com, and i have no idea if this is a real amaze fit gtr or perhaps this is a counterfeit. So we’ll see what’s in the box and it says smart watch full circle full touch screen. I don’t see the the name of maze fit on here anywhere, so this is looking like a counterfeit knockoff. Oh boy, and here is the watch itself. It comes with a charging cable, it comes with a strap, that’s, a leather or faux leather, on one side and rubber, with some gripping fingers on the back side and then the watch itself. Okay, not a bad looking watch, it does not say a maze fit anywhere on here, so this is most likely. A counterfeit watch. It’S got a little protective layer here, so that’s a nice cover that at least it’s brand new. So let me go charge this up. Give it a shot and see what a counterfeit amazefit gtr will do for me. Okay, so, with that elephant in the room addressed, this is not even a counterfeit amaze fit gtr. This is an entirely different smartwatch. This is called the rogbid gt smartwatch. I had to do a little internet sleuthing to figure it out, but when it paired with my phone and the app is called h band um, it showed up there as the s 16, and that was enough of a clue to send me down the rabbit hole To find it on the internet – and i found out this – is indeed the rogbid gt smartwatch.

So this is not a gps watch. This is nothing at all like the amazefit gtr, so kids don’t buy stuff from, because there’s a lot of sellers on that site. That are just there to rip you off. They don’t think twice about misrepresenting what they’re selling so keep that in mind. Now that said, i contacted support right away and they agreed to issue me a full refund. Once i showed them the shipping label and sent them photos, they did refund my money. So hey! I figured i’d, do a review of this watch. Nonetheless, now this thing is actually selling on aliexpress for about 24.99 right now and i’ve seen it on amazon, with a promo code for about eighty dollars right now, so huge disparity in price, um and i’ve even seen some prices of this watch online even higher than That which would be totally absurd to me for the feature set you get here, there’s no way this is worth 80 or even north. Of that this is a you know. You know aliexpress, like i said 24.99, this is a 30 year 40 uh smart watch, so let’s go through and show you what it can do. First, you turn it on and there’s only two motions you swipe left or swipe right, but the whole screen is touch sensitive. So i really like that. So, if you scroll up and down these, are your various watch faces? Okay, you have several to choose from no um way to add more or customize beyond the ones that come with the watch already.

This is what you get these are the watch faces, okay, so pay attention to that. Make sure you see one that you like, because those are your only options i kind of like that one. This is the one you’ll see in the promo photos, and then this is kind of a neat take on that too. So then, from there you can swipe left and right. You press the button on the side to get this thing to light up. I have this set for a default of five seconds right now before it turns itself off from there. If you swipe left and right, this gets you through your functions and features. You can turn the watch off. This will give you your sleep analysis. This will give you your number of steps and an estimate of distance, and then that gets you right back to your watch face now. These are some options. You can have go into the sports mode, there’s a list of sports modes. Here again, this is not a gps watch, so this will just keep track of your total time and calorie burn and classify it under that type of exercise. Nothing fancy there it’s got find your phone. Hopefully, you can hear that off camera it’s, actually working it’s notifying my phone. So if you lose your phone or misplace your phone, this gives you a way to kind of track. It down gives you your heart rate, so this is really cool.

It’Ll take your heart rate in real time, and it will continuously monitor it. You have a an option to put it in continuous heart rate mode, so that’s kind of cool. It will actually take your blood pressure too. So i’ll let this go in real time and show you this feature. It does a reasonably good job with with blood pressure. Now i will will say this. I have this turned on to automatically measure all night long and just the variation from measurement to measurement. As i sleep tells me, it’s inconsistent enough that i don’t really trust it, but that caveat applies to all wristband devices that are not fda, approved it’s, going to give you an estimate, but don’t trust it. This is not a real uh heart rate blood pressure. Cuff. I should say, and then there’s a stopwatch feature, a countdown feature. You can get messages and notifications. Now these work, i have some notifications set up. I have one test message that i sent to myself here, so it works. It has to be paired with bluetooth and a female it’s a cycle tracker for females. I have no use for that. Obviously, but you know nowadays, you never know you can control your music and then there are some settings in here where you can get into the information mode and here’s where you can scroll through, and you can turn it on on and off your various options and Notifications for the various apps that you have and you can like facebook – i can just click the hot area there and turn that on and off.

So this is kind of neat to be able to do this right from the watch face and not have to go to the phone and the app to do all this. So you can manage your notifications there’s a brightness adjuster here i have it on the lowest possible, setting let’s crank this guy up and show you what the highest setting looks like nice, big display. I really like the looks of this watch, auto lock and the switch this lets. You change various functions and features for alarm and sedentary reminder turn the wrist to turn it on. I always turn that off constant blood pressure, monitoring, uh, constant heart rate monitoring and you can set a blood pressure. Uh. I’M. Sorry, a heart rate alarm that if it goes above a certain point, it will buzz and give you a notification so that’s about it. Overall, you know, even though it’s not what i ordered. I, like the looks of it. I like the feel of it. It’S a metal housing it’s, a nice beautiful watch, it’s, just not what i ordered does not do. Gps does not do heart rate. Variability does not do blood oxygen saturation, so you know what i recommend this um yeah. It depends what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for a rich feature set – um – probably not, but if you’re looking for a good basic smart watch to do heart rate monitoring continuously with blood pressure – and you know some neat looks and displays here um.

It is a sharp looking watch. I do like it like. I said i like this face the best so far um, so there you go. I didn’t really want it. I didn’t really order it, but it is the rogbid gt s. 16, smart watch now, as i stated, this app is called h, band um, and this is your dashboard. It gives you your step count your sleep analysis here in the top graphic here, here’s your link, it’s telling you it’s the s16. Here is your number of steps for the day and you can click on that and get some deeper analysis to let you know you know what periods of the day you took the most steps. This is your sleep analysis fairly basic, but it gives you a sleep quality score here at the top. It gives you a measure of your light. Sleep versus deep sleep, so that’s kind of neat here is your continuous heart rate. It will track this continuously. If you have it turned on gives you your minimum and maximum and average heart rate, and then you can scroll through and see the individual measurements throughout the course of the day and night. Now i’ve had this app paired with a different watch that does ecg and blood oxygen saturation, so ignore these two uh pains here. This watch does not do these functions that’s. Why there’s nothing in there? No hrv, but down here in the bottom? There is blood pressure and i’ve been taking my blood pressure continuously throughout the day and night, and you can see all the individual readings and in the time of day, um so that’s pretty much it for um what you get here, you can go in and change Your various settings message, notifications, um, alarm settings, sedentary reminders, heart rate alerts, turn your wrist detection.

So if you uh flip your wrist up, it will turn it on pair mode, low power mode, blood pressure, private mode, there’s, a lot of different options. Here you can reset, you can shake your wrist to take a photo, has to be connected to bluetooth. So there you go there’s the basic functions of how to use this watch. I, like it um it’s, it’s it’s, a good looking watch i’ll, give it that and if you just want to do heart rate and blood pressure um, this might be a decent option, for you certainly would make a nice gift. Um it’s i like that. It actually has a touch sensitive area all over on the screen. So when you’re looking at the icons, you can click it and have functionality. So there you go. You know what to do check out the links below to explore some various descriptions and where you could buy it if you’re so interested and uh. You know what to do subscribe to this channel check out my product review. Playlist i’ve got a separate playlist just for smart watch and fitness tracker reviews if you’re a smart watch and fitness tracker company – and you want me to review one of your watches or fitness trackers – get in touch with me, i’m. Very i’m. Happy to do that. I love this technology.