The original one got a huge firmware update that added this fun little rotating electronic bezel, just like on the active two got a video up on that. If you haven't seen it check it out in the meantime, here's the original review that we did with a few little additions, including a new link 'got for you, go Samsung if you want to get updated on all of the specs and info related to any Of the Samsung smart watches on the market, alright, here's the review greetings and welcome back to SmartWatch tix for a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, and you guys have been asking for this one absolutely here. It is it's the Samsung Galaxy active 2 SmartWatch inside this box. We'Re gon na take a look at got the gold one here to show you and it's the smaller size of the two, primarily so that I'll be able to contrast and compare it for you with the original yeah. They are both here and we're. Gon na take a quick look at it, but let's finish the unboxing underneath here you find hidden in the little cap, the power charger whoa all rolled up and here's, the one that we got with the original active. So they look like they're pretty much. The same thing: identical that's, no change anything else inside the box, nope that's about it. So we come up with a charger and a watch. Oh wait! The lid! We forgot to look in the lid who hides things in the lid don't throw the lid out on Christmas morning.

Okay, we have a little box in here to pull out and inside the box is a little separator with aha another charger Wow. This all depends on where you buy it, folks, whether you get two chargers or not, and you also have the Quick Start Guide which, as we do on this channel we're gon na page through here's, some terms and conditions. Now, for those of you new to this channel it's a little unorthodox and different than what you see typically yeah, we cover kind of the basics, but we tend to go a little on a tangent. We always go through the literature that comes with them, because a lot of times these are not available, and if you lose yours, you might be completely out. This is a very full colorful. Little QuickStart brochure gives you all the tips and tricks to get going, which is what you're going to need and um yeah that's about it. So where can you get this samsung galaxy watch active 2y from Amazon, of course, and we have a link in the show notes below this. Video it'll. Take you right over there to this page and it helps us get credit if you decide to buy this watch from Amazon, I know it's small print there, so I blew it up for you to give you an idea of what some of the new features are In the active it's got enhance sleep tracking analysis, it's a bit more involved than what you've seen before it's got auto workout tracking, just like the original bit, but now includes swimming as an auto recognition thing.

Of course, it's, waterproof, yeah and it's got this new feature called pace. Coaching take a look at all this stuff here. You'Ll see this over on the Amazon page as well. If you want to go into more detail and as far as specs yeah, you hear that on all the different reviews, so I'm not gon na be labor. It I'd rather show you the watch. This is it, and this is what it looks like on when you slip it in and wrap it around it's the smaller diameter one. This one is definitely for a smaller wrist to medium wrist and the little larger one is for medium to a large wrist. In other words, kind of a men's or women's design. So how does this compare with the original active, and should you upgrade well to help answer that we need to first look at some of the physical differences between the two devices, primarily this one right here, there's a speaker on the new active. It is not on the original that means with the new active you can actually tether this to your phone and make and receive phone calls. Talking to your watch cannot do that with this one. You can activate bixby on both of them, because this does have a microphone, but the results you read on this one, whereas this one you can have the results spoken to you in that wonderful bixby, voice terms of other physical differences. That, of course, you can see.

It'S rose gold matted on here. This is true gold with shiny side to it on this side, here's our microphone on on the new one and the buttons have been changed slightly. The bottom one is still round, but the top one is kind of a pill shape on the new watch in the back. Definitely lots of differences here. We'Ll talk about these little silver things in a while, but for right now I mentioned that on the center part, where the heart rate sensors, are the middle part, is the diode it's a green light that shines on both of them? This one has four sensors around it to pick up your heart rate, this one's been expanded into a circle with eight little receiver, diodes whatever is on there and supposedly will pick up a better heart rate, either faster or more accurate or more timely. All that has to be tested, of course, but it is an improvement into the physical design and the band's. Now this is not the original band that came with this one. This is a special one that I've put on for mrs. ticks cos. She prefers the black against the the real gold, a color of the original it actually shipped with bands similar, if not identical, to the ones that come with the active two with one interesting difference. The active two because the watch comes in two sizes has two different size: bands. This smaller one has a shorter band and if you get the larger one, you're gon na get a bigger band.

