Video were going to find out what that pro name actually means, but, along with that, were going to see how well it does in regards to sports and fitness performance, with a big focus on gps accuracy, as well as hardware accuracy for sports like running cycling as Well as weight training, so in this video ill be mainly focusing on the pro specific features of the watch. Five that differentiate from the non pro watch five, but i also have an in depth review of the regular watch. Five that will be coming out where ill be going into a lot of detail on the health related side of things, so make sure to subscribe, to get a notification when that video comes out. So the new galaxy watch 5 pro sports, this new design, which ive seen polarizing opinions in regards to how it looks. But for me i think it looks great photos and videos dont necessarily do it justice where in real life, i think its amazing. Looking especially this gray color, it sports a 45 millimeter titanium case, it has a sapphire lens for increased scratch resistance and for increased protection. The bezel is also slightly raised, which also protects the display, and it has an ip68 or 5 atm water resistance rating, meaning that its rated to be water resistant down to about 50 meters or so so from a build standpoint. They certainly put a lot into the hardware to make it withstand a lot of outdoor use and abuse with the watch 5 pro.

It is quite a bit larger than the standard watch 5, where its about the same dimensions as something like a garmin, fx or midsize. Phoenix 7, so not a huge watch by any means when you compare it to watches like those and a bit smaller than something like a garmin, fenix, 7x or garmin enduro 2.. But if youve been used to wearing a previous generation galaxy watch or something like an apple watch, its certainly going to be a lot more noticeable. And then, when it comes to weight, it weighs right around 76 grams of the stock band, at least on my scale, and for comparison. A garmin fx sapphire with the stock band weighs 70.7 grams and then the case itself on the watch. 5 pro weighs 46.2 grams versus the 47.2 grams of the epic sapphire, so that stock band of the watch 5 pro, although its a very nice band. It does add a little bit of weight to it. The good news, though, is that its a 20 millimeter industry standard band, so you can replace it with something lighter if youd like like here, i just replaced it with a lighter, maybe more workout friendly band, and it drops the weight considerably and speaking of the band. It also has this new band design, and i really quite like it, except for maybe just one thing, its surprisingly comfortable for a band that seems a bit more tailored for style versus sport and the magnetic clasp works great and its super secure.

Not once did i accidentally unclip it. My only real complaint is with resizing it. So during the day i like to have my watches a little bit, looser, so its just a little bit more comfortable, but during workouts i like to snug it up a bit and thats going to be really important in regards to getting accurate heart rate. You dont want your watch flopping around during workouts, or you can get some really wild readings. Adjusting the size in this man is just a little bit more cumbersome than some traditional bands where you have to take it off and then undo this lever on the bottom, and this lever is kind of stiff where it almost hurts your fingernail at times. Trying to get it undone anyhow, thats just a small little thing. I wanted to point out and overall this is a great band and when its fit properly, it keeps it nice and secure for workouts. So, just like the regular watch 5 as well as the previous generation watch for the watch 5 pro uses, a version of wear os and getting around the device is generally pretty easy, with a touch screen and two physical buttons. This year they chose to ditch the physical rotating bezel and just go with the touch bezel, its certainly not as satisfying as the tactile feel of the physical bezel, but hey the touch. Bezel is there. If you want it and being that its a samsung device, it does have a gorgeous amoled display its super vibrant and its actually quite viewable outdoors, even in direct sunlight and by the way that flicker or banding.

That you see is just due to the fact that the frame rate on my camera doesnt match up with the refresh rate of the display. You dont see that banding in real life, oh and really quick. If youre, finding the information, this video useful. Do me a favor and just quickly hit that, like button down below its a small little thing that you can do, thatll help this video and the channel quite a bit, and i appreciate it so now on to the pro specific feature. So the watch 5 pro has the ability to navigate using a route file or gpx file, and currently the functionality is available for cycling as well as hiking. Why not running and walking im not exactly sure, just because those dont differ all that much from hiking, but either way theres, actually some really cool stuff in here. But the process for how you use the routes is a little bit strange, but i guess in all fairness, it is their first crack at this, so im sure theres going to be some improvements to this process in the future. So first things. First, we need a route file and you can either create a route using your preferred mapping or routing software like strava, or you can use the previous activity in samsung health and export the route from there and just make sure its saved on your phone and then To get the route file onto the watch theres two ways to do this from what i can tell, but if you know of another way, please let me know in the comment section down below so the first way is to go to the route tile on the Watch so i already have some routes loaded on here, but what we want to do is add another route, so we dont want to click on the route name here, because that brings up the last route that i loaded.

What you actually want to do is click on this full route, up top and a different screen pops up, showing all the routes that ive already loaded and then what you want to do is scroll to the bottom and click about routes which will then automatically open Up the routes page in samsung health on your phone – and this is where you can upload the gpx file that you saved to your phone now. The strange part is this routes page in samsung. Health is nearly impossible to find in the app unless you click on that about route button on the watch when you exit out of the screen its basically nowhere to be found like. I would expect it to maybe be up here in this menu, or maybe even on the my page tab over here or maybe even over here, but nope its not in any of those places. What you have to do is go to the exercise tile on the main tab and you need to access the exercise types which are these three lines right here. Once youre there youll tap on either the cycling or the hiking profiles, and here, if we click on the upper right hand, dots is where you can add another round. Anyhow, now that we have the route on the watch when you go to start the route, if youre, not at your exact start location, itll, give you an indication of your start location along with how far it is away, but it doesnt necessarily give you exact directions To get to your start location, its more like hey, your start is over there, you just kind of figure out the best way to get there, but getting back to the actual navigation experience.

It has turn by turn directions via voice vibrations, as well as on screen alerts, and it gives you plenty of notice before your next turn and also prompts you right as youre approaching the turn. I found that actually to be quite responsive. It also has off course alerts too, and it gave me alert about 200 feet after. I went off course, which id love to see that be a little bit more responsive like the turn alerts, but overall, its pretty good navigation experience. And ultimately it got me to the brewery that night. So i was a happy camper, but then to get back home. It also has a track back feature, but this isnt necessarily a back to start feature where it gets you back to your start, location on the most direct route possible. It will literally backtrack the exact route that you took. So if you took a wrong turn on your route, there youll take the wrong turn on the way home and speaking of which it also does have the ability to do a route and reverse if youd like. So you have that option as well. You want to go to start a route theres, really a lot of good stuff with the watch 5 pro with their first crack at navigation for a company that doesnt necessarily have a history of navigation, its not bad lots of room for improvement. But i think its a good start and then, in addition to the routing features, the watch 5 pro also comes with a compass and for the accuracy it generally starts out just fine.

But i do notice some drift like if theres a lot of sudden movement or a sudden change in orientation, it can sometimes drift from anywhere from like 10 to 20 degrees and then for battery life. Samsung claims that the watch 5 pro can get up to 80 hours of battery life as a smart watch, and i think they delivered on this front. I was getting a solid three days out of it and that was even worth recording some outdoor activities. However, that was without using the always on display mode. If i enabled the always on display, i was getting more like a day and a half, and sometimes up to two days out of it and then for gps battery life for recording outdoor activities. On this mountain bike, ride that i have right here, it was about an hour and 45 minutes and i started out with 99 and i was using these stock settings and at the end of the ride i had 90 remaining. So just doing the simple math. That means it was using about five percent per hour and then on this right here i started out at 60 battery and then an hour and a half later it used about eight percent of the battery, which comes out again to about five percent per hour and Thats, basically, what i saw in terms of battery life, where you could probably get up to 18 to 20 hours of continuous gps usage, so on the battery life end of things, i think it definitely holds up the samsungs claim so good stuff there, and then they Also have a fast charging feature where you can get up to 45 charge in just 30 minutes, and that worked well for me too now, although the watch 5 pro can pair to any android phone, there are some features that are only available if you have a Samsung phone, namely ecg, as well as blood pressure sensing with the samsung health, monitor app, which is only available on samsung phones.

In addition to that, the watch 5 pro also does have a skin temperature sensor, but unfortunately, at the time of this filming, thats not enabled quite yet so ill have to revisit that later on down the road. The watch 5 pro just like the watch 5 and watch 4, has a body composition, measurement feature where its able to give you a general idea of stats like body, fat, skeletal muscle, body, water and bmi, and i have to say the numbers that its producing are Very much in line with some other consumer grade body, composition, scales that i have and the numbers all seem to be based in reality and then on the sports and fitness side of things. The watch five pro comes many of the same sport profiles that weve seen before, like all the common stuff like running and biking both inside and outside pool and open water swimming plenty of gym, based profiles, outdoor recreation profiles and a lot more and then in regards To how well the watch 5 pro does in tracking sports lets. First talk about gps for tracking outdoor activities, and i first want to bring up gps acquisition in terms of how quickly its able to get a satellite signal. So you can start your activity. Well, the first time i went to start an activity. It took a few minutes to get a satellite signal like i think it was around five minutes where i had to sit there and wait, and this was the same experience i had on previous samsung watches.

