This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us one more budget smartwatch from ptron and its the ptron Force X10e. And in todays video we will do the unboxing and show you the features.. So here we have the box. In the front. We have the ptron all new branding and its bluetooth fitness smartwatch., And here we have the model Force x10e.. At this side we have some key features such as 1.7inch HD display full touch, control, Heart rate and sleep monitoring, Blood pressure and spo2 monitoring Sports modes. Smart notifications, customisable watch faces, and this watch is ip68 dust, dirt and waterproof. At the back. We have the specifications of this watch. And here we can see the MRP, which is Rs. 3499. However, its available to purchase right now for Rs. 1799. Now lets open the box and show you the content., So on the top we have the smartwatch, itself. And guys. This watch is available in three colours: Black, blue and pink.. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets, see what else we have in the box.. So in the box we get the welcome card, and here we have the warrant information and the barcode by which you download the user manual., And then we get this magnetic charging cable and here is how it connects at the back of the watch. So thats all We have in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely. pTron Force X10E.

Is a budget Bluetooth smartwatch. Talking about the design and build quality, though this watch is priced under 2000 Rs. Still, you get very good, build quality.. You get the metal casing in this watch and the straps have this texture on it, and this watch is also very comfortable on the hand. In terms of design. It looks sleek and well built. And keeping in mind the pricing. We really like the build quality and the design of this watch. In terms of the overview in the front. We have the 1.7 inch HD screen, which has the resolution of 240 by 280 pixels.. The bezel on the top is less, but you have a thicker bezel at the bottom of the screen.. At the right side we have the crown, which is also a function button. And at the back we have the heart rate and the spo2 sensor.. There is thin film on it so make sure to remove this film. And below the sensors. We have the charging points. So overall in terms of the design and build quality.. This watch does look pretty good and doesnt feel like a cheap smartwatch. And you get a pretty decent look and feel. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So for pairing, you would need the companion app DAFit, and here you need to tap on the add, device. And select the ptron Force X10e from the list. And thats it. The watch is now paired with the phone.

. Now let me show you the watch features.. So here we are on the watch face and upon long pressing, you switch between different watch faces.. You can also add more from the companion app. Swiping down from the top shows you, the quick settings, and here we have the find phone theatre mode, brightness weather and the settings of the watch. Swiping up from the bottom shows you, the notification, history. Swiping left from The right side shows you, the quick apps, and here we have fitness data, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and so on. And to Access the main menu. You would need to swipe right from the left side. And here you can see, the touch response is good and there is no lag in the menu., So in the menu we have the sports, and here you can see your current days, fitness data. After that we Have the sleep – and you can see your last night, sleep details. After that we have the Heart rate and guys the dictation in this watch is fast and there is no false reading when you are not wearing the watch and also when its placed on a table.. After that, in the menu we have the Exercise – and here you can start your workout session. And in this watch you get walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and lastly, swimming.. After that, we have the Blood pressure monitoring and this data is only for reference.

And then we have the SPo2, and here also the detection is fast.. Then, in the menu we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather conditions, along with the weather forecast.. After that we have the shutter by which you can control the camera of your phone remotely.. Then we have the music, and here you can control the music on your phone, but there are no volume controls in this watch.. After that, we have the breath, and here you can do some breathing exercises., Then in the menu we have the Stopwatch Alarm countdown with some preset time, flashlight, which is a pretty handy feature. And then finally, we have the settings. In the settings. First, we have the Menu view, and here you can choose between the grid and list view., And then we have the brightness. And talking about the brightness. The screen is pretty bright and you get good visibility even in bright outdoor conditions., Then in the menu we have. The vibration settings, theatre mode and the usual reset power off and qr code for the app., So thats all the features we have on the watch and keeping in mind that its a budget smartwatch, you are getting pretty good features.. Now. Let me quickly show you the companion app DA Fit., So guys this is a third party app, but you get all the necessary features.. So, on the home page we have the fitness data, along with the heart rate, spo2 blood pressure and sleep data.

. You can tap on any of these cards to see the historical data. On the next page. We have the device settings., And here you can see the connected device on the top. And then below it. We have the watch faces and here you can see the default watch faces and you also have a lot of watch face options in this watch.. Then we have the notifications, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch. And talking about it. Here is how you get the call alert and guys in this watch. You can reject or silet the call., And here is how you get the message notification. And as expected, you dont get the preset replies and emoji support in this watch.. Then, in the app we have the alarms, shutter and other settings., And here you can set the time format Sedentary reminder, enable the continuous heart rate monitoring, And then we have the quick view. Settings. And basically this is the raise to wake feature and during our testing we find it pretty responsive.. After that we have the Drink, water, reminder weather and, lastly, the physiological reminder for females.. So thats all the features we have in the app., The UI is basic. Yet you get all the necessary features., So Overall, the pTron Force X10E offers a good design, build quality and, most importantly, its a feature rich smartwatch at this price.. The display and the touch response is very good.

, And the fitness data is also fairly accurate.. The battery backup is good and the company claims upto 10 days of battery life with the moderate usage.. The look and feel of this smartwatch is indeed very good.. So, to sum it up, if you are in the market for a budget fitness smartwatch which looks good, then we highly recommend you to checkout this newly launched smartwatch from ptron. – And I can say in 2000 Rupees. This smartwatch is definitely value for money., So thats it guys. This was our Review of the ptron Force. X10E Smartwatch.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats. All for now, if you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.