Teraz zawsze działał całkiem nieźle, Trzy lata później jesteśmy tutaj, W końcu mamy sequel. Szok G, GBD H2000, tak jak powiedziałem, to zegarek GPS. Posiada Bluetooth, ma ładowanie słoneczne, dlatego bateria powinna trwać wiecznie, ponieważ sześć czujników, w tym tętno i tlen we krwi, między innymi, Ill talk about, and it receives notifications through a Bluetooth connection with your phone, so theres plenty to talk about here. There are some pros: some cons well dig into all of that, as well as an accuracy test, because one of the big improvements that G Shock is claiming here is the addition of algorithms from Polar a company. Thats really well known for their wearable accuracy, starting off with the physical design G Shock, reduced the dimensions here compared to the gbd h 1000. You can see on the front its narrower all the way around its a thinner watch, its also substantially lighter, because if we flip over to the back, we now have, wierzę, a plastic back compared to a stainless steel back before which I think this is a Big Improvement: normally you, when you see different materials, moving away from stainless steel, you think thats a downgrade, but it actually really, moim zdaniem, is an upgrade here, because one of the biggest complaints I had with the gbd h 1000 was that it was such a Bulky and heavy watch that a lot of people out there really couldnt wear this watch because it would either look too big on their wrist or it would rattle around a lot or hurt their wrist just from being so large and so heavy.

As you can imagine. If youre going for a run, you dont want a giant bulky watch on your wrist, so this being substantially lighter, Tak myślę, is a huge Improvement. Despite the reduction in the size and and the change of materials, it still has essentially the same durability from what Ive been seeing. Your water resistant up to 20 bar, który jest 200 metrów, i, Oczywiście, the big bulky bezel. All the way around is really great for durability. Youre not going to have to worry about this getting smashed. I mean I have not damaged my other one yet and I did wear it on many different outdoor excursions. Now this comes in four different color ways: Ill show you on the screen right now and looking a bit closer at the watch on the front. We have our display, which is just black and white, but it does have an LED backlight which the top right button will enable. But as far as replacing the straps on this watch its going to be a little bit tougher than most other watches, you cant just kind of pinch and take it off. Więc, instead you have a hex head that you can unscrew it and so its not really designed to do that, especially not on the fly, but I dont think you really need to. I think that they did a much better job here than before, z paskiem. Po pierwsze, it actually has a bit of a hinge, so it opens up all the way, unlike the gbd h 1000, which you could never really straighten out all the way, and one of the reasons I I chose this colors because it really demonstrates pretty well That you have the green strap on the outside and then the kind of little pink triangle on the inside there.

That adds an extra buffer so that the hinge doesnt, just like pinch against your skin at a 90 degree angle. Zamiast tego, it makes a nice round curve. There and it feels a lot more comfortable and it stays in place much better on your wrist flipping over to the back. We have our heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, as well as a charger which you will likely not need at least not often. This also has a beeper and a vibration motor on the inside, for notifications and for feedback within the system, so summarizing the physical design, its thinner, its lighter its still as durable and its more comfortable, and it stays put on my wrist much better because its not Bulky and it has a better design strap. So all the physical design of this is substantially improved. Now lets talk about the actual sensors. We have six, as I said on here, akcelerometr, czujnik tętna, żyroskop, a barometer, a thermometer and a magnetic sensor. Well talk about what all those do, ale, jak już wcześniej wspomniałem, they partnered with polar to improve their tracking with polars algorithms, and you do have eight different exercises, as well as sleep tracking, as well as your lifelong is. What theyre calling it like throughout the day. Heart rate stress things like that, and so you can do a lot with this, but the eight exercises, while that may seem limiting. I find that I generally get everything I need to out of those eight exercises.

