This is ava from fitlab and welcome to our review of the puma smartwatch you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video To know our final verdict, if this fitness tracker is worth it puma smartwatch overview, the puma smartwatch is a result of the partnership between fossil and puma and the first of the puma brand in terms of smart watches. In terms of design, the watch is slim and lightweight with a sporty look that fits perfectly in a gym setting. It also has a water resistance of 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming and a battery life of two days, depending on how you use it. The puma smartwatch works with google’s wear os and therefore you can enjoy some of the smart features that come with it. The watch has an inbuilt microphone that allows you to communicate with google assistant, because there’s no inbuilt speaker, however, you’ll receive the assistance reply in text format. The puma smartwatch also supports google pay, meaning you can easily use your watch to make a purchase and not have to worry about carrying a wallet as a fitness device. The puma smart watch offers access to google fit for basic tracking and charting your daily progress. There’S. Also, the integrated puma track app, which offers several workouts that you can choose from along with coaching and the ability to form a training schedule.

The app also tracks your heart rate, speed, distance and calories burned. The inbuilt gps also improves the tracking accuracy as well as saves you, the trouble of having to carry your phone with you on a run. What we liked it comes with an inbuilt gps offers a selection of good smart features. It has a bright and sharp screen. Even outdoors, what we didn’t like too costly for its features, no inbuilt speaker, limited fitness, features, puma smartwatch specifications according to the table. The ‘0 by ‘0 pixels are enough resolution to ensure hd graphic display even outdoors the 50 meter water resistance makes the smart watch suitable for swimming as well. Although the maximum battery life is two days it’s decent in the standard, compared to what other premium models offer things you should know before, buying the puma smartwatch, while the slim lightweight design, should make the watch easy to wear. The straps of the puma smart watch can be uncomfortable to wear. Given the stiff texture of the silicone strap, you can replace the straps, although it may be difficult to find straps that fit the body. The general function can lag a bit given the small ram. So you may have to reset or restart the smart watch from time to time to get it running. The heart rate. Monitoring, on the other hand, is an accurate feature compared to some models. Puma smartwatch features puma track app. The puma smartwatch comes with the puma track.

App pre installed, the app is great for workouts, offering a coach to guide you, as well as the option of a personalized training schedule. You can also track your pace, calories, distance and heart rate. As you work out by simply connecting your phone to the app on your watch, you can leave your phone behind on a run. The app will do all the tracking for you, google assistant, the google assistant, enables the puma smartwatch, helps you get things done. While on the move through voice commands, the google assistant can set reminders, start a workout or run and answer your questions. The replies will be received in text space on puma, smartwatch, sharp and clear hd screen music with the puma smartwatch. Your workouts or runs can be entertaining with music. The four gigabyte storage space offers enough space to download music puma smartwatch also comes with spotify pre loaded. Although you can’t play the music via the smartwatch, due to the lack of inbuilt speakers, you can use your phone’s speakers and control the music from your watch final verdict. Should you get the puma smartwatch, although priced above 200, the puma watch has entry level features as a fitness watch. It doesn’t offer much aside from the puma track. Workouts and google fits tracking features. It does, however, offer some great smart features like google pay. While you can get better smart watches and fitness trackers, you can buy the puma smartwatch if the puma brand is your priority over the features offered.

Who’S the puma smartwatch best suited for the puma smartwatch is most suitable for individuals who love the puma brand and are interested in using the puma track. App it’s also ideal for those looking for an eye, catching lightweight design and a smart watch and doesn’t mind the cost. Are there any alternatives to puma smartwatch the best fitness tracking alternative for the puma smartwatch? Is the samsung galaxy watch active 2.? It falls within the same price, but offers better battery life. Software and fitness features for apple users. The best alternative would be the apple watch series 3, which also falls under the same price and offers better features. Would you buy the puma smartwatch? Let us know why, in the comments give us a thumbs up if this video was helpful and subscribe to our channel. Also, let us know in the comments what other fitness trackers.