This one shipped with actually two sets of bands, and let me play a little clip from the review of this particular watch about those bands. Let'S get back to the watch because we're talking about this band, they're removable bands. Obviously I know you want to see the watch I'll get there I'll get there here's the other one and look it's longer. So, ladies men's and the watch itself on both of them, the bands are removable with a little quick disconnect. It pops the bands out and interchangeable as well and now let's start them both up on the bottom button. One two three: there they go off the bat. This one has got a little bit different font a little bit larger a little bit brighter. But, of course the watch brightness is already adjustable inside this one has been configured and been used. A lot, so it's got its own separate settings taken. Care of this is the first boot on this. One came up with a Samsung logo. This one faded into it slightly so they've messed around with what they call the firmware of the boot up firmware and, of course, now this one boots up into the stock watch face that's already there, and it would be needing to go through this setup process that You see on this one let's go you go in here. You get started by pairing it to your galaxy wearable, app on your phone and all that's required before you can even use it.

One of the first things you're gon na have to do when you actually tether this to your phone is: go through a whole process of updating it, installing new system software and including the Tizen operating system, so it's at the tail end of that process. Right now, which has been about 20 minutes in the making, so I want to re emphasize when you first get it make sure. The first thing you do is plug it in put it on the charger and charge it fully up, because you're gon na need that extra battery to go through all the system updates that you're gon na be getting when you first use. It also set aside. Quite a bit of time, I'd say at least an hour to get it all set up and going it's kind of like filing income tax, you're, not gon na. Do it right away, you got to get all your paperwork ready and it's a long time before you get to this particular page we're there now, so we can take a look at it in more detail, so we're in the galaxy wearable app. We are completely connected. Now to the galaxy watch active – and this is the home page – you have watch faces and discover, and these are the different things that you have overall control of so we're, going to take a look at this one and a quick look at the original one. Both the active and the active the active is here, and the active is here now that they're on one of the things I could show you is that the screen is bigger in the new active compared with the active there's, a sample of different watch faces that We can put on here, of course, we just press and hold.

We can switch to any watch face you like and install custom faces and honestly, if you take a look at the full review, I've got on the original Galaxy watch, active you'll, see and learn about all of that. But all in all, you can see that the overall size of the watch faces as displayed on the screen against the black boundary is a little bit larger. In other words, the black bezel around here is a little thinner than it is around this one. Now let's flip them over. I want to show you something on the back. You see. I'M again, we talked about the layout there's four different diamonds here and there's kind of a circle around the center turns out it's, the very middle where the green diode is. That shines the light and the sensors around the outside, supposedly eight of them here only four of them here supposed to give you better, overall heart rate accuracy, but you see you see this base. You see these two plates that have black lines here, that's an electrode – and this is another electrode and believe it or not. The case itself is an electrode, and so what happens inside this one? The capabilities are to do ECG. Just like the Apple watch, you need three electrodes, two of them here, touching your skin. The other one happens when you would touch the case, but that technology has not yet been implemented. That was not here, there's the green diode – oh, I was talking about that was not here in the original active, so there's growth potential in this one to be able to have ECG capability as they update the watch's hardware's already built in here.

If you buy this one and now it's time for me to give you a little commercial about this channel we're looking at the high end, Samsung active sports watches here, but ECG folks has been around for a long long time, and I just want to show you Another device we have reviewed here on this channel there's those two plates and the bottom one – is also an electrode, and when you look at this thing, this is a very sophisticated band. It not only has green light, but it has red light. Red light means you can actually test for blood oxygen. When you do blood oxygen, you can check for things like sleep apnea. If you wear this to bed and it'll, monitor and vibrate, whenever you aren't in a state of sleep apnea and wake you up out of it, not only that the bands are removable like so, and you can slap the thing in a little special cradle. Put this right on your chest and monitor and record an ECG reading from your chest, all in this little band and it's about 50 bucks or so so come on over smart watch ticks comm check out what we've got and in the show notes. I'Ll have a link to the SPO vien blade, specialty watch. That gives you all kinds of interesting measurements by the way they're just for experimental use, only they're, not medical devices, the ECG, the blood oxygen, the blood pressure and all the other readings are just for your enjoyment and you need to check with your medical professional for Any particular guidance on what the results may predict for you: okay, there we go commercial over but do check us out.

