I was afraid about this because you know i actually am pretty well qualified to review these things, because i use the galaxy watch active 2 regularly with my samsung phones, and i also use the apple watch. 6. and boy. Have i become a connoisseur and ive used? Some android wear watches, which lets face it. None of them are very good and when i heard that samsung was dropping tizen and going to wear os, i was like. Oh, there goes a good thing now guess what its actually okay were gon na look at him. Now so, first off excuse the chunky. Microphone were having a little audio difficulties right now and until we get our new lavalier mic in youre. Just gon na see this little chunk on my neck until were good with that anyway, galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch for classic they dont look so different anymore, because the galaxy watch, the classic model, which is the more traditional menswear looking bulky huddles to describe it Kind of watch you know, is a little more sleek and a little bit less do daddy and chunky, and then we have the slimmer watch. Thats always been around here. 100 separates these in price. It used to be more feature differences, but now really not so much theyre, both available with 1.2 inch and 1.4 inch. Oled watch faces same resolution, regardless of whether you go with the classic or the non classic models and youve got the only physical difference.

Besides, the look at the design right is that the classic still has that physical rotating bezel, which is really very delightful, that the galaxy watch 3 had. You know how it goes its really nice and easy to use. The drawback is because the glass is inset its harder to do swiping gestures on it, but you do have the bezel also. Obviously it protects the display a little bit more though ive been wearing the galaxy watch active 2 for a year and ive never damaged it. Yet also theres going to be a difference in battery capacity with the bigger watch, there is room for a bigger battery, well throw those specs on screen, so you can see the differences right now and a weight difference, because, just like the new z fold and z, Flip phones that were reviewed – this is armor aluminum, so its supposed to be stronger than 7000 series aluminum on the former active design, now just called galaxy watch 4. and for the classic. Its still stainless steel so were talking a significant different way for the smaller size of each of these watches. The galaxy watch 4 weighs just 26 grams, while youre looking at, like around 47 grams for the classic and now a shout out to our sponsor data camp marketing analytics sql data analysis. Those are not just techy buzzwords theyre a way to actually make good money. So you can buy all these gadgets that we review on our channel so im learning how companies actually learn how to make the things that you decide to buy marketing analytics to python to sql data management.

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If you want to use health applications, you can use google fit. For example, if you like samsung health, better, which is more full featured, i do prefer it its a pretty darn good. One stop health app, then youre going to need a samsung phone, because that uses the samsung monitor app phone companion. If youre using any android phone, that isnt a samsung or you are using a samsung, youll, still install the samsung wearable app and that lets you manage and track various data full features smartwatch. So, besides the usual notifications managing of texts – yes, you can make and receive phone calls on these, even without the lte model. You just have to have the phone within bluetooth range or wi fi range, but if you want to do things like look at your sleep tracking and monitor your fitness trends and your exercise and all that stuff thats, when you want the watch app, obviously and its Easier to manage the settings and the watch faces and stuff like that, using the app on your phone while were still talking about all things, wear and new, wear os versus tizen. The look and feel of the watches is much like the previous samsung tizen base, watches and i think thats a good thing. It was a very intuitive easy to use interface. We have a dual core exynos cpu on hand and performance is fluid and no sluggishness, no pausing, no weirdness any of that sort of thing when it comes to using the various tiles which are the swipeable functions, to go from, like your health tracking fitness tracking to Your blood oxygen monitoring to anything else, its a lot like what youve seen on tizen watches thats all great stuff, but when we bring the googly stuff in here, you have access to google apps that you didnt before.

