Oaxis Timepiece, Minimalist Analog Watch, Heart Rate Monitor
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A luxury Swiss-movement analog watch with smart fitness tracker. It comes with a heart rate monitor and other smartwatch functions.

The Timepiece works like a regular analog watch. Except it is equipped with the stuffs you find on a fitness tracker. Including steps tracking, calories burnt, distance travelled, heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring, notifications, alarms and many more. All of these displayed on a 0.42” OLED screen embedded within the clock face.

The Design
Engineered to fit every situation – from formal suits to rugged outdoors. Every Timepiece comes with an additional silicone strap. The straps are designed with a quick release valve so you can swap them out between exercises.

2 sizes – 38mm and 41mm. Both comes in two colour variants

Swiss-made movements
We worked with Ronda to provide a highly accurate movement for our Timepieces. We insist on using Ronda’s 2-pin hybrid quartz movement because of its ability to precisely tell time.

Synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth using our ultra low energy module. The Timepiece can display texts, calls, alarms and reminder notifications on its 0.42″ OLED screen. Short pulses of vibration can also be configured

Heart Rate Sensor
With a press of the button, the Timepiece will automatically read and display your heart rate on the large 0.42″ OLED screen. Your heart rates will also be recorded in the watch and synced to the Timepiece app automatically.

Sleep analysis
Timepiece automatically analyses your sleep habits when you are resting.

Timepiece is powered by an ultra-low energy module designed by us. The battery powers our incredible smart watch 24 hours a day for over 30 days, from a single charge. This means you only need to charge the Timepiece 12 times throughout an entire year!

The charging dock uses two gold contact points to charge the Timepiece. So, no matter how you place the watch on the dock, it will automatically start charging
Putting our expertise to work
Having been in the industry for over a decade, we are in the epicentre of the know-hows in designing ultra low battery consumption devices. We have fitted our own ultra-low energy module to the Timepiece to optimise its battery usage.

Why did we create the Timepiece?
We have been in the business of designing and producing fitness trackers for several years now. In 2017, the Singapore government approached us to work on an initiative to promote the general fitness of the Singapore citizens. The aim is to encourage citizens to clock 10,000 steps everyday. During this campaign, the Health Promotion Board of Singapore distributed more than half a million units of the fitness trackers.

During this period, almost everyone in Singapore was seen sporting a fitness tracker. This is when we realise people are actually wearing their fitness bands together with their analog watch. And we thought it looked funny.

This prompted us with the idea to create a singular model that combines both (the watch and fitness tracker) into a minimalist, sleek and elegant watch, which we now call the Timepiece.