You know this beautiful thing. О, you know lets get it over with lets just start with the cons first and I have it all written down, and I hope you agree with what I say, but I actually dont mind if you disagree because thats the fun thing about this here we go Cons the apps do not update easily. I I had 18 waiting and then it took me the better part of two days to get all those updated because it just its really slow. You cant just quickly update the apps and say update all that doesnt work, the music controls when they work theyre good, но есть, someone inconsistent, number three theres, no battery estimate. While charging I mean its an Android watch. I just dont get it because the the pixel 7 watch the pixel 6 в течение длительного времени, not only pixel phones, but a lot of other Android watches have the charging estimate and it doesnt have that number four poor battery life. You might have already known that number five, you cant change, the sounds for the tones. So if you go into settings here, so we can swipe down, we can go into settings and then we can scroll on down to sound. We can control the media volume and thats really good so right here I can okay, I can crank up the media volume all the way I can crank up the call volume ring notifications, thats great, but you youre just stuck with the sounds that they give you And theyre, Хорошо, thats kind of weird that they didnt include that number six, Магазин Google Play, update all didnt work and that goes to the apps, not updating, easily number seven theres no ticking sounds so.

This is a beautiful watch face as you can see, but as the seconds turn around theres no ticking sound and I kind of wish they would have added that the digital Crown sometimes doesnt function, like sometimes youll, be in an app, and it just wont work its Quite bizarre number nine integration with Fitbit is wonky. Ive said this before and Ill say it again. Instead of a Fitbit watch branded under the Google pixel name, its more of the Google pixel watch, ох и там, a Fitbit app number 10 pixel watch app must stay open. Its kind of weird, sometimes weird things happen if you dont leave the app running. In the background its just, it was hard for me to prove, but hopefully you trust me if you have different experiences with your pixel watch. Let me know and well chat about it. Номер 11. The haptic feedback for the digital Crown is a little too soft and subtle. I would like it to be a little stronger. You know this is the LTE version. 400 dollars number 12 still no way to turn off the heart rate sensor, its just always on, and the fact that you cant change it to every five minutes or manual thats, lame, Номер 13 little or no access to the watch settings via the Fitbit app when Youre in the Fitbit app, you can see the last time it synchronized and thats about it. Номер 14 сигнализация, dont synchronize from the phone to the watch like apple, do and thats kind of a bummer and then a huge one.

Номер 15 является, when you put the phone into, do not disturb the watch does not go into do not disturb and vice versa. If I click right here and enable bedtime mode, just the watch goes into bedtime mode. Номер, 16, есть, no schedule. You cant tell the watch to automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode or into bedtime mode, which is really weird because the pixel 7 and previous pixel smartphones they had that feature. Так что вы идете 16, pretty big cons. So the pros it looks nice, but the beauty is only skin deep. Another Pro is and Im not not a lot of smart watches have this. You can actually do a long press right on the face of the watch and then you can swipe between the watch faces but notice. You cant use the scroll wheel. You know what why cant you use the digital cam to the digital Crown to scroll through the watch faces you have to swipe. So it is nice that you can change. The watch faces theres a lot. Хорошо, э-э .. The other positive thing is that it is connected to Fitbit, but thats thats about the only positive thing about that uh number. Четыре, the accuracy is pretty good. Almost great. There are a few times where its been really just a little bit off. Normally fitbits are quite generous with their steps, but most the time, its pretty accurate. The heart rates pretty good yeah. You know I missed a big number, 16 или 17 for the cons.

It doesnt have a lot of same features as the Fitbit sense too, and I would think it would complement that, but its kind of Google decided to kind of do its own thing. So if you go on the website, youre going to see all these marketing promises and thats what I titled it marketing Promises by Fitbit number one its this bold, Красивые, circular, Dome design and it is its beautiful when you have it on your wrist. It does look. Ницца, my wrist size is just under seven centimeters, seven inches, seven centimeters thatd be a really small wrist. Так, depending on your wrist size, you might like it. I feel the bezel is a little. I would like it a little larger thats, not really a con thats. Just my preference, beautiful inside and out thats what the Google marketing team said. I disagree on the inside Works seamlessly with the pixel portfolio and Android. The answer is no: when you put your pixel 7 smartphone into do not disturb see right here, so see how this one is in bedtime mode. This one is not if we swipe down and look at the nope it they dont talk to each other. Таким образом,, very disappointing, recycled premium, stainless steel finish, I would say yeah it does have a nice premium. Посмотрите на него. Google Maps on the wrist. да, Google, Google Maps do work quite well, sometimes theyre a little bit slow. So if I scroll on down and click on the maps it doesnt just like pop open, you know it just it takes its, not Zippy at all, but its a watch.

You know if you really want a true Google Map experience youre going to use Google Maps on your big smartphone live healthier with Fitbit, Я бы сказал, да, it does a good job tracking to sleep tracking, the steps tracking your heart rate constantly, как вы можете видеть, The little green light keep them going off um, но есть. There have been a lot of synchronization issues over the time that Ive been testing this watch for the last three weeks. Another one is mattress Style with 20 plus band choices. The band that it comes with is just kind of okay: it doesnt breathe. Что ж, you can see the white marks on my wrist. Maybe I was wearing it too tight yeah now. Another Pro is that it is a low profile, its not too thick of a watch. So when you do put it on and you have sleeves on watch how easily this goes over, I mean it just its nice, its smooth. It does have that smooth. Look because theres only two buttons. You do spend a lot of time getting the screen dirty. So youre constantly wiping that off a lot of people have complained about the bezel size and on this watch face right there you can see how the bezel it could be a little thinner, Да, так что в целом, its a good phone. Its a great first effort by Google golf club for them. You know if it goes on sale for Black Friday for 300.

I think it might be a good purchase, but I wouldnt drop 400 on the LTE, especially since the battery life, if you activate it LTE. I bet youd, maybe get 15 hours with a heavy use, maybe less the GPS accuracy, pretty good Ive, seen it to be on really close to Garmin and apple same for the Sleep stats. да, it does track naps, but you cant see or sleep until you synchronize. It with the app another con, while the cons just kind of keep going up. What do you think from what Ive said there, the pros and the cons? I have to say that the cons outweigh the pros, so Im gon na have to say pass on the pixel unless theres a great deal during Black Friday, and maybe you just youre an early adapter, and not only are you an early adapter, but you just really Want to have a pixel watch with your pixel phone hi Im. Sorry youre, going to be disappointed that they could fix the synchronization between do not disturb and bend time mode and theater mode and create schedules. That would be a really easy fix. Im surprised they did not include it straight out of the box. Those are my thoughts on the pixel watch. Pithy comments, type your feedback below what? What do you think do you have this watch were looking at buying it.