Smartwatch Dick's, calm, so we've looked at the front. We'Ve looked at the back and now we want to tickle it. So you've heard all the hype about it. This thing's got an electronic version of that fancy gear that was available in the Galaxy gear. This is the s3 classic. You remember all of that mm, hmm and it's supposed to be here. You just simply rub around the case. Okay Samsung pay, okay there's the watch face, but you know what I don't even have. It turned on it's kind of doing it on its own, not really but it's a setting it's a setting in here that you can do now. Do you remember a long time ago tick watch with the tickle strip, uh huh. This is it. This was the original tickle strip and yep. All you did was just slide your finger along the edge and you could guide yourself through different apps or whatever you wanted to do so. The technology for doing this kind of a thing has been out for quite a while. Still one of my favorite watches the original tick watch yeah, we got a review on this one. Here we got links, you can buy I'm, not sure if you can still buy this one but there's the whole tick watch. I know I'm, giving you another commercial to go to. Smart watch, ticks, calm and see other watches, but hey that's. What I do? Okay, the tick watch has the tickle strip and the new active watch has taken that and integrated it in a way that looks like this, and let me show you how you do that we're gon na come down here, we're gon na go into settings in settings.

We'Re gon na go down here and we're gon na go into advanced and here touch bezel when we go into touch bezel turn this puppy on swipe around the edge of the screen to scroll quickly come back out of here. Get back to our watch face. Are you ready boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom yep yeah, when you're right around the edge, you can actually scroll through all the things that you've got on the watch. Just like you did with this one mm hmm, but wait. Wait, wait! There'S! More uh huh: this is the reason I had to pull this video and redo it. This is one of the reduce sections. Look the older one. The original active has now been updated with a firmware update that allows us to do exactly the same thing. Gon na come in here go into settings, go down to advanced, go into advanced, come down to touch, bezel turn it on come back out of here and twirl to my heart's content, yep it's, all here, it's exactly the same thing. So we have the active watch that has a pill shaped button instead of a round. One has the plates for doing ECG that this one doesn't, most importantly, has a speaker with microphone. So you can use this for phone calls or playing music or talking to Bixby and hearing it, and it comes separately in two different sizes, the exact same size as the original and a larger version as well.

If you like, the active two and those unique separates, features plus a few upgrades to some of the Fitness stuff, then this is the one for you, otherwise, yeah I'd seriously consider picking up the original Galaxy watch active with the enhanced firmware update that we talked about In another video and getting it ready for you either way you go, you can pick it up directly from Amazon. This is the listing that the link in the show notes will take you right over to the watch active. I have it in both sizes and a link to the actual first original active and all of those are available, plus a lot more of the Samsung watches that you may be wanting to consider, and you can see all of those if you use this particular link. I built for you:, go Samsung gon na route, you right over to the whole Amazon Galaxy SmartWatch section, and you can look them all over all right. Well, thank you for being here and watching this review and I hope you use our links if you're interested in buying and we'll see you here again soon. Okay, just one more thing. I saved this to the very end because well I'm really not supposed to talk about it, and it has nothing to do with the galaxy watch active at all. It has to do with this one. This is the lympho LEM 11 it's, an Android standalone SmartWatch with the front facing camera that can pop right off of the wrist and become a little pocket watch or can slide right into a holder and become a speakerphone or speaker music player coming up the Black Friday, as cyber monday the whole weekend the whole weekend, I just negotiated an extremely low price for this thing from them: folder ectly only from them directly, and I can't tell you the price not until launch time, which is gon na, be just a few hours before The sale starts, but I will tell you that as far as Android watches go, this will be less expensive than any brand.

New Android watch that's ever come on the market, including the music player and the fact that it can just slip into or out of a wristband and of course you can make and receive phone calls with it. Obviously, you can see you could do video chat. All of that's capable in this full Android watch so for those of you who've, subscribed either my old timers or brand new.