a lot of black and the black bezel clearly goes all the way around so im, hoping that its an oled, so it can sort of seamlessly blend into the bezel.

Instead of being really obvious and ugly, like a cheaper lcd. Im also, of course, hoping for good battery life at least a full day, and if its going to be a premium price im, also hoping it has things like good, haptics and good performance. These animations of the ui, showing smart home controls and checking notifications like its cool, but again i definitely want to play with it myself. One thing to note, though, is this is basically going to act like a fitbit like it seems like most of the the fitness tracking and sleep tracking and stuff, like that, you need the fitbit app to work for so its going to act just like a fitbit In that way, and then wear os is going to work the way you typically expect it to paired with an android phone and then theyve said there will be a cellular option, so the watch can work without the phone and itll do activity and sleep tracking and Stuff like that through fitbit, and also it appears, this will just be working specifically with android phones, probably best with the pixel, but with android phones and not the iphone, because in classic apple fashion, lots of the stuff that the apple watch can do. No other smartwatch has access to so this. This is very much an android smartwatch, so yeah stay tuned for more details on that later, but yeah then. Last but not least, this was the announcement.

We got basically zero information on, but google did officially say that theyre going to be dropping a pixel tablet in 2023 thats. What theyve told us thats kind of all we know like we dont know any of the specs. We dont know what time of year itll come out. We dont know what itll even really be called technically, we do know it will be on the larger side and on the premium side, so im thinking like ipad air to ipad pro type price range and equivalent, but it feels like theyre not really committing to anything Else yet, as far as a tablet goes, i guess visually. Basically, we just have this shot of the pixel portfolio, where we can see that there is a tablet and itll definitely have a camera and speakers and presumably a screen on the other side, but yeah thats. It its really interesting that theyre deciding to show off some of this stuff so early. It kind of reminds me on one hand, of sony who will announce a phone early in the year and then six months later, itll finally come out and all the hype is gone and everybody forgot about it. But, on the other hand, this is google were talking about and theyve always been leaking things constantly. I mean they try to get ahead of the leaks. This feels like them just going hey, you know what, instead of the phone leaking for the next six months.

Well, just tell people about it and take advantage of that, because otherwise you just lose the hype and your own messaging, so yeah, let me know what you think is the most exciting or what youre looking forward to the most of this new google stuff im. Definitely interested in in the watch. Actually, i want to see what thats like on the wrist and to actually use, but let me know in the comments section below well talk about it, but yeah thats been it thanks for watching also random shout out, but the ipod was officially discontinued this week. Probably one of the products everyone watching this video has at some point owned, some version of so rip, press f and in the chat to pay respects all right catch.