Now today were going to be checking out a brand new budget smartwatch from xiaomi. This is called the redmi watch 2 lite now i know some of you guys might have already seen this watch on youtube. As this actually has been released, i think about a few weeks ago, but i just got my hands on this brand new smartwatch, a budget smartwatch by the way – and i think it does come with a fair bit of features that you might actually be interested in. So in todays, video well actually be checking out how good budget smart watches are getting this guy right here is retailing in malaysia for rm249. During flash sales, ive noticed that the price has actually went down to rm 199, so its actually a very, very affordable price. Point for anyone whos looking to step into the smartwatch world if you havent, already got your own smartwatch. So in todays, video well check out all the features that we can find on this brand new redmi watch 2 lite and lets see whether this is something that you might actually want to consider now before we begin all that, of course, if you do support the Channel dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel if you want to see more content like this and yes lets begin with the video right away now upon unboxing this uh smartwatch right here, i did notice that mine was in this really nice, blue, color And i absolutely love the color.

It comes with a couple of different colors. Of course you have your black, you have the white which looks somewhat beige and of course you have this beautiful blue. Looking watch right here now for this particular redmi watch 2 light redmi has actually put in a ton of new features into this watch, and i think it is absolutely one of the best of budget smart watches that anyone can actually purchase today. Now lets start off with the first point right here and lets talk a little bit about the design and the build quality. Now, first up you might notice this design actually looks very similar to a previous xiaomi smartwatch. I actually have it right here. This was the previous gen one, and this is actually the gen 2. If you want to call it that way, but it has a different name. So the previous version looks exactly the same as the current version, but we do have a larger display, which i will talk a little bit more about later in terms of the build quality. Everything here is actually feeling very solidly built, but the straps are also very nice silicone that doesnt really feel uh uncomfortable on my reset, or it is quite a thin, strap right here bearing mind about that, and if you are wondering, if you can swap out the Straps, yes, you can still do that with the tiny latches at the back. It is not the typical conventional kind of straps, but it is a very custom kind of a strap right here, but i did notice that there were a couple of sellers on shoppie and lazada.

They actually sold straps for this particular watch right here and they are actually fairly cheap. Just about 10 ringgit, or maybe like two us dollars, if you from other regions of the world so thats just in terms of the design, we do have a smaller button on the right hand corner right here, i did prefer the larger aluminum fill button right now. Its not really aluminum its just like a plastic button on the side, but thats still great. Apart from that. Yes, we do have this square face at the front. The bezels at the bottom is still slightly larger than the one on the top its not that symmetrical, but i still have to applaud redmi here for actually giving us a larger display on the redmi watch. 2 lite now, since were talking a lot about the display lets check out what kind of display do we actually have on this guy right here now. First up, we do have a 1.55 inch lcd display. Now that is slightly larger than a 1.4 inch display that we have on the previous gen, so its actually quite large, if you ask me for this kind of price point, the good news here is that the brightness levels actually goes very high, and that means that Whenever you are outdoors, you will not struggle with visibility on the smartwatch itself now. Another thing that i did found slightly missing here is actually auto brightness. You do not have auto brightness on this redmi watch 2 light.

You have to set the default brightness to your personal preference and if you do happen to go into like dark places, you might have to reduce the brightness yourself on this display, but regardless i still applaud redmi for giving us that larger 1.5 inch lcd display now Lets move on to the second point here and talk a little bit about the health trackers, because whenever you wear a smart watch like this, you expect a watch to be able to track a couple of stuff relating to your health. So in this sense, we of course we have the all day, heart rate tracking. We also have spo2 tracking, which uh redmi watch 2 light year, is able to do that continuously during your sleeps now. The reason for this is because to get an accurate spo2 reading, you must not actually move your hand around that much so some smart watches, like the one im wearing right now. It actually does all day sp02 readings, but most of the times its not too accurate, because im always moving my hand around. So i think it is a very, very good point from redmi here to actually only track your spo2s whenever youre asleep at night, because you have minimal movements at that point of time now, apart from that, it also tracks the stress levels. It also tracks your sleeps at night, obviously, and of course, your naps in between the day, so those are the kind of things that you can track.

Uh in terms of the health functions on this redmi watch tool like itself now. The third thing were going to talk about here, and that is also in terms of the fitness factor. Some of you guys, you guys wear a smartwatch, because you want to track your runs, your swims, your cycling and all that. Well, the good news here is that this redmi watch too light, even though it is a little watch right here, it is actually able to track up to 90 or 100 plus different activities, and you can store them directly on the watch itself. The watch by default is able to carry just a number of activities, but you can choose to add or remove spot modes from the watch itself, so its very customizable. I love that about the redmi watch to light now. Moving on to the fourth point here, which is actually very important, and that is that this redmi watch 2 light here does come with built in gps. Now, what this means is that you can obviously take your watch without your smartphone to go for, runs and youll. Be able to track your distance, but i must admit that i havent really had the chance to go out running as you can see its always raining here in malaysia, so i wasnt able to test the gps, whether its really good or not, but a rest assured. You still have gps on board, so thats still better than not having gps at all.

Now. Moving on to the next point here, i want to talk a little bit about notifications. Naturally, this watcher is able to handle most of your notifications, regardless of you are using android or if you are using ios. This watch here pairs with the xiaomi wear app, which, honestly speaking in my opinion, is not the best app right there, but i think they are still upgrading it momentarily now. Lets move on to the final point right here and lets talk a little bit about the watch phases. So we do have a large collection of watch faces on the redmi watch 2 light. I was able to store up to 10 different watch phases on the watch itself compared to previous. I think it was only like three or four. I cant really recall that, but what you need to know is that this watch stores up to 10 different watch faces on top of the three uh original ones. That is already in the watch itself. So you have a total of 13 or 14 different watch faces directly on the redmi watch to light thats really good, because theres, actually quite a fair bit of nice wallpapers designed for the redmi watch 2 light. Now before we go. Of course, i have not forgotten about battery life. The redmi watch 2 light here is able to do up to 10 days of battery life, but based on realistic look, i think you will be able to handle about a week just on one single charge right here, which i think is also still pretty good again.

If you are brand new to the smartwatch game, or if you are just looking for a budget smartwatch to purchase, i think you might want to consider this redmi watch 2 lite im quite confident with the data that is being released by xiaomi. Their tracking data has all been quite consistent, ive used to have the xiaomi mi band 5, and all that and has been pretty good in terms of the data collection. So i think its going to be a pretty good device to actually get yourself. Of course, if youre also looking for a gif to buy for christmas – and you dont know what to buy, you can also check the links down below to get one of these smartwatches for that lucky person, all right, guys, thats it for todays, a quick look at The redmi watch 2 lite. Of course, if you still have more questions or if there are things that you want me to test out, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below. I really really thank you all for watching this video and i hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe.