Due to the release of the samsung galaxy watch 3, which is not a direct sequel, but that is the flagship watch that samsung sells as of right now, so let’s check the active watch 2 and see whether it’s still worth the 175 dollar asking price. So, as you can see, this is the rose gold variant of my uh samsung galaxy active watch 2 with the wi fi and gps. Unfortunately, no lte support in bangladesh right now, because it uses a e sim and e sims are not actually supported in bangladesh whatsoever. Okay, with that aside, let’s first discuss about the build quality. So, as you can see, um the side rails are all made up of anodized aluminum, which feels pretty solid and the straps are made up of silicone, which are the standard 22 mil, and you can replace them with the band of your choice. If you want to change it, but for my liking, this silicon straps are pretty nice and i like it now on the back, you will find the sensors covered in glass. So, if i had to say, samsung has not skimmed on the build quality whatsoever. Despite of the lower price tag on the front, you will find the about two inch display with uh the covering of gorilla, glass and it’s carved on all the sides, which is a very nice touch. Now this display is running at 320 by 240 pixels, and also it goes plenty bright, like i don’t know about 500 needs of brightness, which is pretty pretty bright and, as you can see these on the highest level of brightness, let me just turn it down, so That you can see the display properly on the camera.

Now this display is also pretty you know, responsive and i have uh noticed like no lag whatsoever, so that’s pretty nice now you might have noticed the thick bezels all around the display. Well, this also has a functionality. This works as a rotating dial, and with that we also have a really good tactile feedback given by the vibration motor, which is a pretty premium one, and i really like it – and this is by far my most favorite way of navigating throughout the ui. Using this dial, because of mainly of that tactile, feel now that segments us into the ui of the band itself. Oh sorry, the smart watch yeah. I have reviewed so many bands on the channel that it has been a heavy to call any kind of smart wearables. A band i’m! Sorry for that now this is like samsung’s own proprietary, tizen os for their watch and, as you can see, i also have a watch update, which i will update later on after the video is shot, and i will give you a like quick overview of the updated Version like, but as of right now, uh swipe left from the home screen gives you the notifications of both your phone and your smart watch, and then you have the home screen and long pressing on the home screen gives you a whole lot of like um watch Faces and also there are a few preloaded ones here, but you can load even more or create a custom.

Uh smart face like what is it called watch face from the samsung wear itself, so that’s a pretty nice touch, then a swipe right from the home screen will give you the a little overview of the activities that you have done throughout the day and as you Can see i haven’t done any because i’m, pretty lazy, going to a left swipe from that gives us the quick, a dock of applications, which you frequently use and tapping in middle will give you the list of, like all applications that are installed here and you can Install more applications from the galaxy watch app, which is a really nice touch and as it’s a smartwatch, of course, you will get apps like spotify and etc other than that we also have a bunch of preloaded sensing applications. You can also take calls on this. Read messages all the basic smartwatch features that you can expect from a modern day. Smartwatch then going from uh swipe right from the applications. You will get your quick activities that you can use to record and you can also choose what activities to be shown here. Swipe right again gives you the heart rate, then weather, then all the alarms, so that was all for the ui. Also a swipe down from the top gives you a quick settings toggle just like your mobile phone. So now that our display ui and the build are all discussed, let’s discuss about all the activity, tracking and sensors, this has a gyroscope a six axis one.

Then it has a pedometer, as expected. Hardware sensor stress, monitoring, sensor, spo2 sensor and even more. This has a whole bunch of activities, but inside the samsung health app. When you get to exercises and workout, you will get like running, walking, cycling, hiking, swimming and etc, and i say, etc, because there are a whole lot which, if i plan on covering in this one whole video, it will be like an hour long it’s that good. I mean it has so many options, then also you have like stress, monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, then how much of the calories you have burned, how much water you have taken to water holder, how much caffeine, and even more now in terms of accuracy, as This is a samsung smartwatch, which was once and somewhat flagship watch. Well, i can say that the band is pretty accurate. I like, starting from the heart rate, monitoring to the steps and gps it’s excellent, and i have no problems whatsoever with the accuracy of the smartwatch. Next up, then let’s discuss about its battery life. Well, this battery is pretty good to be honest for a smartwatch, so this lasts for about a day and a half. If you are continuously connected with your smartphone receiving calls and messages and whatnot, and if you are like using this as a standalone device, well, you can get three days out of this, and even the apple watch will struggle to last a whole day and three days Of battery life from a smartwatch, well excellent, i really really like it so then there you have it that’s.

All i had to say about this smartwatch. It has a pretty good, build great display, great application support, great activity, tracking and, overall, everything is pretty positive of this smartwatch and i haven’t seen anything that is like not good at all. Well also, one thing to note the charging: well, these charges with a magnetical charging wireless charger, which is nice too, and you can also add this on a regular t charger. So that was it for today guys hope you guys enjoyed the video.