I went for the classic. This is the 40 millimeter one, i believe so. Its probably gon na need charging first impressions. Theres, not much in the box, is that everything all right lets have a look wheres all the bits and bats. So this is going to be the charger. Ah, thats a bit of a shame now the original charger that i had my other galaxy watch. You could just plug in anything, but this has to go like this. So im guessing its magnetic see if theres any charge in the watch but ill have to set it up ill, go into it more once ive worn it for some time, but first impressions so far. I do like it im not sure about the white strap, though i think ill definitely have to change that, but i could change it so nice, actually its a really nice soft. So i need to set it up to english, continue restart. Okay, so im going to set this up, link it to my phone now the strap the other time i bought. They gave you two straps one was a longer strap and one with a shorter strap. This is cheaping out a bit uh theyve only given one strap, but i do like the actual watch itself. I am Music yeah, thats nice, so lets get this set up now. Connecting this to my phone was a real problem. It actually failed three times while it was trying to connect.

I dont know what the problem was, but it just wouldnt connect um. It started to connect, but then it kept dropping. I had to start all over again and then. Finally, in the fourth time it connected uh, but i dont, i think one of the reasons is – is im not using a samsung phone. This watch really is designed for a samsung phone, which i think is a real shame, because uh, if you dont, have a samsung phone, you cant use all of the features that that come with it, which ill go into later now. This is to replace my galaxy frontier, which ive had for four years now. Uh ive really enjoyed wearing this watch, its very very helpful. I mainly use it for when im traveling but uh. I tend to wear this a lot more, even when uh as an everyday watcher, its just an ideal watch its waterproof, its very tough uh but um being four years old. Now the um built in i think redundancy is starting to kick in the battery. Now will uh last me not really to the end of the day, um, usually by mid afternoon, the battery is about to die. If you look at the battery at the moment, it says 84, and that is now what just over 30 minutes since i took it off the charger, so batterys fading. The gps is not working as well its constantly dropping from my phone. So it was time for um an upgrade now.

Normally, when i uh buy a new watch or a new computer or camera, and so on, i tend to try and miss a generation because i feel it it gives it more time to have more upgrades. So this is the fourth generation, so ive sort of missed the third one, and there are some major upgrades uh. One of the biggest upgrades really for this watch is the fact that it uses um googles os system instead of the the tizen um from from samsung. Now, with the google os, you can use the app store, the google app store, which sounds great you, you sort of think thats fantastic. I can then start using all of the apps that are on my phone. I can use them on my watch. Unfortunately, you cant well not yet anyway, youre very limited to the amount of apps which are available for your watch. Theyre, making a big deal about the fact you can use spotify on your watch thats. For me, its not such a big deal, um its the ver. I think, with the watch being so new theres, not that many applications out there, not many apps and theres, not many people have started making apps for this watch yet, but i think give it between six months and a year therell be a lot more apps available. That you can download uh onto the the watch and it just make it it would make it a lot better.

Uh theres, nothing that extra that this watch can do that. I couldnt do with my frontier uh. This has got google maps, which is great the this one didnt have google maps. I had to use um hear maps on this one, but here maps was just as good um. I didnt you had to download an extra app on your phone for that, but this one you dont have to uh this one is simply straight on your watch. You can use you can use it for um location. You can use it for your gps. Whatever you want to travel, to which i find really helpful, especially when im traveling in terms of faces uh of dials theres a theres, a lot already pre built in this now they are making a big fuss about the the new faces which are animated. So you can see there, they have this. These animations, which which come up you can uh. You can even have your own background. You can. You can put a picture on here if you want um i for me the these are just gimmicks uh. I dont really care about these things. Um youll have ones which are where they um you can. You can customize them um this one. You can change the color of the hands, the i think thats a dog, but you can have a rabbit and so on and all sorts of other things, but uh i tend to just stick to the very basic ones.

This one for me is the uh. Well, not the ideal one, but the best one so far, thats pre built now. The other problem is, is that theres not many faces for this watch this the frontier? There are absolutely thousands of faces. You can download and use them this uh. This is the one i use for this one all the time which i found an idea, almost ideal one. So its got what i need to see um this one is its pretty good its got. Everything that i need. Ive got a quick for the uh for the stopwatch and then ive got the timer. There. Ive got my heart rate. There ive got the battery there temperature date and then second time zone for me, thats really all i need. I dont need to know my steps. I dont need to know any other extra things. When i get a notification, i get a little uh red dot there, which tells me ive, got notifications when i get an email, a text message or anything else, phone call, so thats, thats ideal. The rest of the apps, which are pre built on this youve, got your your training apps. So youve got your walking running cycling, which is straight there, but then you can go into it and go into other workouts. So you can do running coach swimming outdoors, hiking machine weights, excise bike now ive never used these even on my frontier ive got these its basically the same thing as that so lets say youre going to use your walking and away you go.