For example, you have google maps on the watch. Now too, which i think most people prefer, if you want to use, google pay and not just samsung pay, though i know, samsung pay is pretty popular, but if you dont have a samsung phone, for example, you can use google pay now heres one real big heart. Thats missing right now and samsung and google say its coming later, hopefully not too much later. Theres, no google assistant still on these watches and i think most everybody uses google assistant, who has an android phone right, but bixby nobody likes bixby. You know people make bixby jokes theres a reason why bixby is a second class voice assistant folks, so youre gon na have to wait for google assistant. One thing that wear os does bring is a better app selection. One thing with the tizen watches: the apps were not really very exciting. So now you have the access to the google play store and all the watch apps on there is it as voluminous as what you would find for the apple watch. No, you know if you want the starbucks app or the cnn app not going to find it, but theres still quite a good selection and theres strava. You know theres health related things, theres ring, for example, notifications, get piped out at work and all that sort of thing, so its not so bad youve got a weather app thats built in which is quite a good one, and you can swipe through and see the Hourly forecast and the daily forecast and all that sort of thing, but if you want the actual weather channel app, you can get that for the apple watch, but not on android.

Wear both watches are ip68 water resistant and dust resistant and mill std 810g durable. What does that mean? You can go swimming with them and thats fine, but not scuba, diving, no fit 50 atmospheres down the faces are protected with gorilla glass, dx again, ive owned the previous generations of these with gorilla glass and its been just fine. I havent had any more if any fewer scratches than i get on. My apple watch actually, maybe a little bit less. The bands that come with these are pretty depressing out of the box. I remember when the classic style watch came with. Maybe a nice leather band or something a little bit more dressy. These come with floral dull, looking bands, the classic has a ridged band, whereas is a flat more sleek and modern look for the non classic model. Of course you can buy more watch bands. Samsung has a selection, theres, third parties. If you want leather, if you want more colorful silicon, the options are there. Just like last generation, you have little pins on the watch band its not hard to swap them honestly, a little bit more fiddly than the apple watch, but not too hard, so 20 millimeter or 22 millimeter, depending whether you get the smaller or larger version of the Watches the watches have bluetooth for communicating with your smartphone and also wi fi and five gigahertz wi fi, now its dual band, which i think is just awesome, because i hate keeping around legacy 2.

4 gigahertz just for well my watches and nothing else, and it works pretty. Well, it hands off and you can have it vibrate to let you know if its lost and regain connectivity, so its pretty easy to actually monitor how well its connecting and the distances are pretty good. So, for example, you know i leave my phone in one room of the house and i forget and i go in the backyard and left my phone behind and yet i still get phone calls and notifications, because the wi fi extends into the backyard so thats, all Good, if you want to spend 50 bucks more for either of these watches, though you can get it with 4g lte as well, and it uses an e sim. So most carriers charge about 10 bucks a month for wireless coverage, and that extends you obviously beyond the reach of wi fi, and for those who like to leave your phone behind or forget and leave your phone behind. You still can have some degree of connectivity there. Health tracking, something that samsungs really put a lot of energy into and they have done a very good job – has gotten even better, mostly because the sensors and the technology improves on these. So youve got sleep tracking and it gives you the information about what stage of sleep you were in for how long and all that sort of thing with the graphs is pretty granular, and i mean i havent participated in the sleep study, so i cant say how Accurate they are, but compared to other health devices that i have worn fitbits and things like that.

It seems like its doing a pretty good job. Not only that you have a blood oxygen sensor which for me was not too fiddly. It actually worked pretty well on demand, unlike my apple watch 6, which i dont know what it is, but just the on demand. Blood oxygen sensor almost never wants to work for me, but it does okay when im not asking to it to do it specifically and when youre sleeping it can measure the both of the new samsung watches your blood oxygen every minute and that can be used in Conjunction with the new am i snoring feature, so i believe this one requires a samsung galaxy phone and youre gon na have to set that up right next to your bed with the microphone facing towards you, and it has to be on a charger. It can be a wireless charger and it will listen for your snoring and it will record it so no more your spouse, saying i swear you snort and you dont know how loud it is because your phone is going to give you recordings in the morning. So whats the use of that in case you have sleep apnea or you didnt sleep. Well, and if you look at it it tells you what time it recorded the snores and if that matches drops in blood oxygen, you might have to tell yourself. Maybe i should get checked for sleep apnea, which is not breathing really well, when youre sleeping one thing, i will say so far, at least on me for all of these smart watches that ive tested that do have blood oxygen sensors, they always read a little bit Lower compared to one of these little finger devices that you put on you can get them anywhere in drug stores, walmarts whatever for about 20 bucks and those are much more accurate and like what your doctor would use so say.

