First, the design here is obviously inspired by the apple watch, but let me tell you straight away that this feels like a cheap budget, smart watch and yeah i get it. I mean i don’t know the india price at the time of shooting this video, but in china the price is 269 yuan, which is around 3000 rupees and frankly, this fees like a smart watch that would cost 3k. I have the ivory sort of creamy white version of the watch, which i personally don’t like, but redmi is offering a number of different color options, and i think the black or blue option will look a lot better than this. Now, apart from this, the me band, it’s, rubbery and soft, with the traditional buckle design and the strap here is changeable. But i found this button too hard to press as the watch case. It’S clearly plastic, as you can see, but i like that it’s not too huge and does not have any weird protrusions it’s, also 5 atm rated for water resistance. So you can take it for a swim, but considering the current situation, i’m, not sure when we’ll go for a show. Now the display is one thing i think is fairly good for the price you get a 1.4 inch tft lcd, surrounded by this big black bezels. On top and bottom – and it has a resolution of 320 by 320, so it’s sharp and it has a max brightness of 350 nits, which is pretty good now, there’s, obviously, no always on display or tap to wake.

But the display quality is pretty good. It’S sharp it’s, vibrant it has auto brighter support and the outdoor visibility of the screen is pretty good. There is race to wake if you’re wondering and that’s slow, but it works so it’s not really bad. Now, apart from that, there are a couple of have a few scratches on my watch. Second i’m, not too sure about the responsiveness and that’s, mainly because of how the software works. On the watch i mean here’s, the water software in action and it’s, a pretty simple ui swipe left to right for different cards like heart rate, sleep tracking weather, music control, etc. So i pop from the bottom to get these toggles and swipe down from the top to see your notifications, which, like in the me band, aren’t actionable. So you can’t reply to messages, there’s, also a single button that takes you to the app list which still don’t have names, just icons which can be confusing, but yeah. You get all the basic apps like your usual fitness tracking apps and the utilities like compass, air pressure, alarms, stopwatch timer, fine phone, etc. Anyway, the ui is actually fine, it’s fine settings without any animation or transition same with the app drawer. Honestly, this just feels very unintuitive and unresponsive. Another issue i have with the software is to change the watch face. I cannot just touch and hold on the watch face. I have to go to settings and then go to watch faces and you can only have five watch faces on the watch.

I mean there are a lot of watch faces in the xiaomi wear app as you can see, but yeah changing the watch face on the redmi watch itself, isn’t very convenient coming to the features now the redmi watch has all of these sensors to track different fitness Data and one key feature missing, is an spo2 blood oxygen sensor, which is especially important. These types i mean the new mi band 6. Has it so yeah it’s a key omission and if you get the other fitness tracking features they’re step tracking, which in my usage was mostly accurate? There were no weird addition of steps. I even checked it by comparing it to the oppo watts. So i wore the sleep tracking is something i found accurate too. It obviously does not track your naps, but i found the sleep analysis to be fairly on point even in this comparison with the oppo watch, as you can see here, as for workouts there’s, no auto workout detection, but you can manually start a work. Aisle trekking swimming cricket, etc. Now i tried the freestyle walker option and you get details like the calories you’ve burned and this nice little graph of your heart rate overall, now talking about heart rate monitoring, you can set the frequency to 30 minutes five minutes or even a minute. The heart rate data also seems fairly right, but i did notice it works when only when you have the watch tightened on your wrist, so that’s, something not now.

One important thing to note here is the redmi watch comes with gps and live minutes to get the location locked, but after that the distance was accurate, and so was the map yep. I was just doing rounds in my society that’s why the circle? I also noticed that you get a lot more detail in this compared to the freestyle workout data. I showed you earlier so if you ask me, the fitness tracking on the redmi watch works fine, but if there’s one thing that really needs an improved name here and i did not find a way to set goals in the app. In fact, i did not find the option to set goals even on the watch. Moving on if you’re wondering about the smart watch features well, that’s, where the redmi watch is kind of lacking, more storage for local music and there’s. Obviously, no third party apps, basically it’s the me band with bigger display and gps. Lastly, the battery life, so the redmi watch has a 230 image battery that’s rated to last. Up to 10 days now i started using the watch after charging it to 100 and i had the brightness of the whatsapp to auto. Then you do a quick comparison of the redmi watch with the amaze fit bpu, which is a popular fitness watch in this price. So specs wise both are fairly similar. As you can see, the difference is gps and geomagnetic sensor in the redmi watch and gorilla glass and blood oxygen monitoring in the bpu.

Now one thing the specs don’t reveal is that the amazement bipu’s ui is a lot better. More intuitive now i don’t have the bpu to show you right now because i’m shooting from home. But if you take a look at this video, you can see the bib use ui in action and yeah. It looks good as animations. I mean there’s proper scrolling here and these make a big difference in the overall experience see. The redmi watch is a decent fitness watch and it just has this one major problem and it’s the ui, and if you’re, okay with the ui, you can go ahead and buy the redmi watch. However, if you’re not okay with it and you can sacrifice built in gps, i think the amis with bpu is the better option anyway. I want to know your opinion.