So weve got the big ones like swimming running, spacery, biking and then you have kind of like a general gym exercise which kind of encompasses a lot of other things. Dobrze, I definitely would like to see more exercises on here just for categorizing it in the app at the same time, if youre doing yoga or if youre lifting I dont, really see that much of a difference that I care personally about tracking right like youre. Not I dont really track reps as much on watches. I just like to have time and heart rate for those indoor workouts, but the outdoor ones are where you really see some differentiation. Na przykład, biking workouts show you the distance speed time and the altitude and the gradient, as well as to how heart rate and calories, m.in., so lets get into an actual accuracy test from my own experience here. So taking a look at the accuracy, there are three big drawbacks and one big positive, starting off with the GPS accuracy well get into the first major drawback being when you start a workout. It takes forever for this to acquire GPS signal. On my most recent run. To trwało 3 minut i 45 seconds for this to lock in on GPS, but the good news here is that once you do like lock in on GPS, it is actually very accurate. When you look around the map here, you can see it really followed. The trail accurately, it did turns well overall, just a really solid job for GPS, so for that I can give it a pass on taking a little bit longer to acquire a proper signal, but looking at the heart rate, Niestety, we just have two negatives here: the First, one is that it just did not do a good job of tracking this bike.

Ride granted bike rides are a little bit trickier for optical heart rate sensors. Ale nadal, if you have the workout on here and its going to be that incredibly inaccurate it, then what is the point, and the second big drawback is that it is very difficult to export your data to get it off of the watch. So I found that Not only was the app very buggy and it took me many many attempts to synchronize with the watch to get that data off, but when it finally did sync up, then the data wasnt, even I couldnt, even export it to something else. To really compare it one to one so instead I had to take a screenshot and send that screenshot over and map them up, one to one which took a very long time. It was very tedious, But ultimately it wasnt accurate. So GPS was good, but heart rate was a huge disappointment, so lets get into an interface tour. Now there are four different watch faces you can choose from as well as a fifth one, which is just called custom, which you can really do whatever you want with. There are four quadrants on the top to choose many different things, for example the sunrise and sunset. How many steps you have today, tętno, different things like that and then on the bottom half of that custom, one which I really like the custom watch face. They have the time the date and, Oczywiście, the battery level.

The top right button will turn on an LED backlight. If youre in a darker environment, the top left button will go up in the bottom. Lewej. Button will go down, so they kind of cycle through these different widgets, as you have here, these different apps on here. Więc, na przykład, if I just press the bottom left button from the watch face, itll go down into the first one being time and date, heart rate weve got blood oxygen detection. We can go down to breathing exercises which they did again partner with polar to. Do this and you have, wierzę, a three minute breathing exercise. If you feel stressed, and you want to calm down, you could do that. They also have cardio status once youve done enough workouts you have lifelog which, when you press the middle button, you can enter any one of these, and this will tell you how many steps you took today. How many calories you burned your active time and from here. If you press the top or bottom left button, you can cycle through some different views of this, to show you different charts throughout the week throughout the month. You know things like that. If we press the bottom right button, that is always going to be your back button itll bring you to the previous watch screen, and so we can can keep cycling down through these. We have nightly recharge. We have activity log by the way nightly.

Recharge is another thing on here: sleep tracking is being tracked using polars algorithms, so it should be more accurate. Osobiście, after testing this, I was not able to get any sleep data, because I didnt wear it tight enough on my wrist, and I find that its kind of uncomfortable to sleep with really any watch, but especially one larger. Jak to, when Im sleeping, I like sleep in my arm a lot and it just doesnt its, not comfortable so going down activity. Log, Oczywiście, is your different workouts and you can dive into each one of them. We have the almanac, which is like the sunrise and the sunset. Masz kompas, app thats whats, using the magnetic sensor by the way, altimeter thats, what you use the barometer sensor. We actually also have barometer as well and, Oczywiście, we have World Time timer, stopwatch and notifications. Now the notifications on here, if we just press the middle button, youll see that we can go and open them and read a little bit more about them, but you dont have especially many options for interfacing with them or replying to notifications, for example other than that Going back to the watch face, we can press the left middle button and that will go into the workouts and you can see once again using the left, top and bottom buttons. We can cycle through from interval, workouts to Open Water, Swimming trail, bieganie pieszo, regular running biking, Siłowni, workout and, Oczywiście, pool swimming as well going back one more time.

