Tic watch pro 3.. So, first of all lets begin with the prices see samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is priced from 369 pounds and the ticwatch pro 3 is priced from 289 pounds. Now closer, look at the actual watches. The samsung has a complete stainless steel watch case finished in black with time markings going all the way around, and you have samsungs, most famous and satisfying rotating bezel, which is used to navigate the watch menus and the dimensions of this watch 45.5 millimeters in diameter, and You have a thickness of 11 millimeters and it weighs 76.4 grams. Now the tick watch pro 3 has a plastic back plastic sides and youve got stainless steel bezels with time markings going all the way around the watch. Now this watch is 47 millimeters in diameter, 12.2. Millimeters thick and it weighs 61 grams, so both smartwatches are fairly slim and light. The galaxy watch for is slightly more compact and slimmer, but comes in a little heavier than the tick watch pro 3 and on the wrist. They do both look and feel quite comfortable. Although there is a noticeable bulk in the ticwatch pro 3, with the extra thickness and size that it comes with now, both watches do have two buttons on the side, one for power and one for back. The galaxy watch 4 has a flat style button and the tic watch has these rounded buttons which stick out loudspeaker locations are on the left on both watches galaxy watch 4? Has it on the underside and the ticwatch? Has it higher up now? Looking at the bottom of the watch, we have our health sensors.

Both watches support, heart rate and sbo2 monitoring. The galaxy watch 4 has two extra features which are ecg and blood pressure monitoring, but the tick watch does not. Now the sensors do look very different on both samsung supports wireless charging and ticwatch has charger pins and let me quickly show you those charges. So here is samsungs wireless charging pad standard usb connection and it just sticks on the top takes around two hours to charge. The galaxy watch for the ticwatch pro 3 uses a magnetic charger pin as you can see, and it can only go on one way. It takes around 90 to 100 minutes to fully charge. This watch now lets talk about the battery sizes. Samsung has a small 361 milliamp hour battery and the ticwatch pro 3 has a juicy 595 milliamp hour battery real time. Usage samsung with all health monitoring features on will give you around 18 hours of battery life and the tick watch with all health monitoring features on. Will give you three whole days, which is incredible now both have power saving options. Samsung actually has two power saving options, so you have watch only mode which is exactly as described. You have a watch and nothing else. Battery will last you up to 30 days in watch only mode. The galaxy watch 4 also has a power saving mode which will give you around two to three days of battery life. It basically disables always on display limits, cpu speed.

It decreases the brightness by 10. It limits your background, location and syncing. It reduces screen. Timeout turns off the wake up, gestures and system updates. Everything else is on the watch faces, the health features, sleep tracking, step counter gps and all your apps can be used. So power saving mode will give you the two to three day battery life uh, which is definitely good to know. Now, if we check out techwatchs power, saving mode its called essential mode, and in this mode the amoled display is totally switched off, you only have the fstn low powered display, which is highly visible in sunlight in this mode. You can expect up to 45 days of battery life. Everything is disabled, apart from the time date step counter heart rate sensor and sleep tracking now lets talk about the wrist straps. The galaxy watch 4 comes with a silicon strap and its actually a 20 millimeter, strap and its no doubt quite comfortable on the wrist and its especially good. If you plan on going swimming with the watch on as this material repels water and is quick drying, the ticwatch pro 3 also comes with silicon straps, and they are also very comfortable. And i do like how theyve used a stitching design on the silicon strap. It gives it an elegant look of leather, but you get the same: comfort of water resistant, quick drying, silicon strap and the tic watch uses a 22 millimeter strap. So the straps on both watches are easy to remove and replace with any third party strap.

So those were the physical differences. Now lets talk about the specs, so both watches have a 1.4 inch amoled display samsung has a super amoled display with gorilla glass dx and the ticwatch has a dual screen sandwich together. So you have a retina amoled display with a low powered fstn display on top, and it also has gorilla glass protection, but no idea what version samsung has a resolution of 450 by 450 and supports always on display, and the ticwatch has a slightly higher resolution of 454 by 454, and it also supports an always on display, in fact on the ticwatch, when the amoled display sleeps the low powered fstn display automatically activates, giving you an always on fstn display or you could go into settings and activate the regular always on amoled display. So best of both worlds in the ticwatch, so the samsung is powered by the new exynos chip. So we have the w920 dual core clocked at 1.18 gigahertz. So finally, we have a brand new chipset in a galaxy watch and big thumbs up to samsung for finally getting that done now. The tick watch pro has the latest snapdragon wear 4100 quad core clocked at 1.7 gigahertz. So it is more powerful on paper, with a faster clock, speed nearly double the clock speed than the samsungs new exynos chip. The galaxy watch 4 has more ram and storage, so 1.5 gigs of ram and 16 gigs of storage and the tick watch has one gig of ram and eight gigs of internal storage.