So it will give you your your duration, your distance, how many steps youve done your heart rate and then, if you scroll to the next one youve got your calories. Your average speed uh your speed, uh that youre traveling at that time, then again, your heart rate. At the bottom, and then this is your: if you just want to have your heart rate, so if you want to keep it in a certain heart rate zone um its its good, if you, if you want to use it for for your training, gives you a Basic um uh outlook on your training, but its not something that that really i care about um in terms of fit and finish its a big improvement in fit and finish. This one is very plasticky the strap on this is really nice. Now, normally i would change the strap uh, but its a really nice comfortable, strap. So ive decided to keep it on this. Its a shame they didnt come with the option of black im sure you can buy the black one, but theyll probably charge you something ridiculous. So the other apps which are in the watch now this one here sets your or checks your body fat uh index. Now with this one, it really is a bit hit and miss uh, ive ch ive used this. When i, when i first got it, i checked everything out so uh to wanted to make sure that everything was working properly.

So what youve got to do is youve got to put your two fingers there and it should start checking your body fat index. Now this its not very accurate uh when im checking first time, it said i was 16 and the other problem is it keeps doing this? It keeps stopping and youve got either wet your fingers to make sure you uh youve got enough moisture there. So the first time i checked it, i said i was 16. Then i checked it again. It said i was 18 see there you go, i havent really moved my hand, but its still saying that it cant read it. This is the reason why i wouldnt use this all the time because its just so much of a faff and then it said i was 13 and then it said um at the moment it says i am see there you go see. It says: um. Im. 18. 18.6 percent um – and if you saw earlier when i had the watch just before i started it its, i think it said it was 20.2 or something so now it says: im 18.6 now i know this can vary between the time of day. You use it, but when i first did it, i was doing it within minutes of each other uh, so its not very accurate uh. But if you just use it as a guide, thats its fine, but i would say, get a proper scale which will check your body fat index properly.

So this one, it tells you your body, water, um, your bmi body, fat body, mass uh, fat, mass skeleton muscle. Obviously your weight you just put in manually yourself, um, so the two buttons on the on the side. So if you, the top one, is to go back to the main, so that will take you back here. I find this a real gimmicky thing. I dont understand why you want to check your sleep patterns because you wake up in the morning. If you feel terrible, that usually means youve had a bad nights. Sleep, you dont, need your watch to tell you. Youve had a bad nights sleep and if you feel fine in the morning again, you know you dont need your watch to tell you so a very gimmicky thing you can look at where it says: youve had a deep sleep or youre in your room or if Youve light or when youve woken up now this is the blood pressure of blood pressure and ecg. I cant use because i dont have a samsung phone. These you need to download an app and theyre not available at the google store, which i find very strange. Considering theyre making a big fuss that this is using the google um os now so why? Why is it not available there uh? You have to actually go to the samsung store to download this app, but for my phone i cant download it now. I can download it if i use third party apps to to to go around and i i dont really want to do that.

I dont really care the blo. I dont the blood pressure for me. I would expect it not to be as accurate. Just like the body mass fight index, i dont really care. I dont need to check my blood pressure. I dont have high blood pressure. Dont have lower blood pressure, but if you need something to check, i think most people, my family member um, they have high blood pressure. They have a proper machine to check their blood pressure. I wouldnt rely on this um, so its not really something i would rely on too heavily uh. This is your heart rate, so you can check your heart rate simply by just pressing that stay still uh again how accurate these are theyre, not as accurate as a proper heart rate, monitor on your chest when youre training. Again i find these very gimmicky i dont. I dont really feel the need to check my heart rate when im sat doing nothing. This is a stress level. You can check your stress now. Im currently ive always been in the green, so clearly im not very stressed um, so its constantly preparing, but there we go its starting. Now i was going to stop it but ill. Let it run through how it checks your stress level. I have no idea, i think, its just guessing more than anything else. You couldnt, you can be stressed and have a whole low heart rate, but you could be stressed about other things, so you couldnt stress.

Okay, im, you see yeah. Now this one is the lt version uh, i got the lte version, so i wouldnt need to use it with my phone. Unfortunately, my network doesnt support lt, so its a bit pointless uh. I really just got the bluetooth version which, because im just using it as a bluetooth standalone. So i was hoping i could just leave my phone at home, where i dont need to, and i could make phone calls and so on phone call wise its a very tinny sound on this, its very bad, the frontier was much better, its not very good. I i dont, like you, making phone calls on this. The watch is the 42 mil version. Now i think it comes in the 44 millimeter as well. Now compare that to the frontier, which is, i believe, this one is 46 millimeters. I was a bit hesitant about getting the 42 mil because i thought possibly thats gon na be a bit too small, but uh its fine im glad i got the 42. It worked out well for me that fits my wrist a lot better. If you want to make a phone call, you simply swipe up and then youve got your icon there to make a phone call so very simple to use again with it being 42 mil. I was a bit worried that it may be too small for my fingers, but all your contacts are here as well, so you click there and it will open up your contacts.

So anybody in your contact list is all going to be here as well. So i i find it really useful thats the reason i got it now. I know a lot of my subscribers hate uh, smart watches theyre, like theyre, uh, old fashioned, analog watches. At the moment these are going for about 380 pounds. I think they are thats. The lt version, the bluetooth version, is cheaper. Theyve got an offer on at the moment. If you buy it, you get a 75 pound google gift card. Anyone who wants to buy it. I do recommend it, but my recommendation would be to wait.