If we press the top left button press and hold it youll get into your settings and you can customize a lot with this watch within the settings or you can go and connect it to your phone. Możesz znaleźć swój telefon, which is a nice little feature. Masz tu, there are some other features on this watch. Na przykład, Smart Alarm allows you to wake up within 25 minutes of your alarm time, based on whenever youre in your lightest sleep whenever its easiest for the watch to wake you up. So you wake up feeling a little bit less groggy or at least thats the intent theres also pressure trend alerts, so maybe that could alert you to changing weather conditions. That could be useful if youre hiking around a lot. In order to use this watch with your phone, you will need the cab Casio watches app. As you can see right here and honestly. This is probably my least favorite part of this watch theres some things that do that it does really well, ale jest. Również, a lot that it doesnt do well so starting off right off the bat. It has a lot of ads right on the first page, which I think is a little bit annoying considering. This is already a very pricey watch going over to the next tab. Na dole, this is my watch and when you open that, tak, if you tap on your watch, there is actually a lot you can do here and I really do like this.

Możesz przejść do. Na przykład, running you can change your heart rate zone alert. You can change the intervals on during which the GPS signal is received, so thatll control accuracy as well as battery life. You can find the right balance there and you can change different things about your workouts. I really like that aspect. Jeśli wrócimy, we can go over to my page, and this again is kind of just kind of weird that they did this like its buggy right here. So today is March 15th, when Im filming this video and for whatever reason its showing me March 25th. As the first thing for my lifelong meaning, like what my daily summary is going down, it says March 16th thats tomorrow. I dont know why its showing me that and then going down we finally get to today, which is March 15th, but even looking at that. If we open it its not like the most robust interface, tak, na przykład, if we tap the drop down on steps, it shows like three different lines: Kolory, and it has some Japanese text on the top right, assume, Czyli, Japanese and so again, you kind of end Up guessing what some of these really are doing, going down, Tam, not a whole lot else. You can see within your lifelong theyll, show you your cardio load status and your nightly recharge and other than that. You can go down and see like your different workouts and dive into those, ale, as I mentioned before kind of just generally lacking as far as the app goes, I really wish you could dig deeper into the analytics, considering they partnered with polar.

I was really hoping to see more within the app lets talk about some of the pros and cons of this watch. To really summarize it, the pros its more durable than other smart watches has a longer lasting battery life, thanks to the solar panel on the front. Zasadzie, maybe it could be infinite depending on how much you use it. It has that G Shock, Estetyczne, which is one of the biggest reasons people would buy this but online. Like other G Shocks. This is smarter, meaning it can connect to your phone. It has heart rate and GPS tracking, and it really does a lot more, but its not without its drawbacks. So for one it has somewhat limited functionality, its a pretty rudimentary watch. Na przykład, you cant really interface with notifications that much and theres not a whole lot. You can do on this watch other than basically track you. The next drawback is that the app, moim zdaniem, is kind of garbage, like I really didnt like using it other than that the sleep tracking probably works. Dobrze, Może, but for me the watch just didnt. Quite sit comfortably while I was sleeping, but that was maybe just me most watches dont really stay on my wrist that well, when Im sleeping, I tend to take them off and whatever, while Im asleep, but the positives like I said this watch is substantially better than The gbd h 1000, its lighter its smaller, but still has all the great things we liked about that watch.

Więc, podsumowując, this is a durable watch that has the iconic G Shock, Estetyczne. It now has Fitness tracking sleep, tracking notification capabilities, polar algorithms and its definitely not for everyone, but for G Shock lovers.