. Now this is part of samsungs new galaxy watch, lineup and ive been using this for just over a week with the samsung galaxy fold 3 and the google pixel 4a. So, starting off with the os now this is the wear os 3 and this is samsungs first collaboration with google on this and with that brings a lot of googles own app integration. So, for example, now you can run youtube music. You can run google maps. You can have google pay the only thing thats missing in this current version is the google assistant, but samsung have said that thats going to be coming in a future iteration. Overall, i found this new os to be quite easy to navigate now its very much skinned. Similar to previous tizen watches, but with those little google touches which make it quite a nice experience, for example, you can swipe left to get over to your notifications. You can swipe right to get over to your tiles or your widgets, for example. You can also do this by just swiping along the digital crown on the watch 4, its not a physical dial like on the classic, but i did find that the touch responsiveness on this to be pretty good. Now you can also swipe down to get to your quick settings like airplane mode or wi fi, or your water blocking and also swiping up, will take you to the app door and as well to change your watch face.

You can just hold down and swipe through, but again ill touch a little bit more on that later Music. So speaking of the widgets samsung are calling these tiles, but this is this area where youll find the quick access to all your kind of health features which this watch has a lot of and a lot in great detail. It has everything from exercise tracking such as walks hikes runs cycles, elliptical machines, theres, really quite a lot there, as well as the standard things such as sleep tracking heart rate data, a new ecg meter, which unfortunately, is only available with other samsung devices. Now i did use this watch with both the samsung galaxy fold. 3, as well as the google pixel 4. I didnt find much of a difference experience between those but the lack in the ecg meter. Now you get a pretty basic readout when you actually go onto the watch itself. Itll tell you small things like if youre doing a walk, just your distance, your pace, your speed, that kind of thing, but you can see a lot more detail in the samsung galaxy health app, and this is required if you want to be able to use these Features i just went for a cycle and its telling me that my heart rate is in zone 3 and im not really sure what that means, but it doesnt sound too good. So you can integrate this with the google fit and other third parties, but for the specific tiles and widgets that are available on the watch, you have to use the samsung health app, but going into the app you do find a much more detailed breakdown of pretty Much everything if you go into sleep, for example, itll, go through how well you slept youll go through the periods in time in which you are sleeping deeply and sleeping lightly or technically awake at all and at the bottom.

It will also give you a little breakdown or a score based on how good your sleep was now, the score on mine was typically around the 52 to 56 range, and samsung does detail that someone of my age and whatnot should be getting somewhere around the 70 To 80. and thats kind of one of the things i wish within this app was improvements or suggestions on how to improve your sleep. You can do the work yourself and just check all the actual graphs and details and kind of figure out for yourself, but i really would appreciate it if samsung included something that was kind of telling you when you should go to sleep whats the best time to Wake up how to actually improve your sleep, but sadly thats, just not there with a stock app. So one feature that is quite unique to this watch is its body, composition, mode and, essentially, what it does is it gives you a readout on your body fat, your bmi, along with a few other stats, but whats interesting is actually how it does it and how You can measure these things just by touching two buttons on the watch itself and how it does it is through bioelectric, impedance analysis and basically the watch sends weak electrical signals through your body measuring the amount of water in your body. To give you a readout now, samsung is claiming that this number is as accurate as some high tech medical machines.

So while we couldnt test that and the jury is still out on whether or not it actually holds up to these claims, its certainly a feature that is unique to samsungs watch Music. So, despite being quite a capable health tracker, its not designed like one – and i actually really appreciate that samsung have opted for this to be quite a minimalist design with its all aluminium casing. So while it wont turn heads, it will go with any outfit that you choose to wear it with, and also it has just a regular watch strap, so you can swap it out for anything else. If you want to customize that more, i did go through the samsung website, hoping that theyd sell other watch straps themselves. That would match it more, but, alas, they didnt have any options. Hey just wanted to mention one thing, so samsung does have other watch straps on their website, but technically theyre for the galaxy active 2, not the watch 4. So they will still fit the watch 4, but they wont be designed specifically for it so thats all. I wanted to mention: lets get back to it. So on the watch itself there are only two buttons, the first of which is a home button. You can use this when youre in an app to just go back to a watch face or if you hold down well initiate bixby. Now, like i said, theres no google assistant yet, but i hope in the future, youll be able to replace bixby with the google assistant.

Now the second button on the watch you hold down to activate samsung pay. Now i couldnt find a way, even in the app or on the watch itself, to change this to even google pay or any other app, so hopefully thats again something that comes out in a future update. And the last thing i want to touch on when it comes to design is the watch faces. Now the watch itself came with a number of faces that i was really surprisingly impressed by. It offers a range of both analog and digital and allows some customization on the app itself. You can change things such as the font or the color of the watch face or the watch arms, but you can head to the samsung ware app where you can customize. These watch faces a lot more. You can do the typical things like the font and the colors, but you can also add complications or widgets to the watch faces themselves. Everything from heart rate data to weather, to date to even moon phase, and not only that. But you can also add the battery life now ill touch on the battery life a little bit as well. Now, on average i was getting just less than two days with the display always on now. You can turn on power saver mode which will get you more battery life as well as things like the rays to turn on display and whatnot. But i kept those on because thats, just how i like using the watch.

Often, i would put the watch to charge a couple hours before i went to bed. Also, if you have your bedtime set on the watch, itll alert you a couple hours beforehand to put it on charge so that you can track your sleep overnight. However, if it does run low on battery while youre out itll, just switch all smart functions off and only display the digital time on a totally black display, Music, Music, so for 329, canadian or 249 us. This is a really compelling product. Its coming at the same price range as the apple watch, se except youre, getting all the functionality that that ones missing. So if you are a samsung user looking for smartwatch, i kind of think that this is a no brainer, whereas if you are just a regular android user, looking at this as well its a little bit more of a toss up, you are missing some functionality, such As the ecg reader, as well as the ability to connect to the galaxy buds, 2 and control a and c, but all in all, i think samsung have a really solid product on their hands with the galaxy watch. 4. and im also really excited to see what the future holds for wear os3. So if you want to know as well make sure you subscribe, so you can check out our videos in the future and if you have any more questions on the galaxy watch 4, let us know in the comments below and well make sure to answer them.

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