Okay, just any point for this. One is the case in the case it’s metal case in the middle, and the back side is the iml case like apple watch and the harry sensor, it’s 420 hours always on, and the sensor also supports the blood oxygen. Also, just chrome, can you can you you? Can rotate it to switch the dials and other function? Also the uh? The other selling point for this watch is just watch it with the speaker, speaker and the microphone, so you can use you, can use it to or play the music or answer or reject the call or tell the number you want to enjoy more functions. You have you have to connected with application, so um to see there’s two different theme: you just choose the one you want, and so this one when you’re in the dark it will be useful and this isn’t a light mode it’s for calling – and this is for Finding your smartphone, this is very useful for me and the settings you can adjust the brightness and choose the language later. We will add more language here, same power of actually assemble. You can get after you connect with the what you can. You can get um weather and the sleep steps it’s, just all right, it’s the same okay. Now i go inside the menu it works, assistant, sports record activity to enjoy the function you better to download the application first and the power.

The watch with the application. Add new device and it shoots as strong as the thinker here Music when you first download uh powder watch, it will remind you to choose a language right now, just a true language, but later you, we will add more language here. Uh, like spanish, spanish, germany, french or others arab, a language both they just need to then choose and download here right now in the world, there is five different interfaces, but in the application you can download more and we will keep updating the faces and also you Can customize with your your phone pictures, also it’s item to seek the data here? You can see your calories and distance. This is for a sport mode. There is, there is 10 different sport mode inside and it now you can. It can connect with your smartphone gps. I can have the record your sport route and you can set it to the application and you can check the data here. Current rate is for 24 24 hours of its own and blood pressure. Blood ox aging also actually pressure, but pressure. Deposits will be sick here and if you want to okay message push you can choose the message. You notification, you want, you want to get or no incoming call until last. You know do not disturb if you checked the dysfunction on the watchword, just shoot message but won’t. I will not have the vibration alarm clock. You can add the alarm here century reminder.

You can choose um that format. You can also choose the one. The format you want also vibration times also can be 30 backlight backlight of the watch. It also can be inserted. They have to wake up gesture. You can choose power off if you don’t want. If you want to save more save the battery, you can choose it for this function of hurry, monitoring, music control, Music schedule. You can, you can add the schedule here and then stick to the watch camera for more updates. So if we have the new black new new firmware, you you enter inside, it will remind you, and even you understand and update Music it there. You can also tell the numbers you want to receive the battery. Normally we turn off the the bluetooth for calling you will just activate. It will be activated when you start when you want call someone, okay, so that’s for the function, just what the spot move record activity to your firmware ring, and we can also try play some music first thing. You have to start the music in your package in your phone first, so you can use it to control it. Music. I’M. Music.