Both watches have built in wi fi. The tic watch is limited to two gigahertz wi fi and the galaxy watch 4 has dual band wi fi. Furthermore, galaxy watch 4 has bluetooth version 5 and the ticwatch uses bluetooth. 4.2 samsung has a quad satellite gps built in, and the tic watch has a 5 satellite gps built in both watches, have a built in nfc chip, tick watch uses, google pay for payments and the galaxy watch 4 uses samsung pay, but you also have the option To use google pay now, if we talk about the os, the galaxy watch 4 is using the latest wear os powered by samsung. So that means the ui has been designed to look like tizen and you have nearly all the features that you get in the regular tizen os, but with the wear os background and all the benefits such as google play, store, google maps, google pay etc. On the other hand, tick watch is using wear os by google. It has the regular google ui, but you still have google pay, google play store and all the other google apps that you expect to find both oss are very good with plenty of customization options. Plenty of built in apps plenty of health features watch faces, and you also have third party app support like strava, spotify and tons of downloadable watch faces, so both oss are functional and very enjoyable to use. Now both smartphones do have voice assistance.

You have bixby for samsung and google voice for watch now. I dont even need to tell you guys that google voice is much much better than bixby now. Overall features are actually quite similar in both watches, so both support heart rate, sensors blood, oxygen monitoring, automatic sleep monitoring, including recording, multiple sleep events in day and night youve got automatic workout detection in both you can take bluetooth phone calls directly on the watch on both Youve got stress, monitoring on both and lots and lots of exercise options so more or less the same health features and also both smart watches have super accurate health sensors. Now i have tested these against medical grade standards and they both have produced great results. Now the extra feature in the galaxy watch for is, of course, full detection, ecg and blood pressure monitoring, and none of those extra features are available in the ticwatch. Also, both watches are ip68 water resistant, so you can go swimming with them on and both support tracking. Your swimming strokes, however samsung, has a more advanced 580m rating, and samsung also has that military standard, 810g durability and the ticwatch has a plastic back and sides, and i have noticed with excess swimming the plastic around the sensors do start turning white. That could be because of hard water or chlorine, so you would have to regularly clean it. I did not get that issue with the galaxy watch 4.. Now. What about ios and android compatibility? Well, both of these watches work great on android.

However, the galaxy watch 4 is limited in functionality when connected to any other android other than samsung. So i believe you will not get blood pressure, monitoring or ecg monitoring when you connect to a non samsung smartphone. All the other features work. Fine on android, the tic watch works absolutely fine on any android smartphone, but what about ios well galaxy watch 4 does not connect or work with iphones at all at the moment. So you cannot use the galaxy watch 4. On your iphone end of story, well, the ticwatch pro 3 works and connects with iphone absolutely fine. There is some limitations, but overall you can use the ticwatch with an iphone, so that was the physical and specs compared but realistically, which watch is better for you, and this is how both watches look on my wrist and in case youre wondering i have a wrist Circumference of seven inches and both watches feel similar in terms of size and weight, and they both look and feel very comfortable. Although the tic watch does have a slight bulk to it due to the extra thickness, but otherwise they are pretty much very comfortable watches. To wear for prolonged periods now i personally love using both watches, but the biggest letdown for me in the samsung is the battery life. It lasts only 18 to 19 hours. Unless you start skimping and turning features on and off, then you might be able to extend that to 1.

5 days, maybe even longer, if you turn on power saving, but then it defeats the purpose of having a smart watch if youre going to start turning features off The tic watch just lasts. The battery life is incredible. Leave everything on dont turn anything off enjoy the watch as much as you want. You will get three solid days. Even with heavy usage, you can get a better battery life than the galaxy watch for now. Another slight downside to the galaxy watch 4 is the price, so galaxy watch 4 is more expensive, its 379 us dollars or 369 in the uk. The tick watch pro 3 cost 299 u.s or 289 in the uk, and i believe this watch is on sale right now on the official mobvoid website for only 236 pounds. So a lot cheaper than the galaxy watch 4, but the galaxy watch 4. We definitely cant ignore, has a better and more premium build quality and that rotating bezel and the extra health features being ecg and blood pressure, monitoring and fall detection. It does help justify that higher price, but overall, both smart watches are brilliant. In tracking your health, offering great performance and all the functionality you get from googles wear os. So there you have it guys that was my head to head comparison between the galaxy watch 4 and the ticwatch pro 3. bottom line. The galaxy watch 4 is samsungs upgraded smartwatch. Everything has been updated from the specs to the higher resolution screen and the accurate health features which come so close to medical grade standards and the only major letdown is.

You may need to charge the galaxy watch for every night, which can be a little bit inconvenient for some mob voice. Ticwatch pro 3 brings us qualcomm snapdragon 4100 chipset, which is definitely more powerful. You get a much more impressive battery life and the dual display technology is still very admirable so which one do i think, is better well taking into consideration the overall build quality, design, software and features. I cant ignore that the galaxy watch 4 classic even with the poor battery life, is a better overall smart watch. It is actually the best smart watch. Money can buy right now, but that being said, if you bought the tick watch pro 3, i can almost promise you. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Both of these watches are the best smart watches from their respective companies, and i really do look forward to seeing what the ticwatch pro 4 and the apple watch 7 brings to the table, as those upcoming smart watches have the potential of taking the crown from our Current king so do stay tuned for all that drama and much much more.