Even though functionality is relatively limited and today were taking a look at yet another smart watch, a budget, one that is from a ecosystem brand of xiaomi, its called the kai select k10 and the name itself is not quite as well known as halo. I would say, but, like i said, theyre all part of the same ecosystem so well see many similarities in terms of features as well as the ui. This one, of course, has a round display instead of the square shape that we saw on the rs4. But halo does also have a round display watch which goes by ls05. Slash rt2 is their newest model, so this is really going to be a close sibling. I would say to this particular watch as well as the eme lab kw 66. So these are all what i consider as almost identical smart watches, just going by slightly different names, so anyways this particular watch its actually one of the least expensive models that you can find, though, for instance, it sells for only 35 bucks and thats even 10 dollars. Cheaper than what halo and amylab are charging for their equivalents, it has a super smooth, 2.5 d, curved glass without any markings that makes it look just very modern for the price measuring 1.32 inches diagonally. A true round display theyre calling this a semi amoled, but its really just an ips lcd screen, which has very strong contrast, thats 13 sports modes, that you can track like other budget.

Smart watches weve seen recently it doesnt have built in gps, but you can connect it to your phone and using your phones connected gps. It can still track your route when you are performing sports and runs. It does have heart rate, sbo2, blood, oxygen, monitoring and in terms of waterproof rating, it is ip68 exactly the same as the aforementioned halos and eeny labs. This will be rain proof and shower proof, but its not as recommended to take it when diving or swimming claims to also last for upwards of 20 days on a full charge, if youre using it sporadically, which is excellent but again considering the lighter operating system. This is about average simple presentation. Ive already started to test and use this, of course, because its our review, but just showing you guys what it looks like when you first take it out of the box magnetic pogo contact charging cable as well as a quick user guide with a qr code. You can scan to download the companion app so taking a quick look at the design of the watch just by looking at it from afar. You really cant tell that this is only a 35 dollar wearable, its pretty crazy. How far weve come in the past year or two when it comes to having these much larger displays a true round screen and these curved edges a full metal frame? In addition to having kind of a back key, we also have a dedicated control for accessing the sports tracking modes, so its a little bit easier to jump into the sports activities.

All the keys, like i said, are constructed out of metal, so they feel quite good. In terms of their responsiveness, but they are a little bit shallow in terms of it, doesnt protrude a lot from the edge fairly lightweight smartwatch. It doesnt really weigh you down, even if you have smaller wrists, its still going to look pretty clean and attractive and on the very back here we do have a glossy plastic material, as opposed to the aluminum frame that we have on the edges. But it feels comfortable on your skin and we also have the sbo2 blood oxygen monitor which will flash red and the green. There is for your heart rate sensor. In addition to the charging contacts watch. Straps, of course, are replaceable. As usual. The silicon here felt breathable when i was wearing it for the past few days, didnt really notice any strain or any irritation quick size comparison again with the aforementioned rs4, which does have a slightly larger display, like we said this one here measuring about 1.7 inches the Amaze fit gtr 2 series, although the gtr 2 has slightly larger bezels, as you can see there for a watch that is just a fraction of the price of the mace fit. It still looks quite good. This one here is called the bh588a is from yet another ecosystem brand of xiaomi, and by contrast, i have to say that the k select k10 is a better choice, at least in terms of having a sharper resolution.

You can tell that theres a bit more pixelation here versus the contrast on this lcd screen. Just is a little bit more vibrant and detailed. So there are improvements even within their affordable, smart watches, not to mention that it has a metal frame compared to the plastic. On that particular version, so taking a closer look at the ui overall, its quite simple and straightforward, so we can long press for a few seconds to change the watch, dial, six options which you can choose between and you can download more ones to push over to The watch that being said because it isnt a oled screen, there is no always on display mode and brightness its decent. You can definitely still see it if theres moderate lighting, but if youre under very strong sunlight, you can still occasionally wash out a bit for an lcd. I think its doing quite well, especially with viewing angles. Responsiveness all feels good, so dragging down here. We have our quick shortcuts things like changing the screen brightness very quickly. There is no proximity sensor and ambient light sensor, but its easy enough to select this yourself enter do not disturb mode. You can find your phone if youre connected and then swiping up again will allow us to take a look at if theres any notifications. Things like text messages calls as well as social media. Tweets will come in again theres no way to really compose or answer those messages.