It has absolutely gotten better, but it seems to be a little bit inconsistent where sometimes i can get a satellite fixed within like 10 seconds, but sometimes it can take up to a minute. However, in regards to the actual gps accuracy, so on this road ride, the total distance was quite good and very close to the other devices, and this roadway was basically in the wide open with no big challenges or anything like that, and the elevation gain was also Comparable and for the finer detail of the actual gps tracks, those looked pretty good as well. There was this section right here, as i was making my way through a canyon where it got a little bit wobbly and was a little bit off track at times, but really nothing to complain about on this ride, but now onto a bit more challenging activity. Mountain biking, where theres a lot of switchbacks, as well as a lot of overhead tree cover, which can pose more challenges for gps and on this ride it came out quite a bit short and basically, over the course of nearly an entire ride. It was cutting corners and that was probably the reason for the difference in the total distance and that wasnt, the only occasion, by the way that i saw the watch 5 pro had challenges in the wilderness. This ride came up short too, but i also noticed this with running as well, and this run was just kind of just a run around some neighborhoods.

Basically, it seemed to do okay with straight line sections where theres not many turns or overhead obstructions. But if your route has a lot of turns or if it has a lot of stuff like tall buildings or tree cover thats, where you may start to see those inconsistencies and really quick before we get into hardwood accuracy, i also wanted to cover how well the Watch 5 pro did in regards to tracking distance indoors while running on a treadmill, and on this seven and a half mile run, it came up a bit short okay, so now on to hardware accuracy. So the new watch 5 and the watch 5 pro have a redesigned heart rate sensor. So it sits a bit closer to the skin, which in turn should get better results. But i found it to be kind of a mixed bag and by the way for all these tests, i had the heart rate sensor set to measure continuously, which actually was the way it was set by default right out of the box so like on this run. Here its pretty darn good for the majority of the run, it started to get a bit off track on the last third of the run, where it tracked to high for a bit. But overall this is pretty good and then for indoor cycling. This is pretty good. As well, there was this moment right here where drop out for a second, and then right here was a little off, but still overall, very respectable.

Now on this road right outside things were looking mostly good for the first three quarters of the ride. There were some spots here and there where it got off track, but seemed to recover pretty quickly. But then right here things took a bit of a turn where it tracked quite high for a while and it took a while for it to lock back on and then right here. It had a hard time, picking up the ryzen heart rate, but then on this right here, things werent, quite as pretty where there were larger portions, where the heart rate was off and then moving on to one of the most challenging activities for risk based optical heart Rate sensors to track accurately weight training and its kind of like a more of a bonus of a watch can get accurate heart rate for this type of activity, but unfortunately no bonus for the watch 5 pro and just for comparison. By the way. The line that you see in purple is the heart rate from another watch i was wearing on the other wrist, which was a bit more online. So when it comes to hardware accuracy, funny enough, i actually am seeing more accurate results on the watch 5 pro than previous generation samsung watches. But it still seems to have an issue where, when it loses, heart rate has a really hard time locking back on. But what would make this all better – and i think this may be the fourth or fifth year that im repeating this is native support for an external heart rate monitor with the stock workout app.

There is a third party watch face app sort of thing that does support external heart rate monitors, but unfortunately, it doesnt tie into the stock workout app experience huge kudos to that developer by the way for that clever implementation, but its just disappointing to not see the Stock workout app experience, support that functionality. Okay, so when it comes to the watch, five pro, the pro part basically means more durability, longer battery life and some routing features and im super happy with the battery life. No, its not the level of something that you can get out of a sports focused watch, but for a smart watch, thats wearing wear os two to three days is a pretty big deal and the design well im nuts. Over this thing, i think it looks awesome, but the pro part doesnt necessarily seem to translate to gps or hybrid accuracy. Unfortunately, the heart rate actually does actually seem better than previous generation samsung watchers that have tested, but it seems that year after year, samsungs just kind of barely moving the needle in terms of the fundamentals of the sports and fitness device. I really appreciate the new routing features and i think they did a fantastic job on the hardware front in terms of the design, but i just really like to see them dial in those basics. Anyhow, thats the new samsung galaxy watch 5 pro, and if you have any questions about anything, i didnt cover in this video make sure to leave those in the comment section down below and on your way down there.

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