This is a discount budget. Smart watch meant to use for iphones or android a great way to track a lot of information, put some controls and notifications on your wrist, but at a budget price than a lot of the hiring ones great, if youre just looking for maybe a cheap one that You can destroy anybodys work out or give to your kids if they want one well be breaking down the pluses and minuses of this talking all about it in this video. If you want to learn more about it, ill put a link to it in the show notes and as a pin post down below, so you can find it down there. If you want to check it out on amazon, it does fall into the budget range. I dont like to talk a lot about pricing, because pricing changes so rapidly with these kind of products. So, if you want up to date, pricing find it on amazon down there. First, though, if youre new here help us grow, this new channel hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up. It really does help us, because it lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here. Hopefully we can help. You learn something new about great product like this one all right lets dive into this. This is the smart watch oop its a little slippery all the time and lets jump to the home screen. So its got many different clock faces and different settings on here that you can go through its pretty basic.

It does allow you to track your steps, some basic information. You can track your sleep with it. You can heart rate information, and it also has the ability to um control what youre playing what youre listening to and more with it and thats about it. Like i said, you can adjust a lot of facing change, some features and in the app that comes with it, you can link it to a lot of different locations to see what emails text, messages, phone calls and more coming through there and actually take them through This or at least answer it and then use your phone or bluetooth, headset or whatever you may be, using at the time to control it. There is a single button on the side. You tap that to go back to the home screen or into the settings. Since i was already the home screen, you can do things adjust the brightness jump to different settings on there and more. It does go black when not in use on the back of it. You do have a heart rate. Meter come on focus, heart rate meter and then these two dots right next to it are the charging ports for it to connect to a charging on it. Overall, its nice battery power does get you about full day of average use um, and then you charge at night its not exactly the best battery life youre going to find in a watch, but the price point its pretty standard.

One thing i did like ive tested out budget watches like this. A lot of them come with watch bands permanently attached. This one has replaceable ones that are meant to swap out with any standard size watch bands, so you can really use whatever you want. The band youre, seeing here is the one that comes with it included in the price standard, a few things on here: um, it is pretty basic. It uses bluetooth to connect to your phone. You do need bluetooth on youre gon na have to give it a ton of permissions. So this is not android wear. It does not come with all the apps and features of a standard, android, wear or iwatch, for example its very limited, but it does give you a lot of basics. You need heart rate, monitors, step counters ability to control your music that youre listening to ability to answer phone calls, see whos coming, read quick text messages and more so it does a lot for the price point. It is a metal case. All the ways around this is a hard metal and plastic combination, which is pretty nice and the screen is controllable. You can actually control the brightness of it and its pretty bright and direct sunlight outside it works pretty well, and i find its not overpowering in a dark room at night, for example, downside to use the sleep tracker, you need to wear it and i think thats, Where one of the things that come in short with the battery for all day use and then all day, all night use my experience, the battery could be a little light im a heavy user, though i use things like this a lot for a long time.

I was a heavy android, wear user, be interested to see how this holds up, for maybe somebody who doesnt use it nearly as much as i do, but, overall its a pretty good smart watch. I like how thin it is a one of the main complaints with a lot of discount smart watches like this and even android. Wear smart watches is how thick and bulky they are. This has got a very slim, very nice, looking um interface with it. I definitely like it and im gon na give it a thumbs up now, a few things on here i do wish it was more android wear, but at this price point, cant complain youre, paying less than half the price of some of the other comparable cheap android. Wear watches on the market right now, so we have a kid that is looking for a cheap one, or maybe you just want to watch to track some steps as you go for walks and more a cheap um step counter. This is not a bad way to go now compared to a fitbit or many other devices on the market. This is a fraction of the price, but you get what you pay for youre, definitely lacking some of the apps and other features that others similarly priced or excuse me other watches that are a lot more money are charging, so keep that in mind overall ill. Give this a thumbs up its a good watch.

Does what it says its going to do. Step count seems to be well ability to see text messages, answer phone calls and more is effective. If you want to find out more about this ill put a link to it on amazon down below, you can check it out there if youre new here. Do me a big favor help us grow. This new channel hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up. It lets youtube know you enjoy what we do here. Hopefully we helped. You learn something new about a product around you check out our other videos. We have a huge and growing catalog of different youtube videos. We would appreciate your support thanks.