That does some sports tracking today we’re taking a look at the upgraded model which is called the fk88 pro. So the pro edition has a few advantages now over the regular fk88 from before, namely that this one now has a wireless charging function, so you can pop it onto a wireless charging disk just like the real apple watch and inductively charge it using qi compared to Before which had a magnetic adapter that you needed to charge it with like before the crown key on the side can be rotated, we have a few different menu options and the other new addition here is that the pro edition has a few personal training modes. There is also a kind of coach that does these virtual movements on the screen that teaches you how to get into these positions and do things like push ups. Otherwise, you can still place phone calls. There is a speaker and microphone it’s still using the same 1.78. Inch display, which has a 320 by 385 resolution, companion app, can also download additional watch faces for you to push over or even customize, with your own photo. The pro edition isn’t too much more expensive compared to the regular fk 88 either. It still sells for around 55 bucks, which i think is fair i’d say for a smart watch that has these capabilities and then inside of this compartment we have access to the straps that you can remove and swap out again.

This is the rose gold, color, but there’s, obviously other ones that you can pick from compartment here – also houses a quick start guide that tells you how to download the companion app called fit fly down below it. We also have a second strap, which is more of a sport type of velcro or nylon material that you can opt for instead and there’s. Also, the charger which is again magnetic this time and wireless, taking a closer look at the fk 88 pro in terms of its design. The body from afar is still very similar, there’s the same kind of boot up animation screen when the watch first turns on and then jumps into the main watch face. It is using a mediatek chip. We do have small bezels on the top and a slightly larger chin towards the bottom, but from afar it’s really hard to tell the difference again. The entire frame here is constructed out of aluminum alloy and feels very solid. The edge here is where the microphone and speaker comes out of, and then the other side features a power key and also the crown key which can be rotated and then finally, on the rear. We do have the optical heart rate sensor and also the wireless charging. Everything is just integrated into one place, so it does look quite sleek and here’s a quick contrast again with the older fk88. The charging mechanism there on the bottom is a bit more obvious for our clone.

It still feels very solid in terms of the build and construction overall. Now we can also change the watch face, or crown here, just by rotating the switch and there’s a few presets which are built on in some of these are animated, just like before other ones, which are a bit more traditional in terms of their style that you Can kind of play around with still uses a ips lcd display, so viewing angles are very good. Visibility and brightness are all excellent, although it’s not oled or amoled, which means there is no always on display mode. So that is one thing to keep in mind. Let’S go through a few of these ones very quickly, and just to give you guys an idea of the options crown key here does feel pretty solid. When it comes to rotating it, it does feel quite sensitive and easy to use, which is again surprising, considering the price point of this particular clone, but shows overall good attention to detail all right so swiping down from this main screen. Here we can take a look at things like alarms. We can jump into a timer, a countdown timer that is as well as a stopwatch swipe over from the edge of the screen to go back by one page, and otherwise you can also swipe left and right to take a look at additional controls. Things like finding your device under display functions. You can also change the brightness of the display and raise it a little bit higher.

Although there is no ambient sensor to automatically change the brightness level and overall it’s, pretty intuitive easy to use. Swiping up again returns us to this main watch face and then swiping down once more actually gives us a quick list of shortcuts there’s a flashlight which just turns the entire display white to illuminate a subject when you’re in the dark a nice little software trick there And we can also change the interface in terms of how apps are displayed by tapping on this key here. So, for example, right now, if we swipe to the left, it shows us this interface style for apps and these bubbles very similar to the real apple watch. And i can also use the crown key here to basically zoom in and zoom out and also kind of navigate around with my fingers and overall it works pretty well, but sometimes, if you have too many apps, it might be a little harder to find what you’re. Looking for so, if you don’t really prefer this style, you can actually change the system to something like a list. So now i can come over again and it’s going to show up in a larger font and display what every single app is corresponding to, and it might be a little bit easier to use. Although it looks slightly less like the real apple watch. But you can pick between the system if you prefer and again, swiping does feel pretty fast and responsive, so the system, optimization is done quite well, not too much lag.

