Today i will unbox the rugby air 4g smartwatch lets open. It here is the use menu, and this is the smartwatch turn it on smooth operation. This side we have a power button, the other side. We have a car slots. You can insert your 4g card and this smart watch becomes a full feature. Smartphone on your wrist turn to the back. It has some heart rate and bright oxygen monitor. Next, we are going to see what else we have in the box. Music. A screen driver here is a magnetic usb charger. Weve got the charger here and you can charge up with only 5 watt cells, Music Music. So this watch is running for android version 9.1. Full android smartwatch means full android, like you have in your smartphones. That means you get a full google play story, full google maps. You can download any apps or games you want and enjoy it. You see you can watch the youtube videos, Music do and you can also go to the instagram and watch it Music, Music, so Music. So, yes, everything has been upgraded, it has the heart rate and blood oxygen monitor. So you can monitor your heart when you run and doing other sports Music, and it also has the ip68 deep waterproof rock by air 4g smartwatch will be realistic in banggood on september 27, at 2 pm.