The Google pixel watch after years of rumors they finally released it and yeah Ive got a lot to say hi everyone Tao here. First of all, I think the pixel watch is beautiful, but I can totally see why some would argue that its a little too plain Im also sure that, if Apple were to ever make a round Smartwatch you for sure get something like this. Its totally got that Apple, aesthetic written all over it. It even has its own unique band system for better or worse. The way is seamlessly integrates the band into the watch is awesome, but if youre looking to swap Styles prepare to pay out because youll only find bats directly from Google right now and they arent cheap. The watch only comes in one size, which is a bit of a strange decision. Its probably gon na feel undersized for a lot of people, but for those of us with a small wrist, I honestly think its perfect. Like I love the way it looks on my wrist looks aside, I cannot stress how comfortable it feels to wear. Unlike the Galaxy watch, which has straight edges everywhere, everything on the pixel watch, including the band, is rounded off and smooth, so it never seems to get caught on things as easily. The main concern with this design is that the dome shaped glass is completely exposed and is bound to get scratched up eventually, for what is worth mine is still Flawless and Ive definitely bumped it a few times.

The stainless steel casing is definitely nice, but I would have liked to see Sapphire instead of Gorilla Glass at this price point. You know just for that extra scratch resistance, theres, also a very sizable bezel around the 1.6 inch AMOLED screen, but the watches interface does a good job of hiding it. You pretty much, never notice it. When indoors, you can choose between three levels of brightness. I found the lowest to be more than good enough when youre Outdoors, though it can hit a peak brightness of up to 1 000 nits, which is identical to the Galaxy watch 5 and is plenty bright, rounding out the rest of the specs theres. One thing that stood out to me, the pixel watch – is actually using a processor that was originally found in the Galaxy watch from get this 2018. okay. So as bad as that sounds, the good news is that the watch runs surprisingly smooth whats shocking is that Ive run into more stutters and hiccups on the gassy watch 5, which has a newer chip seriously. The pixel watch is very responsive. The only times I felt it slowed down a bit was when I was updating apps from the Play Store still, I would have liked to see a more up to date. Ship in here the watch runs wear OS 3.5 and it is super easy to navigate you swipe down for Quick Settings swipe up for notifications and swiping left or right Cycles through the customizable tiles you can browse and change watch faces or towels by long pressing.

The display itself, the crown is used for vertical scrolling and pressing it from the watch face, opens up all your apps. It also serves as a quick way to go back to your watch face the button on the top opens up a list of your recently used. Apps and holding it down activates Google Assistant, which is one of the best reasons to own a wireless smartwatch to use a watch youll have to download the pixel watch app its a pretty simple app with the typical Smartwatch settings. Youd expect its actually a lot easier to customize your tile, layouts and watch faces in the app rather than on the watch itself. Youve actually got a pretty good selection of custom watch faces to choose from they all follow. A very simple and minimal. Aesthetic yeah Im, a sucker for complication, Rich watch faces and index has been the one I really like to use, but there are plenty of options if you prefer a more classic watch look receiving and responding to text. Messages on the pixel watch is amazing, even with third party messaging apps, like signal pictures, show up perfectly and Googles speech to text works so well that I barely find myself needing the keyboard when responding. Google keep is my go to note, taking app and being able to jot down notes with my voice right on the watch has come in so clutch. It sings almost instantly too so its ready. When you go to view it on your phone for music streaming, you can choose between YouTube, music or Spotify, both of which let you download playlists directly to the watchs storage for offline listening, so yeah for the most part, Googles got all the basics covered, but honestly Id like a little more functionality, for example, theres no real calendar app, you get an agenda app, but it literally just shows your appointments for the day thats.

