While this sleek we morpho right here – is your most affordable option. This is the 40 mil version of the standard galaxy watch 5, which will empty your savings to the tune of 269 quid or 319 pounds. If you fancy some hot lte connectivity as well now ive been testing it out as my full time smartwatch for over a fortnight now so heres, my in depth, samsung galaxy watch, 5, 40 millimeter version review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now this stinky 40 mil version is a perfect fit for slender, feminine or childlike wrists, such as my own, its one of the more compact options out there, certainly as far as premium smartwatches go with the light Stainless steel design that youll barely even feel when its sat on your wrist and because its not a proper chunkster. Unlike a lot of other small witches that i end up reviewing, i find that im not constantly twatting the galaxy watch, 5 off of door frames and work surfaces and other stuff, but even if you do end up banging it about no worries because so far touch Wood, that frame and the sapphire crystal screen have both proved highly resistant to scratches and nicks and the rest. In fact, two weeks on this thing still looks box fresh sure. The regular galaxy watch 5 isnt as rugged as the watch 5 pro and the bezels dont stick out above the surface of that screen for added protection, but ive got to say i do prefer this slick, simple design here on the regular watch.

Yeah theres not really much in the way of frills or flare to speak of here, but then ive never really been a fan of bling anyway, its very simple aesthetic and i approve wholeheartedly. You can grab the galaxy watch five and it chose the three colors as well. This is the silver model. You can also pick it up in graphite or pink gold. If you fancy something a little bit different and you can fully customize the band that it comes with too ive got to say, i do adore this purple silicon effort, but you can snap it off at any point and replace it with another. 20, mil strap just be warned, you do need actual fingernails in order to do this and i unfortunately bite mine to the crawl so its a bit more difficult. So all that stress of being a youtube really getting to me, oh and the galaxy watch. Five is fully water resistant as well like. Basically, every smart watch out there right now, so you can rock it in the pool on the beach, whatever theres, no real shocker. That samsungs super amoled screen is yet another stunner. Despite the compact design of the galaxy watch 5, this panel is sharp and spacious enough, so that even tiny text is perfectly legible unless youve destroyed your eyesight with far too much dodgy internet based shenanigans, its also bright enough to clearly make out even in strong daylight, While the sharp contrast means, you wont, really be able to tell where the display ends and those bezels begin, not unless you squint really hard now, this revamped, where os ui was launched last year and samsung actually helped google to slap it all together.

So, certainly from a software perspective, what youve got here on the galaxy watch 5 is more or less identical to what you saw on last years. Samsung galaxy watch 4., and this includes yet again an emphasis on samis own services, including samsung, p and good old bixby, of course, both of which can be accessed using these physical buttons. On the side. I cant do that yet, but im working on it a pretty standard response from bixby there, but fair player to samsung. Actually, the built in speaker on the galaxy watch 5 is pretty bloody good, especially for such a teeny smart watch. Once you jack the volume all the way up, it is audible even in quite a noisy environment and the clarity stays quite strong as well. Youve got separate volumes for likes of bixby and your alarms and other notification bleeps and all the rest of it, and likewise the built in mic on the galaxy watch 5 is pretty good at isolating your voice. From any other background, shenanigans, so bixby can understand what youre banging on about doesnt actually mean that youll get a worthwhile response from her but whatever, and likewise, if youre, actually taking a phone call on this thing. Whoever youre speaking to can generally make out what youre saying again, even in quite a noisy place now youve got a decent selection of pre installed and generally fully customizable watch faces here on the galaxy watch 5, including the obligatory er emoji bollocks.

Although i did find myself grown a wee bit bored of them this past week, especially as most of them are old and the fresh new ones are no great shakes. Unless you have to have some sort of dragon fetish. Thankfully, you can get loads more straight off of google play or just create your own, using any pics that you have lying around on your phone yeah. Even those dodgy ones are viewing the giant zucchini. You can access your apps tray with a quick swipe up like so from the main screen, and i did find that the watch five had basically all of the apps that i needed youve got your health shiz built in here. Youve got timers, alarms, calendar updates, media controls, etc, and if you find that anything is missing, chances are, you can probably just grab it from the google play store. Now the galaxy watch 5 will generally access the internet via your smartphone. Although you do have wi fi support as well, if you want direct access and you got that option of lte connectivity if you bung an extra 50 quid samsungs way, although you will then need a stump up for an e sim on the side as well. So were talking extra big bucks and if youve got yourself a pair of samsungs on galaxy buds, while you can either hook them up directly to the smartwatch or via your smartphone and youve got a dedicated buds app to check on the battery level.

You can play around with the noise controls and also deactivate the touch controls if you dont want to use those, and, of course, youve got full media controls as well, which you can access with a quick tap of this little bounce and jittery icon down at the Bottom of the galaxy watch five, whenever youre playing music or podcasts or whatever else it does generally take a couple of seconds for the media, controls to load up and be fully functional. And then, when you tap the on screen, controls theres generally again a pause of almost a second before anything actually happens, but unless youre horrifically impatient its nothing too terrible and performance on the whole. Pretty smooth here on the galaxy watch five, you will see the occasional little jutter as an app is loading or something but thats about it, but certainly one of the more compelling reasons for android smartphone users to get a dedicated wear os watch rather than one of The many many rivals on offer is the excellent notification support the instant a notification lands on your smartphone youll also get a buzz on your wrist. That is as long as its from one of the apps that youve actually approved in the smartwatch settings. Youre not bothered by every little notification that takes through on your phone now lets give it a little tap and you can read an extensive preview of the notification generally most of an email or a message, and if its a notification from a google app such as Gmail, you will be able to reply directly through the smartwatch, otherwise you will have to unfortunately, do so on your phone theres.