I measure 99 on the little finger. Monitor, i might only measure 95 on the watch, so dont have a panic. If you see it looking a little low and also when youre sleeping doctors say that your blood oxygen level can go down, thats normal because youre breathing shallowly and slowly so it can go down as low as 90 on a healthy individual. So dont worry too much about that theres. Also an ekg reading, because thats all their it seems to work to me. I dont have afib and it doesnt say i have afib just like the apple watch, youre like okay, its there for people who do need that feature im, just not one of them. Something thats pretty neat is samsung. Health has always given you an idea of your bmi, which is your body mass index by asking your height and your weight. But we all know thats not the most efficient way right because theyre big bodybuilders, who are like 100 muscle, but technically they would look overweight by those metrics. So this has some electrical sensors. Basically, it says a little current dont worry youre, not getting it zapped or feel it through your skin and your body to try to figure out how much of you is water versus muscle, because theres different electrical resistances versus fat, which has more resistance to give you Something more accurate and i can show you what i got and i think well, you can see the body build, that i have im pretty low on fat and all that sort of thing and i lift weights.

So it shows pretty good muscle mass. It shows pretty low body fat, it seems fairly accurate and about within five percent of what you would get from a nice high end, smart scale that tries to do the same thing for you. You cant use it. If you have a pacemaker, though just those little electrical impulses just might not be good for your pacemaker, they say the watches do have a gps that will hit battery life. Speaking of battery life. Now ive got the smaller version of each of these watches, so they both have the smaller of the two battery options. Only about 20 milliamp difference between them, not that huge, but gps will hit it harder. So if youre somebodys going on a long day, hike, for example, yeah, you might get eight or ten hours or something out of the watch versus a normal person who wears it and uses gps function when they go out for a 35 minute jog or something like That, when i did the test for these, i also used them for sleep tracking, so thats continuous use and i had it measuring the blood oxygen and the whole nine yards. The heart rate monitor was set to always on so i got about one and a half days on a charge with it being used continuously and thats with 40 minutes of exercise thrown in as well, where it also monitors your heart rate much more frequently. So thats not exciting its okay.

I wish it was better. I guess its a trade off between how big and heavy you want the watch to be, and all that sort of thing for those of you who are not using it for sleep tracking im sure you would get two days and samsung says 40 hours of use Time there you go and if youre somebody who really hates exercising you dont exercise, it would be better too so, its okay, its not so different from my apple watch 6. someday. Maybe these will all be better as ever these charge via wireless charging, and they come with a little wireless charger in the box. Yay that not the actual plug that plugs into the wall, though, but just the wireless charging base and the cord so youre going to use a phone charger or whatever to charge them up. You can use qi wireless chargers, but only certain kinds, for example this one, but not this one from samsung and of course, if you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging, you can charge them that way. Charging is not that fast. On these watches, i imagine there are thermal constraints, they dont want to melt the thing down, but they do say that 30 minutes gets you about 10 hours of use time. So that sounds about right. For me, it took certainly way more than an hour about an hour and a half to charge from 25 to completely 100 full.

The watches do work with bluetooth, headphones and earbuds. As always, i test them with the galaxy buds too, and they work just fine. These days, most people are probably going to be using streaming more than local storage, but you do have 16 gigs of local storage on the watches. So there you have it. Weve talked a lot about the specs and the features and all that sort of thing are they worth getting. Certainly, if youre looking for a smart watch and youre somebody whos into exercises, monitor anything from running to hiking, to yoga to rowing machines, all sorts of things like that, your sleep, your blood oxygen levels, all those things then yes, theyre, definitely worth getting. If youre. Just looking for the smart watch features alone and you have an android phone most definitely, and these will be the best this year because well, the new wear os with samsungs customizations or all that and other android wear watches wont even be seeing this until maybe the End of 2021 – i dont know, but even that said at 249 starting price for the regular watch for not bad for what you get on. These mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.