Well now, the company is back with a upgraded model which, interestingly, goes by two names: either the rs4 or the ls12 theyre, both the same smartwatch and the biggest change has to be with the display, its now rocking a 1.78 inch, amoled or oled display compared to The ips lcd that was used on the previous gen model, just like the apple watch and galaxy watches. You now get this inky black contrast as well as images just really pop. It just makes it look more premium. The price now is slightly more expensive. It retails for 50 bucks, but it often goes on sale for only 40 dollars with that being said, it still is a relatively entry level watch in the sense that functionality hasnt been significantly upgraded. You wont find built in gps, but you can use connected gps with your phone if youre tracking your route when running outdoors theres 12 sports that you can track – and there is a blood oxygen monitor on this model – has a zinc, alloy, shell, so constructed out of Metal instead of plastic on the predecessor at least with the frame. Now we are still talking about ip68 in terms of water resistance, so you can use it when showering when in the rain and will survive, but its not as recommended to use if youre swimming it doesnt have lets, say five atms, which many of the more expensive Devices may offer, but still just having this amoled display on such a low cost watch is really amazing to see its a functionality that was once reserved for flagship devices.

The battery here can last up to 10 days, at least it claims on a full charge. If youre using it in the stamina mode, it will last up to 20 days but thats. Turning off many of the continuous heart rate, monitoring and otherwise very simple presentation. We have just the watch on top underneath youll find a quick user guide and tells you to connect with your companion app, which works with both ios and android. Its called halo fun, along with the pogo contact for the magnetic charger. So taking a quick look at the design of the rs4 ls 12. First immediately, we can see that it is a very beautiful smart watch. The display here just totally jumps out the minute that you turn it on and how dark and rich the colors vibrancy is its also a large screen. Again. 1.78 inches is significantly larger than the 1.4 inches found on the ls02. So you can get the idea of how much larger of a canvas you get when it comes to just taking a look at content, so it is a little bit larger, but still isnt too bulky. I would say it feels comfortable enough, even if you have slightly smaller wrists and doesnt, feel too much out of place, because its still relatively slim heres also a comparison with the previously popular amaze fit gts2, which still remains one of my favorite kind of square. Smart watches and youll notice that this one has a smaller display, by contrast, its 1.

66 inches. Another comparison might be the amazefit gts2 mini, which was a even cheaper watch for a mace fit at the time, but were still talking about easily two or three times the price of the halo watch, and this one has an even smaller 1.55 inch display, but both Have that same contrasty nature thanks to oled anyways a closer tour here. It also has kind of interesting, curves and edges in terms of how everything is fit together, especially the watch band. As you can see there, the strap is this very symmetrical shape how you wear. It is also kind of interesting you put the buckle through here and then the band will actually wrap on the inside, like that. So it gives you a very secure fit as usual. The watch straps can be removed to be replaced with other textures, colors and materials, and on the very back here it is made out of a polycarbonate plastic but thats to make it less irritating on your skin compared to metal. The band, though, like i said, is constructed out of zinc, alloy very cold to the touch, a simple power key on the side. There optical heart rate, spo2 sensor and the charging contacts just really good fit and finish. I have to say it feels as good as the aforementioned amaze fit smart watches, which, again, by contrast, are going to be more expensive. Now it does have a raise to wake function. So whenever you tilt the display up, it will turn on to life.

The glass here is 2.5 d, so it slightly curves off at the edges, making it feel a little smoother as youre swiping along and sensitivity of the watch has been great so far. Now. One thing i will say, though, is i havent, actually seen a always on display mode, yet which many of the other oled watches have essentially, if they arent being used, theyre displaying kind of a more simplified watch face. The background is dark, so it consumes no power. Thanks to the oled technology, only when you wake up the screen, you get that full dial view. So i think this is something that i would like to see a halo add on via a software update in the max brightness level. I had no issues in terms of viewing it even under some moderate sunlight, but you can always decrease it, increase it yourself and adjust the properties it doesnt have a automatic light sensor built on in, but still its easy enough to adjust. The ui of the watch remains largely unchanged from what we saw in the previous gen. Smart watches from halo still is very easy to use and perhaps the biggest visual addition is now we have a universal tray that holds all of your applications that the watch can run at once. We can swipe left and right to go through a carousel that will loop back and forth between other widgets. You can see some slight moments of hesitation, but at the end of the day it still is pretty responsive, doesnt really get in the way of you enjoying to use the watch so the first tile over we have access to a number of steps.

Calories and distance walked for the day. I can also swipe over again to take a look at my heart rate, swipe down to take a look at a map continuously for the entire day and how my resting heart rate compares. I can also swipe over once more to take a look at the sbo2 blood oxygen monitoring which isnt tracked automatically, or i should say, continuously like most smart watches. So in this mode you have to typically hold still for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then it will give you that percentage metric. Otherwise, once over again will tell you your sleep for the previous night in terms of light versus deep sleep. One other thing to keep in mind here, though, is the sleep tracking accuracy, i would say its decent compared to other budget. Smart watches certainly does the trick, but it isnt quite as advanced as what we see on the maze fit the apple watches and the huawei smart watches, which have even more precise tracking of naps. So if i, for example, fell asleep right now, it would count that as continuous sleep versus on the rs4, it only tracks sleep during the night time hours, and we have another page over here for weather, which will tell you also conditions for the next three days. In terms of temperature, as well as an icon, to show, if its sunny, if its rainy once more again well, give you this meditation screen which allows you to take a break and kind of breathe in relax.

