I purchased, i bought 200 and only one was faulty Music ordered these to use as party favors in a science kit. The colors are a great variety and the balloons blow up well by hand. We didn’t try helium on them. Just blew them up by hand for use with science experiments. These are perfect for the kids to decorate their hydro flasks, with just as pictured and super fun. Great selection, all stickers shown were received. I put one on a water bottle and it has held up. Great quality was great worked perfect for my laptop. They were really cute. The quality was nice Music love it great quality, perfect stocking stuffer for your teenage daughter. The young girls are going crazy for the stickers they’re super cute and the perfect size to put on bottles or binders. I love them and i know she will too great price as well, for the sub used 40 range there isn’t much to complain about considering many time only devices can reach this price tag. It is a fairly large watch. So if you have a small wrist child, for example, you may want to consider that is it perfect not really, but again for 35 bucks, let’s get real Music. A few areas for improvement gives an idea of how much i had to dig for some constructive criticism to use the app location services need to be allowed, but don’t shut off when the app is closed. So i removed the permission, but now the app complains whenever i launch it, it really doesn’t need Music errors, are still chinese and not internationalized.

I notice the blood pressure sensor is off by about eight sixths compared to a home pressure. Cuff i borrowed so my 115 75 is actually 123.81. I read somewhere. This could be caused by various skin types and some other factors. So i just take the graph and adjust mentally set up question imperial or metric select imperial next question height, slash way in cm kg the rest of the app displays properly, but i was slightly amused, could use on demand checking within the app as well as high Slash low recording improvement, i noticed a few health spikes which weren’t recorded in the graphs. I didn’t see an export option for the logs, which could be useful to reference at the doctor’s office Music. There are a few other app related customization improvements i can think of, but again 35 the positives. There are some pretty nice items as well. The graphs are easy to glance at and the health info is readily available. Configuration was easy and they walk you through it. Multiple clock, screens, dial and digital to pick from with useful health info on them, easy enough to navigate on the watch face. It is fairly comfortable and the first charge looks like it could last me nearly a week, although i might just charge it early, no account subscription required. Personally, i think that is the best part of it all.