Finally, there is a third mode that you can tap on, which is going to show in a circular list, it’s a bit more simple, but i can swipe up and down here to go through this format if you prefer this system. Instead, this list style in particular, is new on the pro edition, as well and it’s not found on the regular fk 88 from before. Returning to this main home page, you can also swipe over to the right to take a carousel view of all the shortcuts and widgets that you can look at, including a pedometer. That tells you how many steps you’ve walked during the past day swipe over again. To take a look at the current heart rate, there’s also the ability to control music that’s playing back from your phone if you’re connected using bluetooth and there’s, also notifications that can show up things like text messages and social media messages. Although you can’t respond to those messages, but you can at least view them back from this screen and then just return to this onto this main watch face crown key is also interactive with other elements of the menus of the watch as well. So i can also rotate through this, and it works quite well. So, in terms of taking a closer look at some of the features now, there is the aforementioned blood oxygen sbo2 monitoring that you can uh to quickly look at, which is a good gauge to see.

If you’re breathing properly there is that sensor built on in which is great there’s, also blood pressure, which is just estimated using the optical heart rate sensor, so it’s not medically grade accurate but it’s. Another thing that can be tracked, the basic weather info that you can take a look at once. You’Re connected and synced using bluetooth, as well as basic sleep from the past day, can also be displayed in terms of hours that you’ve slept and finally, in terms of sports, you can also check out some basic activities that it can monitor. Now this particular watch the fk 88 pro still doesn’t have built in gps. So if you want to track your route when you’re running outdoors, you have to use your phone’s gps to do that, but it does track your heart rate. Your steps, your speed things like that during a session, other things onto under fitness is the aforementioned virtual coaching. So this includes the different things that are animated, such as say push ups. If you start this after it counts down and begins the session, there will be the pop up here. That tells you kind of how the movement looks like, as you can see there. So this is a virtual animation that is not found on the regular fk88 show. Some pretty good attention to detail and can be a nice useful little guide and under pilates you have a few more, which are very similar to the again fitness ones.

But these are a bit more advanced, so includes supine, kick and a few other ones that you might want to try out the battery life of the wash will last you for around five days or so before. You need to recharge it again, which is pretty good. It is definitely longer than the real apple watch, since this does have a lighter operating system, but overall again works well enough. Last but not least, i can tap on the crown key inwards once to also launch into the dialer pad for making a call again if you’re connected to your phone using bluetooth and that works all right in terms of the accuracy of the sensors. It is pretty much using the exact same parts as the fk8, so the same comments remain things like the pedometer are decent in terms of their quality. It does have a tendency to slightly over count steps by maybe around five percent, but it’s a nice estimation. Here. Sleep tracking is also all right, especially at night. It can tell you how many hours and stages of sleep you’ve been in, although it can’t track naps during the day. So that is one thing to keep in mind. If i sleep at noon, it’s not going to count that as sleep other things, though, in terms of the heart rate, monitoring is pretty much spot on. Sbo2 also worked well enough. One sensor that isn’t found on the fk88 series, though, would be the body temperature monitoring.

That is something that some of the other smart watches are beginning to come out with, but uh it’s not found on this one right. So once connected you’re able to sync over basic stats, things like number of steps you’ve walked during the past day distance converted into calories. Your average heart rate can also be seen here, but it is a very simple app, so not too advanced under device. You’Re able to turn on or off certain gestures like the raise to wake the display battery percentage if there’s any firmware, updates and selecting the watch dial so there’s a few custom ones that you can push over as well as a choose, a custom dial which allows You to set your own photo, selecting a nature shot that we took, so it gives you quite a bit of flexibility in terms of customization, which is always neat. You can even further tweak the way that this dial is showing up.