With the icons on the watch. For one minute or two minutes, it has a haptic vibration that not only will alert you, but also tells you if you have notification coming in. For instance, when you are paired with your smartphone youll be able to see text messages as well as social media messages, but like most entry level, smart watches, you wont be able to reply to those messages and it can hold up to five watch dials at once, And you can customize it with many more options via the companion app, which is great. You can even use your own photo as the background image, so you can really tell here with this analog style, how just detailed this display is. It truly is almost a flagship grade display for a wearable, i have to say, and that is super impressive and improves the entire experience of the watch as a whole. A few other options which do look pretty neat, especially again with the colors being so vibrant and it all seems to be fitting quite well with the watch another one slightly more inspired by the apple watch. The greens, though, just really pop out and once more again into a final kind of analog style. Otherwise, as far as the full list of applications are concerned, you can already tell most of these features are relatively straightforward, but we can jump into the 12 workouts that it can track things like jogging running cycling and essentially, whenever you start one of these sessions, it Will just start to track your heart rate during the entire period continuously and give you some slightly more precise data in terms of calories.

Burned distance walked things like that and if you want to take a quick look at some of the sessions that youve tried out, you can then revisit those things like your speed heart rate, and you can check out more details after you, sync it with your phone And maybe the only thing i would like to see again, just the software edition may be just double tapping on the crown key to enter the sports modes, for instance. So right now you have to really swipe up and then tap on here to select this yourself. It takes maybe one extra step versus on some devices which gives you a quick launch shortcut. We can also swipe down a little bit more to access an additional two rows of icons for things like the meditation breathing finding your phone. A countdown timer is also found here, so you can count down. It will vibrate and buzz to remind you of something as well as the basic timer can also be found here. The companion, app halo, fun isnt the most advanced that weve seen, but its simple to use and quick to pair just simply pull down, and it will just automatically refresh sync over the data and in terms of step count. I would say its pretty accurate. Not too far off from many of the amazfit smart watches that i tried comparing it with. If you try to shake the watch, it doesnt really count that as a real step, thankfully so pretty good detection of real versus fake other things on here include again.

The aforementioned heart rate monitoring, although on here its not going to give you as much intelligent recommendations as what a maze fit and apple may offer so on those devices. It may sometimes compare your stats with other users and say you are, you know, falling asleep later than x percentage of the population? How to improve that on here. Its just presenting your data, but the layout here is quite simple. Similarly, theres another screen for your spo2 blood oxygen monitoring, just saving the data at a quick glance, accuracy of the heart rate monitor, i would say, has also been very good in my testing compared to the aforementioned amazefit gts2 blood pressure or skin temperature. Those are two metrics you wont find on board now. The middle tab here under sport will also allow you to track your heart rate. The usual step count, but it will also activate gps from your phone, so you can track your route. That mode can also be handy if youre trying to do a bike tracking session. Now, if we tap on our device here, we can also change other properties. Things like the aforementioned watch faces. So here are a selection that you get on here. They all look pretty attractive and it is a pretty diverse set of options that you have mix of both digital and analog styles. Many of these are customized. It looks like just for the watch, which is great selection, isnt, quite as wide as what youll find from the more expensive, amazefit, smartwatches and xiaomis own me watches, but for what it is, it still is giving us some pretty attractive options and again you do have Custom dials, which you can create by choosing your own photo as well as tweaking things like the color of the text afterwards, just tap on sync, and usually it will take just about 20 seconds or so, and this image in particular also allows us to see the Bezels on the watch a little bit more, they are more or less symmetrical other things that we can change again here on the app include what types of notifications we want to pass through to the watch, as well as what types of cards in that carousel view.

You want to show up as well as whether you want the auto continuous heart rate, monitoring to be turned on or off, and also allow you to turn on things like a do not disturb mode alarm. Clocks can be set sedentary reminders, so it will warn you to get up and move if youve been sitting for too long and under the health monitoring. This is where you can access that heart rate high or low, and you can change what that will correspond to. In terms of the number that you deem as too high or too low thats, more or less it as far as the halo, rs4 or ls12, and i would say in terms of functionality like i said, its still is a fairly entry level and basic smartwatch. Dont expect miracles there, but this is really all about that beautiful large display, which just belies the budget price overall just makes the entire thing feel a lot more expensive, its a really strong, showing and im not too surprised in this regard, because halo has always represented Exceptional value as one of the ecosystem brands of xiaomi, just like amazefit its a pretty significant leap, especially with the display here compared to the previous gen ls02. I have to say so. You can check out more details if youre interested in the links down below this is definitely going to be. I think, one of the most attractive budget, smart watches.