There is no built in mic, but its still nice to have those notifications at a glance now the carousel. Here we can swipe between to enter the quick widgets. We see that there are occasional moments of hesitation, uh but overall for a budget, smart watch, it still feels respectable, and so the first panel here takes advantage of the round display and shows using the curves how much of our daily goal weve completed. In terms of steps, calories burned, distance walked all pretty simple to see and we can swipe over again to take a look at our current heart rate, high versus low for the day once more again to the spo2 blood oxygen monitoring, and this usually takes about 10 Seconds to get a measurement once more again will give us our weather condition. For the day, you can tap to take a look at the additional stats for the next four days ahead, which is pretty handy and then once again will tell us our sleep from the past night, which will automatically reset and cant be seen on the watch itself. After you go past 6 pm, so that data will be saved over to your phone for you to revisit things like how much hours youve slept light versus deep sleep, you can swipe over once more to control any music thats being played on your device. If youre paired using bluetooth and the device does have haptics, as you can hear there, to give you a notification, one interesting thing about this particular carousel, though is it doesnt necessarily continue its loop.

So, in order to go back home, you have to kind of press on the top key there. Part of the reason is because, if you swipe over to the left, youll get into the list of your full applications. Take a look at the 12 different sports activities that we have, including running walking, cycling, climbing yoga, badminton ping, pong theyre, all pretty simple and straightforward. But essentially, when you start a session, it will keep on measuring your heart rate, as well as a more accurate step. Count calories burned to give you that session info under more youll also find basic stopwatch functionality, as well as the timer functionality that can count down. Might not be the fastest and most fluid experience compared to devices with faster processors and more expensive wearables, but for the most part it still is easy enough to control and use. The companion app, which case select has opted for is called glory fit. So its a slightly more generic app that will also work with other wearables on the market, but essentially its pretty easy to pair and afterwards you can track down to refresh your data. Take a look at your steps during the past day, distance converted and your target, which you can change as well and records all this data, for you to review later on same thing goes with your heart rate measurement. Now, when it comes to accuracy of the step count and the heart rate, i would say both are pretty good, like i said its fairly copy and paste with the halo rs4 in the sense that functionality of these budget smart watches from xiaomis ecosystem brands are largely The same so the sensor quality also isnt too far off.

I found it to be precise enough to get you an indicator of how active you are heart rate as well. Wasnt too far off from some of the amaze fit smart watches. I was comparing it with now when it comes to sleep tracking. I would say this is one area where similar to the halo rs4. It doesnt really track naps during the day, so you have to sleep during the regular hours at night. I found the accuracy, though, to be not quite as strong as on the halo watch in the sense that it tends to over count your sleep, but didnt really kick start the day with a bang. So it thought that i was still sleeping uh, but that wasnt the case and on the halo, smart watch. By contrast, it was able to better delineate that i actually woke up so overall, i would say accuracy here can definitely be improved, but one thing i do like about this app is: it does give you some analysis, such as youre sleeping too late waking up too Soon things like that, which at least shows you some personalized information and potentially how you can improve your habits compared to on the halo app, there is no recommendations at all. The blood oxygen monitor also is doing a fair job. Here i found the accuracy of this to actually be pretty close to the halos and amaze fits. I was pairing it against. Allow you to start a sports tracking sessions like running or biking from the app and use your phones, gps, to begin that tracking, along with the devices heart rate, monitoring and thats, pretty handy under device, we can also take a look at any firmware updates notifications.

You want to pass through alarm clocks that you can set up from the device finding the watch from the app here, as well as the 12 versus 24 hour formats, and then we can also tap on watch faces here to take a look at the different dials. That you have available to further customize things, and it is a pretty wide selection on here. I do feel like the overall roster is a little bit more generous than on the halo rs4 selection panel right now spans roughly three pages or so of content. So its pretty wide – and it will give you a lot of different options for you to try out a lot of these are quite attractive. They show off the vibrancy of the screen. They have kind of cartoon like figures, others which are more classic and analog style, and overall it definitely gives you a quite wide array of options which is appreciated. And then, if you do find something that you like, you can simply tap and afterwards it will send it over to the watch. It usually takes just about 15 to 20 seconds. Finally, under your custom dial, this is where you can actually set up your own background image as the dial, as well as change the font color. So, overall, it still is a simple app, so thats more or less it as far as our hands on review of the k select, k10 and, like i said, for a budget, smart watch.

This one here in particular, shines in the sense that it is a very sharp display, very smooth, solid metal frame. Although we dont have revolutionary increases in functionality, thats kind of to be expected at this price range, and i think for what it is. It really is very long, lasting comfortable to wear and if all you need is a simple wearable, this definitely fits the bill as far as being an attractive budget round.