So, as you can see here, we have the box and also we have two more rim or borders for the case you get one for free, but if you want another one uh, you need to pay three dollars, so uh yeah let’s get to the unboxing uh It’S, a pretty simple box, unfortunately, in the transport uh it was beat up or something like that, but yeah. This is the box and, as you can see we have over here, you know how probably is gon na look like uh also over here. It says that it’s a certified military grade so it’s going to protect our watch really well, as you can see over here, it says that it’s compatible with the series 456 or se all for 44 millimeters and on the website. You can choose whatever apple watch or size. You have also. It says that it’s customizable plus tough case it’s, very customizable, because you can change the rims, and i heard that it’s very tough and you’re not going to have to worry about. You know breaking your apple watch, so uh yeah let’s, see on the side uh, nothing that uh interesting but uh on the back. We have a few more things. As you can see, this is the frame and the the color part it’s the rim. Also over here. We have the again the military, graded, stuff, uh, customizable design, slim minimal form and uh. Also. It says that it’s compatible with the heart rate, monitor and that’s, really great, because it’s not going to be bulky or something like that.

Also, you can charge the apple watch without any problems and you don’t have to buy another charger or something like that and also you know: it’s uh compatible with most apple watch bands and the third party straps and, as you can see, nothing really else, mainly taiwan And uh yeah on the side again, nothing really that important or just the recycle thing and uh yeah let’s get right to the unboxing. Okay, so uh now let’s open it and let’s see what do we have inside of the box. As you can see, the first thing that uh we have over here is the case, and also we have the rim. I chose the black case and also the black rim and uh let’s. Take it out it’s, pretty simple doesn’t feel like a rubber or something like that uh. It does feel uh very tough. You know it’s very interesting. We are gon na talk about uh it more. This is not that interesting, but uh this one uh. You have a qr code, as you can see, and uh probably is gon na redirect us to a video installation. As it says, uh we have a photo with an apple watch and here, as you can see, we have tutorial videos and uh. It says how to install how to remove and uh i’m gon na show you in the video how we can do that uh on the back. Just some contact, uh information and yeah that’s.

All so let’s see how it’s gon na work on our apology. Okay. So now on the table, i have an apple watch series 4, and this is the 44 millimeter. This is why i chose this size. So, first of all, we need to take out the old strap and then we have to take out the outer rim, just like that, it’s very simple, and now we just have to gently put it in the case. Just like that. I saw that this is the best way to squeeze it in so just like that and it’s in the case also, we have to put the outer rim, we just have to line it up and then just squeeze this thing and almost done, we have a few More tabs, this is all plastic, so don’t worry about breaking it so yeah. This is the apple watch, as you can see, it’s a little bit bigger, but i’m gon na show you how it’s gon na look like on the hand. This is how it looks like on the hand, as you can see, it’s, not really that big, uh and uh, because you’re gon na consider that you know your apple watch is gon na, be protected and you’re, not gon na break it or shatter it or something. Like that, i think it’s worth the extra millimeters and plus, if you are usually working outside or something like that or you’re going on a vacation. I think it’s a great case to just slap it on your apple watch and then you know never think about it because uh, you know it’s gon na protect your watch and uh you’re.

Not gon na have to worry about. You know bumping it uh everywhere or something like that, because it’s gon na be protected and uh. I think this is the beauty of the case. So now let’s see how other rims are gon na look like now. We have the white rim and i think it looks uh really good, um it’s, not really my style. I like a little bit more stealthy. You know look or something like that, but i think it looks great and you know it’s just another color, if your outfit or something like that needs a little bit of pop and a little bit of color. I think this is a great addition, and the really nice thing is that you can change it very, very easy, because you don’t have to take out your whole case. As you can see, you just need to pull it from here, and you know the outer rim is gon na come out, and then you can just change it. So i think that’s really really amazing and the last color that i have today uh is the army. Green one – and i think this one looks the best uh, because you know the case it’s a little bit tough and uh. Also the army green makes it a little bit more tougher. So i think that’s such a great look, and you know if you have a green t, shirt or something like that. I think it’s gon na look very, very, very good.

Now let me show you a little bit more uh the case uh, because i showed you, you know just the sides on the back. This is how it’s gon na look like uh. You have the perfect. You know cut for uh the the speakers and uh yeah. This is the case for the apple watch. So now let’s talk a little bit about the price uh. You can get this case for 15 bucks from the renault shield website and plus you have another rim, just as a gift. You can choose whatever color you want, but, as you can see, i have two of them and i got one for three dollars. So this is the price. If you want more rims uh also uh be careful about the transport. I think the transport was around 10 bucks or something like that. So yeah uh just keep that in mind: it’s, not free unless you spend 50 dollars. So this was the unboxing and the review for the rhino shield crash guard and x, and i hope you like it.