This is normal here and in this video we’re going to do. The detailed review of the new redmi watch so redmi watch is the latest smartwatch announced by xiaomi under the redmi branding. So xiaomi has announced the me watch revolved last year. Now they have a more affordable or budget smartwatch in the form of redmi. So this is the redmi branded smartwatch and uh. As of uh. Now we don’t really know the pricing, but expecting this to be around the 4000 to 5000 price segment. Uh we’ll get to know the pricing once it is being officially announced. So as of making this video, the price has not been officially announced. So we’re gon na talk about this watch, what all features it offers and uh what all functions it has and what are the pros and cons of this watch? Is it really a worthy watch that’s? What we are going to talk about in this video so before getting started? If this is your first time on this channel, do hit the red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so let’s begin. So this is the box package, so we’ll just briefly show the box package. You can see the redmi branding, so this watch comes in three dials uh, three colors in fact, and four strap options. So we have the ivory silver, or rather the ivory, black and blue variant, and you get the strap in four colors.

So we have the ivory variant with us and this is the redmi uh smart watch and this is the charging dock. Then you get the user manual, so that’s all inside the box. So this is the box. You can see here. Redmi watch innovation for everyone, so let’s just keep the box here then we’ll talk about the watch, so this is the redmi watch and you can see it has a 1.4 inches display. You can see that it’s a squarish display and uh. You can also see that, as i said before, this comes in three colors – the black blue and ivory color. So we have the ivory variant and the straps are changeable. You can see here. There is a button here where you can remove the strap. So this is a pretty easy mechanism to remove the strap you can get four different color straps available. The strap quality looks pretty good it’s a solid and uh pretty smooth finishing as well. Let the quality of the material use. It looks really good here. Also, you can see here the strap, the bands everything looks pretty good now. The material quality on the watch is also pretty good if we have a golden color button available. So this button is for navigation, then uh we have the sensor available. The heart rate sensor is included here. The redmi branding is also there, so that’s uh the basic aspects of the watch so build quality wise, i would say, it’s a pretty good or solid, build quality, quite good in terms of the budget aspect.

There isn’t any compromise here in terms of build quality, considering that this is an affordable or entry level. Smartwatch. Now next let’s talk about uh the display. So here we have a 1.4 inches display, it’s a 320 by 320 pixel resolution and the screen type is a tft lcd display with 350 nits of brightness 2.5 d. Curved glass is employed here now, even though it’s an lcd panel. Actually, the brightness levels are pretty good and the colors are also pretty vibrant. It isn’t anything like a dull display, it’s a pretty good display. Actually, you can see that the viewing angles are also quite good. You can actually uh increase or decrease the brightness here. So there you go, you can see that brightness. There is an auto brightness option also. So that means you get pretty good brightness uh. You can also increase or decrease. So this is just the mid value. 4 is kind of mid value. You can also increase the brightness, so here you can see that the brightness levels are pretty good and looks really nice and the touch response are also pretty smooth. You can see here. The touch response feels quite smooth uh in terms of usage as well. So display looks quite good uh, although we would have liked an amoled panel, but then we don’t have much to complain here. It’S, a pretty smooth and colorful display on this watch so that’s the display now let’s talk about the interface so uh.

We have a button here now uh here there are different options. So if you just swipe to the right, we have the heart rate sensor. Then uh sleep monitor uh the climate or temperature, the calories burned. Then phone music control is included. Then from the top. You can see the notification access and the bottom. We have this torch option. Then we have the wrist. Turning on option then lock the display do not disturb. Then another option is uh. Wake up for five minutes is on then settings the watch faces can be customized. So you can see there are lots of options available here. You can also customize using the uh the watch app. I will show that as well then brightness, as i said before, auto brightness, is there then raise to wake functionality? There do not disturb heart rate sensor id alert, so bluetooth and other options are there. So these are the options available. Then, if you click from here, you get these options. So workout modes, outdoor running treadmill, outdoor cycling into cycling, walking freestyle. Then you also get a cricket mode uh, so this is something which uh uh. We indians play a lot cricket, so there is also cricket mode included. Then activity records are there. Then you can see the stats for today calories burned. Then you can see your daily options. Steps taken, uh everything is included. Then this is the heart rate monitoring we will come back to that.

