Theres going to be a lot of questions so lets see if i can help answer some Music hi everyone tau here just so you know: ive been testing the smaller 40 millimeter galaxy watch in black for reference. My wrist measures exactly 14 centimeters, and this is what the watch looks like on my wrist theres a lot i like about this watch band. But for someone like me, who has pretty small wrists this new gapless design, theyve gone with, causes the straps to not sit, flush and flare outwards, which i dont think looks flattering. It makes the watch look bigger than it really is my suggestion just swap it out. For any normal 20 millimeter band and itll look much better for those of you who have bigger wrists lucky you, because this most likely wont be a problem if youve used a galaxy watch before navigating around the watch. 4 is similar with some notable changes. Swipe left for your notifications and write for your widgets, which are now called tiles. Of course you can also use the digital bezel to scroll right or left its nowhere near as accurate or satisfying to use as the physical bezel, but you know, gets the job done. Swiping down gives you access to the quick settings and you can swipe up to view all your watch. Apps tapping this icon here at the top will show all your recently used. Apps theres, two buttons home on top and back on the bottom, long pressing.

The back button launches samsung pay long pressing the home button launches bixby google assistant, a big part of wear os, is supposed to be coming at a later time, but in the meanwhile its the bixby show. How do you say? Thank you in japanese remind me to do laundry and pick up detergent at 5 pm done Music call. My husband set a timer for 20 minutes. Your timer has started how many hours did i sleep last night thats, not something i can help with. Yet if you want absolutely nothing to do with bixby, you can map the long press to open the power menu. Instead, i will give samsung credit, though you can tell theyve, been working on bixby, its still no google assistant, but the improvements might just surprise you. You can also map a double press of the home button to open one of your favorite apps. For me, its the timer, so im coming from the galaxy watch. 3. first thing i notice is that the watch 4 runs slightly smoother on the 3. I would often run into these half second delays when opening apps or starting workouts that doesnt happen on the watch 4.. It doesnt hesitate as much, which i think everyone will appreciate. While i do think the transition to googles, wear os from samsungs tizen os will pay off. My feelings are a little mixed right now. I say that because if you previously own a galaxy watch and have invested in apps or have built, a large collection of third party watch faces from the galaxy app store, yeah youre gon na lose access to all of that.

If you upgrade to the watch for the stock watch faces are great, though, and honestly, i think most people will find something they like on the bright side. The benefits of wear os are that you gain access to google apps, like google fits google. Keep google pay android messages and google maps native google maps is so darn awesome just start navigating on your phone and bam turn by turn. Directions will automatically pop up on your watch. Android messages is also really nice to have. For those of you not pairing this. To a samsung phone, because in the past only samsung messages was available. Theres no question about it: youre getting a wider selection of useful watch apps, which addresses one of the biggest knots on galaxy watches. Having wear os also streamlines the whole app installation experience. As everything goes through, the google play store now, if an app is available for your watch, youll see this arrow beside the install button from here, you can confirm which devices you want the app on before hitting install call me lame, but i chat with my mom Every single day, and most of the time its on my watch its actually the main reason why i still use a smartwatch its for that convenience theres, also a couple of gestures to improve the hands free experience. You shake twice to answer a call and rotate twice to decline, one what about responding to text messages? There are several ways you can do this but of course, speech to text will be the fastest, hey, hows it going im in a meeting right now, but ill call you the moment i get out in the meanwhile.

Please go grab me some food because im really hungry a nice quality of life improvement is that the media player with full controls can now automatically be set to open up on the watch. When you start playing something on your phone in the past, you had to scroll to a widget or hit this floating music icon to get to the controls. I really appreciate this feature on the apple watch, glad its here now too. For the first three days, i turned on every possible setting on the watch and was getting just over a full day of battery life. After turning off the always on display and changing heart rate measurement to manual, only, i was able to consistently get around 35 hours or so, if you plan on sleep tracking with it, just know that it takes about an hour and 45 minutes to fully charge. So you know plan accordingly, now im more of a foodie than i am a fitness expert, but i still appreciate the health and wellness perks of a watch. The galaxy watch 4 will do the basics really well for things like tracking your steps, reminding you to stay active and measuring your heart rate. You also have other sensors for measuring health metrics, like ecg blood pressure, blood oxygen and knew with the watch for body composition. Im in canada and unfortunately, three of these features still arent approved here yet, which means they dont even work for me, i dont want you to be disappointed so before you go out and buy one double check to see which features are approved and working in your Country, because it does vary from region to region, the body composition measurement is actually pretty cool.

Itll give you a breakdown of your body weight in terms of muscle and fat. I wont lie it actually motivated me to step up my fitness game, but honestly, i wouldnt take the numbers too hard use it as a baseline for improvement and dont get too caught up in the numbers. I wore the watch for a few nights to track. My sleep as well each morning it gave me a sleep score out of 100 and a breakdown of my stages of sleep. All this data is great and all, but i wish the app gave more guidance on how to actually improve your sleep. You can now sync activity data to google fit on top of samsung health. Both have their own version of a daily activity target similar to the activity rings. Youd see on the apple watch, hit these goals daily, and you should be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Galaxy watches have also always done a good job, automatically, detecting and tracking things like walks or runs, and this one is no different great if you prefer a more hands off approach, if youre into tracking other types of workouts. Once again, you have a choice you can do so through google fit or samsung health youll find a longer list of workouts with google, though, for example, a dance workout isnt, even offered by samsung health. Both do a good job, though, and keep the info. You need right on your wrist, while youre doing your thing, you can also sync music onto the watch itself and leave your phone at home, since the watch has 16 gigabytes of storage.

Unfortunately, with all the other stuff thats built in youre only left with around 8 gigs of storage, still plenty, though, looking at the two health apps on my phone, its nice, that google fit is an option, but i think samsung health is a little more feature packed And works more seamlessly with the galaxy watch 4 because you know its a samsung watch. The galaxy watch 4 tweaks, the design slightly the software feels smoother and bixby is faster, but im keeping my fingers crossed for the google assistant. Switching to wear os definitely makes the galaxy watch more capable and will appeal to more people thanks to apps, like google maps and android messages. I like the new direction and i think it opens up a lot of potential for the galaxy watch in terms of app support and popularity for what you get the asking price of the base model isnt all that outrageous either as usual.