So the question that has to be asked here is, if i have three and a half thousand, which i have to spend on a fitness band, should i spend on the redmi watch, or should i rather consider the bpo or the real me watch well, this is Manal you’re already watching techvizor and here is a one line. Answer redmi watch is one of the good looking watch, but bipu has the most feature to find out why i said this watch the complete video let’s begin now before we begin here’s. One thing that i always say in tech, visor, video 80 feature of any product are always the same and it’s the remaining 20 feature that decide which product is for which user? Now, obviously, we will only be talking about the 20 feature, but then again, since most of you are buying a smart watch for the first time, you also need to know the 80 common feature as well, so let’s quickly go through the common features in all these Three watches okay, so all the smart watches comes with a watch and a charger, usually a poco pin charger. Next up all the budget, smart watches has pretty much the same ui. That is you swipe down to see the notification swipe up for quick controls, swipe left or right to see the fitness activities like heart rate, sleep, etc, etc. And if you press the power button, it always brings up the menu.

Now we have tested 50 smart watches over five years, and these layout usually stays consistent and the third similarity is. The fitness features, for example, rise to wake is there in all three of them and they work quite efficiently. Then there is heart rate, sensors and in a multiple testing, all of them give similar result. Also, all three of them are equally bright, so you won’t have any problem outdoors there’s, also step tracking. Again, i went out for a walk with all three of them and there was a similar 1500 ish steps and, finally, i still need to test the sleep tracking of all three watches. Okay, so you know the 80 common features. Let’S shift to the remaining 20 features, which will help you to decide which watch is for which user now remember in the starting of the video i said. Redmi watch is for people who want a good looking watch, whereas the bpu is more of a feature. Rich watch: well, there are two parts of this statement and let’s go with the first statement. Why i said the redmi watch is the good looking watch well take a look at the design of all these three watches. If somebody take a look of the watch from the side, they will see huge bezels in real me and debut redmi watch, on the other hand, blends perfectly well, you can’t see the ugly bezels kind of like the apple watch. Another reason the redmi watch has really soft tpu strap, which feels premium.

I mean it feels good and soft to wear it again, kind of like the apple watch. The button on the side also looks premium compared to others and feel polished and it’s, not just outside the ui or redmi watch is also polished. When you press the button, it shows nice and big vibrant colors, and the touch is quite smooth compared to the others. So yeah the redmi watch definitely look and feel better than the other two. Another interesting thing which is only present in the redmi watch, is the built in gps. So let’s say: if you’re going out for a run in case of redmi watch, you don’t have to carry your smartphone video. However that’s not the case with the other two watches, but that’s the only exclusive feature in the redmi watch. It lacks all the other advanced features like you can see in the app it’s. So bare bones, remember this layout. I will show you the layout of bpu after sometimes so that you can compare to it, and this brings me to the second part of my statement. The bpu has the most feature here’s, why i said that so amazefit, which is a parent company of bpu, has been making 20 watches every year. On the other hand, the realme watch as well as the redmi watch, is the first generation of watch, so you can obviously see the amazefit has a lot of experience as well as they know exactly what the user want.

For instance, it has got 60 workout mode, while all the others have 10 to 15.. The bpu also has sp2 monitor, which is really useful feature these days and we tested it against the medical one and it works perfectly fine. Now i want to stress on this one, given the current covet scenario, the redmi watch should have included the spo2 monitor, it’s a game changing feature even more useful than the built in gps and yeah. Even the real me watch has spo2 and finally take a look at the debut app. It has four times more features compared to other two, and those features are useful as well. Although one thing that i would like to point here is, there is no always on display on webview and even many mainstream websites write about it but that’s, not there. Okay, so let’s wrap it up. Like i said in the beginning, if you’re looking for a good looking watch with decent features and gps, then go with the redmi watch. However, if you’re a fitness enthusiast and you’re looking for a feature, rich watch then go with the pipo. It also has the much needed sp2 monitor the only issue. Is it kind of look basic, but if you’re fine with that, this is a really good watch and in case you’re wondering why didn’t i talk a lot about the real me watch. Well, it’s because it sits somewhere between the redmi watch as well as the debut that is neither does it have a lot of features nor it’s the best looking one so yeah you can skip it so that’s about it.

I hope, after watching this video, you have a little clarity on where to spend your money wisely and if you did subscribe to techwiser, while we don’t do one giveaway to thousands of people, we do try to make thousands of people wiser with every single video.