ph and welcome back to my channel and today we’re going to check out we’re going to do a review of the latest wearable device from real me. The real me watch 2., so we’ve seen the real me watch uh. Before i mean we’ve reviewed that uh wearable device before, but this one is the latest one. So this is the watch two meredith watch two pro, but this one is the uh affordable variant, the watch too. So what can we expect from this one? Well, there’s a lot to expect from this one: we’ve got a 1.4 inch display a 12 day battery life, the 90s sports mode, so expect it. I might get the details. A real me watch too so before time, commander review watch 2.. So we got here the real me watch 2. So, as you can see here on the sides, we got here the main features: the 1.4 inch color touchscreen display a 12 day battery life 90 sports mode and on the other side we got here. The live watch faces blood, oxygen, monitor and a smart aiot control. So, as you can see in here at the back, this one works with the real milling applications now time to unbox this watch. So of course we got here the watch that we’re updating right now. So we can talk about the watch later. So of course, this one comes with warranty card and also the user guide, and of course we got here the charger with two pogo pins uh.

So you can charge the real me watch too. So what are we waiting for? Let’S? Take a closer look at the watch itself uh, while updating uh things about the real watch too. So, as you can see in here uh, this one is made up of uh rubber, mattress, similar material before it’s very light. The watch in the band and uh, just like the real material meta tying, dare to leave normal logo on design language na nil me, uh sanelang devices and, of course, below we got here the sensors and, of course, uh. We got here a plastic body on the right. We got here the button, a glossy plastic design and, of course, the touchscreen display. This is not the full touch clean. The display is only like this, but because of uh black namanium background, unless uh under direct sunlight or mulch, but actually point of view right now i have my lights on in the comments display. Your edges yeah uh, especially with the star real me too, so yeah um, i just adjustable on my buns, nothing and uh problem. I believe allergic reaction, but i don’t believe meron uh. This is the same material that i’ve used before well i’m on a game problem. So yeah time to use this one and um so when it comes to designer realme watch two, so this one comes with a rubber like a band, i actually like uh the band in the irritating sublet code.

The watch face is just fine, although nothing happened versus young young display real me watch too. Of course, maritime single button detail, but uh our main uh input, not indeed to serve me watch two is actually touch, so must motherly young touch rather than meeting bottom swipe. Left swipe right, swipe down swipe up diaditos, a real me watch too. So first things. First let’s talk about the features that we can get details, so the main features about juan attendito. We got here the blood oxygen monitoring. So yes, you can monitor. In your monitor your blood oxygen uh, you don’t need an oxymeter for that. You got the blood oxygen detail. We got here the sleep, um tracker. We also got here a heart rate: monitoring 24 7 basis in heart rate, monitor detail and there’s a lot more features, including the 90 workout modes. So when it comes to battery dramatize the battery, we got here 12 days of battery life. According to me, in my usage, uh 10 percent, you know so if maritime 100 percent in 10 12 days of battery life, as for the display, the 1.4 inch display is actually an upgrade compared to the previews uh smartwatch nilmi. As this one features, a better colors and under direct sunlight must not read the ball young canyon display. I actually like your colors real me watch too, and of course, this watch is made for those people who are into fitness. The 90 workout modes is working.

Of course not trying to 90 workout modes i’m very light, but that things will work out, but yeah it does work fine. You can sync it to your real milling application and, of course, merited monitoring the heart rate, so monitoring and again for fitness marathon, ip68. Water resistance, so even if the camera ulan, because this one comes with ip68 water resistance and as for charging the man, it uses your magnetic charging not in detail now my pogo pins so walla time books on the porch dito well on sbc. Well. But of course, when you’re charging, it be sure to ah dry yonkanyang pins it’s, also very lightweight uh, it’s, 38 grams and actually means because it’s very, very light. So, as for the software of the realme watch 2 on the home screen, you will see you in your watch face very customizable. We will talk about that later, so swiping to the right will give you the different functionalities and do not disturb the brightness. Of course, you got here the power saving on the rotate list to wake up the settings. Of course, you can check it out young indian battery and, if connected by bluetooth, don’t say no smartphone swiping down from the watch face will give you the notifications done starting smartphone, actually i’m pretty happy with the notifications, not in detail it’s, not as expensive than doing. Some android uh smart watch nothing or android wear os, but it will give you a big preview detail item only to display nothing so happy.

Now, adito indica reply bought for its price i’m. Happy that you can see. The notifications must have sent you which applications that will show notifications detail. So i think uh real me watch too swiping right mandito starting watch face with will give you your acting goals. So i played again my guitar. My new heart rate monitor not end for the last 24 hours on weather and also young control for music, basically ramen a time i go out from the watch face: mug swipe lang, tayo and the piranha sodium control nang acting music. Of course, you have to turn on your spotifying, your apple music, don’t, smartphone yo, and after that you can control play pause next, previews don’t think music control it’s an exciting part. Swipe up. You will see young adding applications detailed. Of course, there are no third party applications that can be installed on this one, but uh compared to some of previous generation attend this one will give you a choice, kung least or a greed. I prefer the great one masmalini as long as, of course, we got here the goals, the heart rate, uh. As long as my heart rate. Now, of course, we got it the blood oxygen. We also got here the sleep tracker, the workout mode. Of course, the activity records the alarm where camera control the real milling application. Music control, find my phone reading app the timer app the settings app and also you, i think, stop watch.

Basically, everything you need on a fitness watcher is smart watches here in the mandito ceramic watch too. Of course. Well, like i did my third party applications, but i believe, if you’re into fitness, okay, this is a workout modes. Yeah notifications, i had to drive to eat any notifications, uh watch and it’s actually pretty responsive. I actually like you. I think transitions detail, your movements of display, but compared to the previous generation. The real me watch 2 gives us a smoother and a better ui. So you can watch face is very customizable, so there are a hundred plus stylish watch face detosa real me watch too actually meron natalie, and if you want you could use your own photos as your watch face and, of course, illegal homes and positioning you in young Time, uh and also date, detail, which is pretty cool and very customizable. I actually like jung ganon aspect details. Surreal me watch too, despite being affordable, we got a lot of watch faces. I think that is the essential part. Pagmano kayong watch a smartwatch rather customizable and maramike makita says a watch face and, of course, easy samata. So yeah, i guess that’s it. I think real me watch too it’s a really interesting uh smart watch. I mean it’s, affordable, it’s nice. You got a lot of features: the 90 workout modes. We also got here touchscreen display. The ux has also been improved. Of course, many times: blood, uh, monitoring, data, the oxygen levels and also you know heart rate sensor, which is uh essentially pandemic.

The blood oxygen monitor. I believe a lot of you are by oxymeters, so this one is a great alternative in just in case just in case oximeter is a baha’i and yeah. We got a lot of gold reminders in here sediment. That said, then, daddy a reminder if lagique nagopo and of course you in your hydration reminder just in case in the garbage i don’t win i’m, not too big, so i guess that’s it detox. I think let me watch too, but before we end this one, i just want to share with you the price. So, according to those real me, as of this recording indeep announced on real me, watch two officially launched a filipinas, but the price of this one is 2 890 pesos, again it’s really affordable. That is really reasonable. Uh para sakanyang features that we wan na detox and uh. If you’re watching this right now uh, you can get this one uh this july, seven at one thousand pesos off. Basically, you can get it for one thousand, eight hundred ninety pesos at lazada and sharpie. So yeah, i guess that’s it that’s it tito starting video for uh. The real me watch two. So if you like this video don’t forget like and video click on, subscribe button click, the bell button and, of course, so once again, i’m jump jump online dot ph.