You can pick this one in amazon and in noon so i’ll be going to put a link on the description box. You can check by yourself after this video, all right for the specs display will be super amoled display, with 1.4 inches screen to body ratio. Resolution of 360 by 360 pixels with ppi density of 364. corning gorilla, glass and always on display for the os tyson based wearable os 4.0 extremus 9110, dual core with speed of 1.15 gigahertz gpu’s mali t720. For the memory. This watch has memory of 4 gig of ram yeah, so you can store photos music inside okay for the features we have heart rate, monitor barometer and natural language command and dictation. So you can also do exercise. This watch can do automatic exercises if you’re going to run jog or whatever. Is that going to the gym it’s all right and it has nfc. You can pay through this watch using your card so for the battery it has 340 milliamps non removable battery. So for the colors, you can get this one with black silver and gold, so this one is uh the black version of the active 2. okay guys so let’s try to unbox this active to watch from samsung, see you see the package it’s really small, that’s actually And for the back you can see here it says: lightweight design, advanced, auto fitness tracker and run coaching heart and health monitor. So for the specs it says here the package contain the watch and it has the 44 millimeter face, standard, strap, yeah and wireless charging.

Of course, with quick reference guides so guys let’s do the unboxing. I have my knife here and let’s: do it Music and here’s the guys here’s the watch here’s? The question is the quick start guide yarn so put it inside, and that was here put it aside. Here’S, the yeah here’s, you guys the uh wireless charging so it’s a usb type c, and no no it’s a useful usb. So there’s no power brick. So you can charge this one. If you have a power brick already, so this one is uh charging dock. So it’s a wireless charging guide, so let’s put it on the side and then here is the watch nothing’s here. So pull that here’s the watch guys yeah, so the leather strap is 44 millimeter and at the back of the watch is yeah. If you can see. Okay, so if you can see the back, this is the sensor and how thick is the watch? Music strap is a plastic smooth plastic here, so i will go to put it in my wrist, yeah and so Music. So at the side, this one is the tower button it to you uh. I think this one is the menu and there is a microphone here. You can see this that use the microphone. You can also use this one. This watch to answer calls to answer. Uh message, notifications and also there’s a speaker here here so there’s a speaker, so you can also play music through this watch connected to your phone.

So let’s try to turn this watch on yeah into a tiger yeah, so samsung galaxy active too so let’s go and so let’s go swipe up i’m going to set up disguise and i will come back after this one. Okay, so stay tuned guys so anyway. So if you see this one now phone and watch, you can see this one, so it’s automatically Music connected. So if you can see here, it says a new device has been detected, so you just have to add now yeah. So it will automatically go to your galaxy wear so yeah, the goodbye bridge i have. You can see that that was connected, it’s a phone yeah. So if you can see the coconut masher next setting up setting up your phone yeah so not prepared. So, just here congrats your your new galaxy watch. Active tool is now paired. So when you’re done is you tap agree? It says to use the galaxy variable option you need to allow yeah, so you need to allow related sos, find my phone weather yeah. So you need to allow that one. Then this one is your choice. So if you want to all allow all the time keep while in new success, keep and don’t ask again so for me, it’s allowed all the time apples are just going to allow all calendar sms yeah. So i think watch really much. Okay, preparedness, uh phone call yeah, so let’s put this on the side.

Yeah come on, get on you guys, yeah, take a take a look around to swipe to see the widgets and active swipe right back to the face. Watch: okay for notification, swipe right: okay, press the back key to go back right to him back in your new setup, ass, so home key is disappointing, so press the run press the home key to find the apps okay swipe left to view more apps. Okay. So almost done, okay, so tap the screen with your pawn to turn it off. Yep that’s work; okay, oh so that’s it you’re good to go lucky! Thank you, samson for that quick tutorial. So this is the galaxy watch acting 2, so it will interface now define home key to find your apps, so people are going to actually just have to uh yeah samsung is this: one is yeah, so it is haptic. You just have to Music this one. Then phone number ready machine, customize notification, so you just have to turn on the notification apps so yeah my apps app manager, new, so ready machine control due to reorder apps custom, auto apps, auto open apps and then widgets yeah, so there’s a lot of widgets here That you can choose it’s up to you, guys, compiling your customization, what’s new and then sound by the end. Sound vibration, yeah it’s, another vibration. If you can hear it, are we going to apply this one by brick with zone sound yeah for calls and notifications? So much by bit and with sound shopping.

My notification next is the display new brightness. Now watch screen timeout after 15 seconds so yeah. Do you display yeah? What else find my phone sos find my phone then to find your phone? Yes, you start watch little is to find my watch active. You can see here guys smear some face, watches so actually people people and face watches, select, face, watches yeah, so yeah marami shower pretty much download, customize apple swatch, always on except you guys are going to always on display or negotia to say back to the champions. In you guys so let’s continue, yes, application. You guys yeah see you can see. Samsung pay, you can. You can pay through your phone sync watch update and chatter tips and manual about the watch. So watch face iron, guys on my watch space near you can download through and then yeah let’s try, music, Music max volume Applause through through the watch gallery. Also, so you can view photos here, yan and also for the options you can delete. Yeah send your phone messaging yeah. You can also type message recipient, so this is the keypad and you keep on you guys so multitype, so you can also send through audio or your record, so tag along, and then it will send us a message. You’Ll find my phone, which is a luxury guys, so if you’re going to tap it Music, you can also connect this watch to other brand of phones, best admiration available in the apps in the galaxy wearable.

So we download is description competition. He connects apple, so let’s. Try one more feature: schneiderlin call so contacts, so there are no contacts called foreign samsung galaxy active 2 when it comes to call due to your speaker in your dimensionally running to your mouth piece yeah, so that’s it guys. So this is the unboxing and review of the galaxy active to watch. Thank you for watching and comment your guys and i’m going to answer your comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe, and thank you for watching guys. This is jc from the jc vlog and i’ll, see you again on my next youtube video. So thank you guys.