It was the most exciting release in smartwatches. Recently it has an automatic brightness sensor. Spo2 sensor ip68: water resistant. Sorry, you cannot show her, though, and cost just under 5000 inr. But the question that has to be asked is: if real new watch s is in the best smartwatch. What is well it’s, the amazfit gts mini 2.. You spend 2 000. More and you get the gts mini 2 for 7000 inr with similar specs, but an amoled display inbuilt gps and alexa. So what makes the real me watch as the ideal smart watch and what makes the gps mini 2. The best smartwatch well let’s, find out let’s. Go now the most important thing in a smart watch is the display, because that’s the way you use this watch. If you want to see time, you use the display. If you want to start a workout, you still use the display. Now the real me watch s comes with an lcd display, whereas the gtx mini 2 has an amoled display now amoled for sure looks brighter and sharper than lcd. If you see them side by side. But honestly i’ve used both these watches outdoors and indoors. And if you don’t see them side by side, both of the displays are good enough under any lighting conditions, but the best thing about both of these displays is automatic, brightness sensor. So, just like your smartphone, they can adjust to the lighting around you and it works really well.

It gets bright outdoors and really dim when there’s no light. One neat little addition on gts mini 2 is the always on display because of the amoled screen. This is the small benefit you get out of amoled display and it really makes the experience better. After all, these are watches and the primary job of them is to see time whenever you want. But having said that, you can always look past the always on display, with the wake to lift gesture, you lift your hand and the watch glows and side side. Both the smart watches were fast enough in the gesture, but the real me watch s was a bit faster. I mean this doesn’t even have a gyroscope and gts mini 2 has, but still the enemy watch. S is faster, good job. Real me, another advantage of an amoled display is good battery life, so you would expect gts mini 2 to have a better battery life. Well, in that case, both have the same battery life. It packs almost two times bigger battery than gts mini 2.. So on a heavy usage, both of them will last like seven days with one workout a day: 24×7 heart rate monitoring. If you have a light usage, it might even go 10 to 11 days, but this bigger battery on redmi watch s makes it look way. Bigger and chunkier i don’t like use, watches because i don’t have that big rest. So if you have a similar size like me and you don’t, like big watches, well, gts mini 2 will look good, oh by the way gts mini 2.

Has a 20 mm watt? Strap and real me watch s, has a 22 mm watch, strap both are replaceable and you can get a cheaper stylus, customizable strap from amazon or offline market. Although the default strap were pretty good, i didn’t have any problem or allergies with them. The rewatch straps are a bit thicker and if you wear it tight for long ass, it gets a bit irritating. So usually i fasten the watch when i’m about to start a workout and talking about the workout. Well, real me: watch s supports 16 workout modes, whereas gts mini 2 supports 70 plus workout modes, it’s crazy, but most of them are like badminton or yoga and are just calorie count and heart rate, so pretty useless. But if you do skipping or swimming well, the gts mini 2 supports both and you should get the gts mini 2.. Now, in terms of accuracy, i took a run with the gtx mini 2 apple watch 6 and realme watch s and below are the stats. The distance and average heart rate is more or less the same, but the gtx mini 2 is more accurate with heart rate, because while i was running the watch has started giving me high heart rate alerts, but the gts mini 2 shows it was 150 to 155. So false alert, and even in daily life, if you see the gtx mini 2, gives a more accurate heart rate measurement than the real me watch s, and so is the case with sleep tracking as well.

If you see the sleep time with real me, watch is it’s a bit off it’s just there, but not accurate, see i didn’t get up around 4 am again false alert and every day it just shows that i’m awake for some time but i’m, not i’m. Not sleep, walking, plus gts mini 2 can detect breathing quality during sleep and even supports nap, so yeah, gts mini 2 is more accurate, and this is the conclusion of this video see. Gts mini 2 is a better watch. No doubt you pay 7 000 inr, which is 2 000 more than the real me watch s, and in that amount you get inbuilt gps amaze fits more accurate, algorithm and alexa commands which haven’t arrived yet swimming workout, sync with strava, etc. The software is so good that i haven’t even used the phone app for any settings: sleep, data or workout data, but mostly, if you’re thinking about buying a real me watch s or a smart watch under the 5000 price range. This is your first smartwatch or a fitness man, and you won’t be able to feel these small differences and features with the gts mini too, like, for example, if you carry your phone during your workout connected gps detects signal faster than inbuilt gps, so again inbuilt gps, Won’T be a feature you would love if you carry your phone during a workout that’s. Why i say real me watch s is the watch for most of the people.

Gts mini 2. Is the better watch, no doubt, but if you have that question in your mind, why should i spend 7 000 on a smart watch that can’t reply to notifications or pick up calls well, don’t stress, get real me watch yes and yes, amazefield should have provided features Like reply to notifications or call pick up like you, can reject a call with sms, but not reply to notification come on amaze fit those are popular features and then it would have made a lot of sense to recommend the gts mini 2.. So you should buy the real me watch s over gts mini 2 for most people, and on that note this is signing off subscribe to techwiser.