This is redmi’s, probably the first smartwatch, i guess uh in the indian market, and this is a budget smartwatch. Since the mrp itself on the box, uh says that it’s right at around 5999 and and it might be priced at around 5000 uh, the official price. But anyway, you can check out the description for the official pricing. Since the video is going to launch uh. Since the video will be um as the video will be published only after the official launch of the product, so this is the redmi watch and the box packaging is quite uh normal and nothing special with the redmi branding there and the design actually looks similar to Many other smart watches, but what can you do? It’S it’s, always the same with the smart watches they are tend to. I mean be the same with the design. Obviously, it’s going to stay on your hand, so different kind of unnecessary designs won’t be seen there, and this is redmi watch innovation for everyone. Not much is given on the uh specs aspect on the box package. But anyway, if we talk about it, this comes with a 1.4 inch uh 320 to 320 pixels of a screen resolution tft lcd display with 350 nits of brightness, and this is a 2.5 day curved glass on the sides of the watch, and this comes with the 10 day battery life, uh that’s, what the company’s uh claims 10 day battery life with all the connectivity turned on with the smartphone, and it has quite a few sensors.

So if we talk about the sensors – because this is currently the time when most of the users think that they should be taking care of their health even more than they usually used to do, this comes with the ppg heart rate sensor, which helps in the all Day, heart rate detection – and it also has a three axis – acceleration sensor for that activity: direction and also geomagnetic sensor barometer and a gyroscope as well as ambient light sensor, and it has inbuilt gps. Based on what i remember in the briefing that we were told. But the special did not include the gps there, but it should have gps in bed. Will anyway i mean i don’t know if this watch will be tested properly, at least from my side, because i’m not actually going out. We are in the phase of lockdown and i don’t even go out for walk or jogging so i’m, not sure if the activity tracking will be done well, but let’s see how it goes and anyway, it would be a good test to see how good the connectivity And what the notification uh status on this one would be whether it gives in all the notifications or not so before we take out the watch. These are the things that you get inside the box package, the proprietary pogo pin charger or the cradle for the charging, and then you have the different booklets. You have the xiaomi user manual, the redmi watch user manual and also the safety guidelines and everything to let you know how to actually remove the strap and place a new strap if you want to, and now this is the smart watch, so it comes with different Color options for the straps, but this is one of those options that we got and if you take a look at how the design is, it actually looks very slick.

I mean it’s, not that thick of a watch. If we talk about the thickness from the sides, let me know pull up the cover first, so yeah. This is the smartwatch and the watch face actually looks quite small, not that large and since it’s 1.4 inch. Obviously, you can expect that and on the back, you have this ppc heart rate sensor, and this is uh the way i mean to pull out the strap it’s quite easy press, those buttons and the straps come out and there’s a single physical button as well, which Would help start the smartwatch? I guess yes, it does, and this all day, heart rate detection, this sleep tracking on this one, this guided breathing target setting is present and also air pressure. Detection is given in the smart watch and, along with that, the regular stuff, such as the steps, calories and also goal setting now uh. This needs uh, the xiaomi, where application and with your account let’s try to add the device here and you have the redmi watch already in the list of uh those uh accessories. You have me, watch resolve redmi watch, redmi, smart band and the me smart band. 4C. Now searching for the watch, obviously it will search and if through bluetooth it. Yes, it actually connected connecting phone is connected to the device and allow access to your contacts and call history and let’s pair it. Pairing is successful and now it’s trying to add the account to the smartwatch and uh.

If you can see it’s not that hard at all, but it’s not hard at all, not that hard, because it’s very easy to connect. It just started, detecting and obviously after reduction. It tries to give you that notification that okay, this is connected. Now you have to give the access to the contacts and quality if you want to. If you don’t want to that’s, not necessary it’s, not compulsory, that you need to do that now. This is the certification in india, so it’s fully certified. Couldn’T. Add your account. Okay, let’s try again connecting to the redmi watch. Once again. Okay phone is connected and paid successfully. Now adding the account is a bit of a hassle right now. No, but i will try it once again and uh see for an alternative later. Okay, let me yes, uh agree now, after agreeing, i guess, failing and couldn’t add try again bear with watch. Yes. Finally, it’s done so you get a nudge on the smartwatch and, after that, you’ll be able to pair it start using and done now. This is since this is just a quick setup. Video you won’t be able to see a lot of things. This watch faces the shortcuts and also the applications uh. So now, if you’re going to the settings, let’s keep the watch aside and talk about the settings in the uh xiaomi. Where application you have. The battery percentage shown here and watch faces. There’S over 200 watch faces online that you can choose from and install and if you’re going to the local, you have five watch faces that are present here.

You can change them. Probably you can change them on the watch itself. Let me check that as well. So pressing on this, i guess long pressing on this. Yes, it does give you that option to change the watch face from here itself. Now going back into the app you have notifications on your variable device, go to settings, go to settings and you’ll have to obviously give the access to this and i’ll be doing that later. You have app notifications incoming on call notifications, user guide background activity. Permissions as well have to be given for the smartwatch and the connectivity to be properly done, because sometimes uh miui, and not just me by other android uh os um, not just miui other os or the interfaces, also block these kind of applications. So you have to give that permission to them. These are the additional settings now, if we go into the so that was what uh it was on the watch now, if you’re going into back to the watch screen uh. If we check out the different things, this heart rate, that you can check the sleep data there’s, also the weather data calorie count and also the music control. Now this is the quick settings option where you see the lift to wake, and also this is the torch option. Obviously it will turn on the uh display to white, and this is non disturb mode, wake for five minutes and then wake up.

Five minutes is off and going into the settings you have brightness, where you can auto adjust the buttons, because it has that sensor, which is the ambient light sensor which will help in the brightness control. And then you have the different settings for brightness one. Two three four five six levels of brightness, and apart from that, you have the do not disturb more raise to wake heart rate and also the idle alert. So these are different things that is seen inside the smartwatch now pulling down from the top will bring you. The notification section and left to right is all the settings that you see here. So this is uh. This is it. This was a quick overview of the watch and, i would say, it’s quite sleek and very easy to hold. I mean easy to hold in the sense that it is quite light, so it’s not more than 35 grams in weight in total for the watch plus. This strap so it’s quite a very easy to use and a very handy device, but will anyway do a full review after checking out different things in it, there’s also small sport modes, so total of 11 sports modes are given here, which includes the trial running hiking, Walking indoor cycling and pool swimming freestyle and also cricket open water, swimming treadmill, outdoor cycling and outdoor running, so these are the different things that can be tracked under the sports activities, so that can also be done.

Will anyway, uh properly check these kind of things such as heart rate, monitor and everything, since we have the actual medical equipment as well, so we can try to see and uh check. How much is the uh matching of it i mean? Is it really accurate or not we’ll also test that out so for now that’s it? This was a quick overview of the. Let me watch with a quick um setup of the same, so we’ll be doing a full review only after 17th of may so stay tuned. For that as well for now that’s it. I hope you like this video, if you do share and subscribe, sometimes for more thanks for watching.