Then sleep monitoring. You can see here uh the sleep monitoring uh details, uh available here. I’Ve fell asleep, woke up at what time and all the details light sleep, deep sleep everything can be monitored from here. Then we have this option of breathing exercise, so you can also do breathe. Breathing exercise from here then going back here you go. Then we have the compass available. Then we have the air pressure option then uh the music control. You can see that if you’re connecting to the smartphone, you can see the music control, then alarms timer. Is there a stopwatch, so basic options are there? There is a torch functionality. Whether then you can go to the settings also. So these are the basic options available. Then, in terms of connectivity, you get the gps support, glonass and the bluetooth 5.1 support. Is there then sensors, as i said before, it has a heart rate sensor three axis acceleration sensor, uh geomagnetic sensor, barometric, sensor, gyroscope and ambient light sensors are included. Then, as i said before, there are 11 activity tracking available. So all the basic activity tracking is there. Then health and fitness options are heart rate. Sensing uh, sleep, detection, guided, breathing and target settings are included on this watch now. One thing which is uh missing on this watch is the lack of blood oxygen level. So spo2 measurement is not there on this watch that’s. Something which is uh probably missing, now that’s again one important aspect here, because uh at this covered time, one of the important things is to measure the blood oxygen levels, so that’s uh missing here so that’s one of the features missing on this watch.

Now you also get 5 atm water resistance and the health is can be monitored from the xiaomi wear app. So we’ll just have a look at the xiaomi wear app and see what our features it offers. So this is the wear app for the xiaomi. Where light app, so you can see his steps taken. Workout history, total sleep data, heart rate. You can see that continuous heart rate monitoring is there uh the battery, then stress level uh. Then you can also see the workouts. You have done the gps is there. So you can actually track your workout treadmill, walking all those things you can try, then the profile you can see that redmi watch is connected. Watch faces can be said. So there are lots of watch faces available here. So you can see here: uh online, you can go here and download. Almost 200 plus watch faces are available, so that’s how it works. Then you can see the notification access. You can get the notification since this is on. We have connected it on ios. Some of the notifications are not working, but on android it works pretty fine. So again you can select the app notifications, whatever you want, so on ios. There are some limitations, but then again on android, it works perfectly well. So this is the app available now let’s talk about the battery life, so that’s, another important thing which everyone would like to know now. This watch has a charging time of around two hours, so that’s the charging time for this watch and uh battery life uh, the company claimed battery life is around 10 days.

So 10 days of battery life is what the company claims uh in our testing. We can say that around seven days is definitely possible that’s. What we feel so seven to eight days is what we expect because uh, if there are lots of notification access, then it might get reduced. But if you are limiting the notification, access to only of say, phone calls sms or some basic apps uh, you can get around seven to eight days of battery life, which we feel is pretty good. One week of battery life can be expected from this watch now. Uh that’s the um watch options now let’s talk about the metrics. Now uh we tried uh the steps counting on this, so chips counting was more or less accurate. We tried comparing it with other watches, especially the android wear watch and a bit more premium. Watches uh uh, so it was working fine and the steps tracking was pretty good. Even the heart rate monitoring was also pretty accurate. We didn’t see any major differences here, just one or two values here and there, but otherwise it was more or less accurate. So again, steps tracking and even the gps volts also uh kind of pretty good on this watch. So overall, we feel in terms of steps tracking and heart rate, monitoring uh the values what the watch gets. You are pretty much accurate. We didn’t see any major issues here now again, as i said before, one thing: what is missing on this watch is the spo2 measurement, the blood oxygen level that’s, one of the very important values right now uh.

So that is something which is missing on this watch. Uh, probably a xiaomi could have provided that on this watch, because that’s one of the most sought after features but probably uh, newer, smartphones smartwatches, will probably have uh this feature so that’s uh the uh brief about the xiaomi redmi watch, which has been announced in india. Now uh, is it a good watch now, as i said before, the pros include good uh design, good build quality. Uh, then a decent set of features included. Accuracy levels are pretty good. There is also gps functionality. Battery life is pretty good. Seven days is easily possible, although company claims 10 days and the functions and features available are pretty good again. The display is again good so now coming to the cons, the most important, or rather the important con for this device is probably the lack of spo to the blood oxygen 11 that’s. What we feel because uh right now, almost every other smart watch, is having this pu 2 measurement that’s one of the important parameters uh for uh in the kovit criteria, so that’s uh, something which xiaomi has missed here with the redmi watch. But otherwise it feels like a pretty good watch. Now we are not really sure about the pricing. Approximate pricing should be around the 4 to 5k price segment and for that it offers a decent set of options and pretty good features and a good battery life as well.

So before winding up the video we’ll, just wear it on our wrist and i will show you how it works, so you can see that the quality looks pretty good and it perfectly fits so well now the as i said before, uh for my hand, it feels Quite okay because i have a very small hand, but for uh people who have large hands, this might feel a bit too small, but otherwise uh the design looks quite okay. I would have liked a slightly bigger display, that’s the feedback, what i have otherwise. It looks quite good now, let’s also measure the heart rate, so heart rate measurement is quite uh accurate. We have tried, with other watches as well, especially the android wear watch. So there you go, you can see the result.