It no month view no way to add new events, not even a way to view upcoming events. Id also appreciate a Gmail app on here, because why not both Apple and Samsung offer an email app on their smart watches right? One of my favorite uses for a smartwatch is taking calls. Unfortunately, the speaker on here has a serious popping and crackling problem with phone calls. Ive been dealing with this for the past couple of weeks and I dont even have the volume at full blast most of the time, its just not very pleasant, to have conversations with the speakers on this watch. Another tiny annoyance I found with pixel watch is that it doesnt quite feel like a cohesive unit with the pixel phone. There is a lack of continuity between the two devices. For example. Turnout did not disturb on the phone doesnt automatically enable to not disturb on the watch. So if youre going to a meeting, you basically have to hit do not disturb on both the watch and your phone same thing goes for bedtime mode. I have it set to come on automatically from 10 pm to 7am on the phone, but it doesnt sync to the watch, so I have to enable bedtime mode manually every single night on the watch. The good news is that these are easy fixes and Im. Almost positive, Google would add options for both eventually at least I hope they do, but right now it just feels a little disconnected for two products that should feel more connected on the bright side.

Notifications show up almost instantly, and clearing on the watch also clears it on the phone too. So at least with notifications, the watch and phone talk and work well together. If you didnt know, Google almost Fitbit, and so it makes sense that theyre bringing fitbits health and fitness tracking to the pixel watch. All the fitness data gets synced to the Fitbit app which youll need to download on your phone. You get six free months of Fitbit premium included, then its ten dollars a month after that, but Ill be honest, its not something I ever see myself paying for so the basic free Fitbit account has provided more than enough data. For me, the only thing you might possibly want from premium is sleeping heart rate and restlessness, but its not something I personally need or care about. I get it, though its still kind of lame that those are premium features. Sleep tracking is actually growing on me and has been pretty good with the pixel watch. But theres been a couple of times when it didnt kick in until Midway through the night stats, wise youll get the typical sleep score and a breakdown of your sleep stages as well as Trends. I dont expect much from a fitness perspective these days. If you can track my steps and daily workouts with decent accuracy, then thats good enough for me. Unfortunately, the watch is definitely very generous when it comes to tracking steps like way too generous Ive literally woken up to like 500 steps.

After brushing my teeth – and I know for a fact that Im not taking that many steps – the watch can also track 40 different workouts and has done a good job for the hits and circuit training workouts that I typically do. I actually dig the workout screens and how it emphasizes the heart rate zones, so you can push harder or ease up depending on your fitness goals. The pixel watch is rated for 24 hours of battery life and, on most days, Im actually getting right around there and thats. What the always on display and lift to wake settings on turn those off and youll probably be able to squeeze more out of it. Now, if you work or spend a lot of time outdoors, I think youre gon na struggle to get 24 hours out of it. The extra brightness that is needed, while under the sun, takes a huge hit on the battery, no matter how you slice it. This is the watch. Youll likely have to charge up every single day coming from the 40 millimeter Galaxy watch 5 Im actually already used to that Ill, typically drop it on the charger for an hour before bed and pop it back on for sleep tracking overnight. From my experience, the pixel watch loses about 15 to 25 overnight. Im, not too sure why it varies so much, but yeah Ive woken up with 85 on some days and 75 on others, its really weird.

If you know youre gon na have a long day. It might be a good idea to top it off before you head out to charge up. Youve only got one option and thats with the charging puck thats provided. No reverse wall is charging and its not compatible with generic Qi. Wireless charging pads, which is a bummer. You dont get a charging Brick In The Box either. So if you dont have a USBC charging, brick youll have to pick one of those up too Music. I 100 prefer the looks of the pixel watch. It has that minimal Elegance to it, but the Galaxy watch 5 or even the watch 4 from last year feels like the more complete smart watch right now and they cost less money too thats, not to say the pixel watch is a bad watch. I think it offers a very solid experience for Googles. First attempts and the smart watch game, but if Google is serious about competing against apple or even Samsung, theyve got some work to do Im. Definitely looking forward to the pixel watch too and cant be more happy that weve got more competition as usual.