Ten zegarek nazywa się t rex ii i jest to gatunek wojskowy. Inteligentny zegarek z tytanem, ekran unibody i szkła szafirowego, dzięki czemu jest wodoodporny i może nawet działać w ujemnym 30 stopni Celsjusza. Przetestujmy więc, jak mocne jest ich szafirowe szkło na ekranie. Ill just grab this stone here and try to scratch the glass and nothing theres, no scratch at all. So this is really scratch resistant screen here, pretty impressive. W porządku, so first were going to do the liquid nitrogen test. So this is way below the recommended temperature that a maze fit says that you can use the watch. They recommend negative 30 degrees celsius as the lowest temperature, but were going way lower than that negative 196 stopni Celsjusza, thats negative 320 stopni, Fahrenheita. W porządku, here we go three two one see how long till the screen goes out. Dobrze, its actually still on in there no way well its turning a weird color look at that you can see that the screen actually changed. Colors here now i know whats going on here, because ive done tests with led lights in a previous experiment, where i dip them in liquid nitrogen. So when you drop the temperature of led significantly, it actually shifts the light emitted towards the blue end of the spectrum and thats kind of exactly what we saw here. It looked more bluish and just had a faint blue glow to it. W porządku, i dont see any light coming out of it now, while were waiting for this to get down to the liquid nitrogen temperatures, how cold is liquid, nitrogen well its so cold that liquid nitrogen actually condenses the oxygen out of the air? So if you just get a bag of liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen will just start forming around the bag, in fact its so cold thats carbon dioxide, the stuff you breathe out, actually becomes a solid.

This is the why stuff that you sometimes see floating on top of liquid nitrogen, also called dry ice. W porządku, its been several minutes now, so this should be pretty close to liquid nitrogen temperatures. Teraz. W porządku, lets see if this actually turns back on now. W porządku, so this is negative 196 stopni Celsjusza. To jest szalone. Now this is a cold watch, looks like the liquid crystals are becoming solid again, so after we warmed it back up it wasnt turning on, but i just charged it for a bit and then it turned right back on after that. Spójrz na to, it works no way kind of made some cracks in the lcd, not the actual glass itself, but the liquid crystals below it, but other than that it works just fine, Czyli, so cool so its nice to know. If you ever fall in a vat of liquid nitrogen, your watch will survive, but you probably wont now these cracks only form because we put it at negative 196 stopni Celsjusza. If you keep it above negative 30 stopni Celsjusza. That wont happen. So the watch held up to the liquid nitrogen, but lets see if its still waterproof or fluid proof, Okk, orange juice, about some vinegar. W porządku, what about gasoline? O człowieku, so look at that still works. Just fine like nothing. Również, whats really cool about the t. Rex 2 is that its a smart watch that has dual band and 5 satellite high precision positioning, so you can go anywhere with it and track where youve been or where you need to go.

It also has route import and real time navigation on it. Its also passed 15 military standard toughness tests and also it has an ultra long day, battery life thats, nie 24 godziny, Czyli 24 days of battery life with typical use, and i want to thank amaze fit for sponsoring this video. If you want to check out the amaze fit t rex pro, then you can click the link in my description and go to amaze fits website where you can participate in a chance to win a free t. Rex, two of your own and thanks for watching another episode of the action lab. I hope you liked it if you did dont forget to subscribe, if you havent yet or hit the bell to be notified. When i release my latest video and check out the actionlab.com, i sell my experiment boxes there, and you can also check out my wifes black hole painting where she paints the black hole with real muscle black.