No real difference between this here regular galaxy watch 5 and the galaxy watch 5 pro when it comes to health data collection, samsungs, bioactive, sensors, slapped on the back end of the galaxy watch. Five helps it to spaff out real time info on your heart rate, your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, all the usual jazz and that bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor is back in action, so youve got full track and fuel body composition. If you fancy it just stick your fingers on those side buttons and youll get an estimate of your body fat percentage. Your skeletal muscle, all of this stuff right here, although dont get too hung up on the results, because they do tend to fluctuate quite a lot on the galaxy watch 5 and on that pro model as well, depending on the time of the day. Your chosen stance, while youre taking the reading all kinds of factors and no matter what kind of sweat and juice and activities youre into as long as its nothing too dodgy chances are the galaxy watch 5 will support it. I mean this thing will literally measure your star jumping session. If you happen to be 5 years old, depending on the type of exercise, you can set various parameters and then off you go and when the workout begins youll be given all of the information that you require right here, including, for instance, in this boxing session. Your current heart rate, how long youve been going for in a rough estimate of how many calories youve burned, got fast media control access as well.

So you can choose the tunes that get you most pumped up and then, when youve had enough just swipe this way and you can pause or just finish the whole lot. And then, when you sync, your galaxy watch 5 with your smartphone in the samsung health app youll be able to get a full on breakdown of your exercise, including your heart rate zones. So you can see exactly how effective that particular session was, and the samsung galaxy watch continues to measure your heart rate for a full two minutes after your exercise session finishes. So you can see your recovery rate overall, pretty comprehensive stuff, especially for something that isnt really a dedicated full on fitness tracker and the samsung galaxy watch 5. Also. Does a bang up job of automatically recording any running or walking that you might be getting up to, for whatever reason, absolutely no manual input required and yeah the pro model of the galaxy watch? Five does include a couple of additional bonus features when it comes to the health related shenanigans, so, for instance, if youre a cyclist or a hiker, you can load in a preset route, but basically its the same set of tools and features here on the regular galaxy Watch five for a lot: less cash youve got the usual sleep track and shenanigans on the galaxy watch 5 as well. No real difference between the watch 5 and the watch 5 pro and its pretty thorough as well, compared with many other smart watches, although, like many smart watches, the galaxy watch 5 will think that youre lightly kipping when actually youre, just lying prone in bed.

Reading your emails or staring at the ceiling wondering what the point of existing is youve also got a snow detection feature, although this has to borrow the microphone on your smartphone to actually function and, frankly, a far better indicator of whether ive been snoring during the night. Is whether i get an elbow in the throat from my other half of greater use? Is the sleep fortune feature. This can actually monitor your sleep habits over the course of a week or so, and then assign you an animal based on those habits. I am apparently a give zero fixed line, which is pretty badass youll, then get various. What something calls missions to complete over the course of the next few weeks. These are essentially little checklists, mostly stuff youre supposed to avoid such as boozing and drinking coffee lid. At night, although frankly most of these, i would actually class as personal hobbies youre, also supposed to be more active. Good luck with that one, and you also do occasionally get little tips to help you sleep better now, while the galaxy watch 5 pro edition sports a mighty 590 milliamp hour capacity battery well, of course, the regular galaxy watch 5 is considerably skinnier and therefore that battery Capacity is basically halved, and this means that, yes, you will essentially have to charge it up every single freaking day, which does get rather tiresome. Although i found that i got into a pretty good habit of when i woke up in the morning just slapping it into the dock, while i went off my holy s, trinity, a shower and shave, and by the time im done with all that shenanigans.

Usually the galaxy watch 5 is around 80 to 90 percent charged. So you know a quick mug of bottle and youre, basically ready for action, and the good news is, if you do, leave the galaxy watch, five charging and bugger off to do something else where youll actually get a notification ping through on your smartphone, when the watch Hits 100 battery capacity, so theres certainly no need whatsoever to constantly keep on checking on it to see if it is fully charged and that right there is my full final frank review of the samsung galaxy watch, five after using it as my full time smartwatch for Over a fortnight now so ive reviewed both this and the pro model, and i got ta say of the two: i would be more tempted by the pro purely because of the far superior battery life and even that pro model isnt ideal youll still be charging it. Every two to three days, rather than every friggin day, which is some light relief, but then there are options from the likes of tic watch and huawei, which will go. You know a week, maybe even two weeks in between charges instead. Besides that, the pro is also tougher than the standard galaxy watch five, but i prefer the design here on the regular model, its skinnier, its lighter and i just think its more attractive. But of course, if you are into your outdoor shenanigans, then yeah maybe give that pro look just in case thats enough for me.

Yammering on anyway, have you guys been using the galaxy watch five or the galaxy watch. Five pro be great here or mini reviews down in the comments below and any other thoughts youre having in that lovely little head of yours and please do poke, subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves a really Wonderful rest of the week cheers everyone love.